Bike Ride to Whistler, Home-Cooked Pasta & Annie's Got a Gun

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bike Ride to Whistler Mountain (16th of July, 2008)

Erik and his crazy ideas.

I'm not complaining though because I sure had a lot of fun!

Although, the 2 hours up and another hour and half back down was some killer ride.

Definitely an adventure.... that ended with a pretty sore arse but still!

Worth the trip ;)

Image Hosted by
Half-way pit stop. Or more accurately, amazing view stop.

Image Hosted by
Beautiful British Columbia.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Doesn't the background look somewhat fake? It's like we're taking the pic in a photo booth with pretty sceneries for backgrounds or something.

After the grueling (but very fun! -had to add this statement for Erik's benefit, lol. No, I'm kidding. It really was an adventure) 2 hour ride, we arrived at Whistler's Village.

Image Hosted by
Taking a tour of the quaint Village. It really was very pretty.

Image Hosted by
Me & Erik.

There were tons of places to eat but we finally decided on Italian Cuisine:

Dinner @ Il Caminetto

Image Hosted by
Ahi Tuna Carpaccio. Smack delicious.

Image Hosted by
Fresh Oyster. Absolutely divine. Oh gosh. I feel like having them now.

Image Hosted by
Veal Ossobuco. That's deer meat there. I'd say it definitely satisfied my taste buds!

Image Hosted by
Gnocci. It's potato based pasta with tomato base sauce. This was probably the most unsatisfactory dish of all for me. Probably because I'm not a fan of starchy things let alone it being potato base.

And off into the sunset or... moonrise...? we went as we headed for home!

The next day, Erik managed to drag me out again for yet another activity.

Little did I know, he came up with a plan to trick me into cooking lunch/dinner or... dunch...? for the both of us before going for a musical.

And he was very clever about it too!

I told him I needed to go for some grocery shopping and he suggested we bought some food and TOGETHER, we would cook something up...

Okay, fine. He did... CHOP the ingredients so I guess he technically helped out somewhat.


I was plenty surprised with myself that I managed to cook a more than edible meal!

Image Hosted by
In action.

Now, presentinggggggg:

Image Hosted by
Le Pastasss.

Image Hosted by
Mushrooms, Sausages & Hams in Tomato Base. Scrumptious!!

Well, at least I'd LIKE to think it was reasonably scrumptious. As long as none of us threw up, had major diarrhea, or was found dead... I'm happy!

After dunch, it was off to the Theatre Under the Stars for the musical:

Annie Get Your Gun!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Me & my hot choc with the pretty set-up.

The musical was very fun to watch and Annie sure did entertain me a lot!

That about sums up what I did during SCHOOL days ;)
(I blame Erik for this!)

Weekend updates TO COME!


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