The Awesome Makeover & Movie Review

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are you ready to be awed?

Finally, my post on the promised makeover is finally up.

I met this guy not too long ago (during the Muse concert actually... when was that again?) and always knew him as... well, as how he looks like right now! And definitely not as he used to look like back then.

Until he sent me a pic and showed me how he looked like just a year back.

When I saw it my jaw literally dropped open!

A lot of you probably know some people who went through massive changes... BUT I DON'T! I mean, I've seen a bunch of those before and after stuff on Oprah but never someone I knew!

Not with such vast difference like this lor.

So everyone...

Meet Kenzie:


And after undergoing massive work-out and dieting due to a heck a lot of willpower and determination...
Wah! So leng chai already hor? See his shirt? Wawa, Fitness First mannn.

Now everybody all go join already.

Here's a side by side picture so you can slowly stare and compare:
Like, DARN alot of difference, right? Hahaha. I'm still bit in disbelief.

If you are curious as to what he had to go through to lose that much weight, you should know that he did it the healthy way and not by starving himself by skipping meals.

Here's what he told me when I sort-of interviewed him:

#1 He has a work-out regimen from Monday to Saturdays for 2 hours each on those days.

#2 He eats 3 square meals a day (does not touch carbs: rice, bread, potato etc) and if he snacks, it will be on fruits or yoghurt.

#3 He watches the things he eats. Low-fat yoghurt or milk, NO soft drinks, NO junk food and not forgetting... NO MCDONALDS!!!

#4 He had to be EXTREMELY disciplined with the rules he set for himself and had a whole lot of determination to follow through with his work-out schedule and dieting plan.

So with this in mind...


And after 4 months of major persevering:


Now so thin can pull off his super cool Mohawk hairstyle already.

At the present moment, he is on his way to buff city.

The fella is suppose to be starting gym again to build some muscles up.

He is SO gonna be the ultimate bachelor by that time.


Kenzie is SINGLE. Hahahaha. Interested??

Mind, he is a very nice guy one. Not those people who think they super leng chai already until you're not good enough to hang out with them sort.

Anyway, I hope Kenzie has somehow manage to inspire and motivate you guys to make some changes... ONLY IF NECCESARY PLEASE!! And in a HEALTHY way also.

Please keep that in mind.

Don't go seeing people all from fat to skinny and then suddenly only start starving yourself and getting viral infection then blaming it on me all.

I mean, I mentioned it a lot of times that it is through EXERCISE and a good DIET PLAN (no starving, skipping meals or throwing up please) that you achieve the weight you WANT to achieve.

If you feel you are happy with your body, DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY!

If you are like me; live to eat kinda person, then so be it!!! Don't change because of peer pressure or whatsoever reason. It's stupid.

But don't be even more stupid and seriously go and eat everything and anything larrr.

Moderation is the key to everything. I mean, I eat anything I want but I don't go drinking coke 10 times a day or eat McShaker Fries every day larrr.

Must eat veggies and fruits and drink lotsa milk and health suplements also marr.

And Vitamin A and C is very important also. Keeps you from ageing. I just read that and am now going to eat a lot of that!!! Hehehe. I don't wanna be an old hag by the time I'm 30.

Okay... MOVING ON!!


Movie Review

Hot Fuzz

I watched this movie a while back already actually. Thanks to Hoong Chun; who gave us free tickets for the movie! Valueeeee. Free tickets somemore the movie is good!
Honestly, this movie is the shite man. I mean, it is funny, scary, gruesome and an action movie all at the same time!!! It's quite dumb also which makes it really funny.
I liked it a lot.
Apparently, some friends of mine didn't like it larr. I suppose they don't so much as fancy Brit sort of jokes and prefer American jokes and stuff.
Anyhowww!!! I think it's a worthwhile movie to watch. Very entertaining. It was definitely not what I expected it to be, that's for sure!

Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

Boom Dynamitez!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To All Team Members of Dynamitez...


You girls serious kicked ass man.


And it's nice to know you girls took revenge on Shirtliff.


Sorry lar. When it comes to cheerleading, it's WAR!

And DJ won it hands down.

Cheer 2007 Final Day @ Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium (24th June, 2007)

Darnit. Stupid photobucket is so stupid and I used up all my free space on Image Shack so now gotta use some random site "" and suddenly only got their ugly ad added by itself on my pics!!! What the!!!

Grrrr. Dumbo Photobucket. GRRRRRR!!!!

Somemore this site only allows 35 images. How lame is that!!??

Looks like I will be using this site for this one time only. After this gotta search for another Free Image Hosting site.


Anyway... continuing on!

I was at Cheer with:



Wah, wah. Marcus looks angry at Son. I bet he's thinking, "Ma ***, this girl trying to act cute. **** her la!"


Kidding lar. He absolutely adores Son the Bon Bon man!

That's John behind us.

Hhahahaha!! Look at the monkey behind!

The awards!

Best Dressed:
I think it's the hair. Very funky.

Kinda reminds me of a flowerhorn. HAHA.

No lar. It's cool! So creative.

And if I am going to be honest, they had a muchos better performance than their senior team, Stunners. I'd feel really bad if I were in that position lor! My juniors better than the senior team. Dang!

But it's only because Stunners dropped their stunts. Routine-wise, I can't really judge lar. But their standard is quite good! I'm sure Stunners are top 10.

The two teams are from Sri Kdu, by the way.

Best Showmanship & 5th Place:
"Ipoh mali, ipoh, ipoh mali!"
From Ipoh mar.


What a lousy comeback.

Honestly though, you gotta know that they pronounce their very own cheerleading team name as, "TAI-TENS" in a very Cina way. Where you pronounce and all your spit comes out kind of way.

So whenever they go, "WE ARE TITANS(tai-tens)!"I really just can't help but snort a little.

In 4th place...

The Vulcanz Girls Team.

No picture. Not good enough, SORRY. So boring their routine. Put me to sleep only.

The 2nd runner-up:
They always beat their girls team. Every single year since they joined. Haha.

They were good though.

Very perky...

I just KNEW they'd end up in Top 3. Told Brian that.

1st runner-up:
Salute to the Dynamitez, lehhhh.

Awwww! They look so sad. Somemore the newspaper don't even have ONE SINGLE PICTURE of them. AWWWWWW!


Gosh, I'm so mean.



Like, duh.

Wah, so happy! I would be too.

They got so many chun prizes man!!!

Dina looked SO happy. She really did deserved it. I read the Fuad's blog and could tell how busy and how hard she worked and all.

You tell me how not to win with SO many supporters???

The new Dynamitez Tee.



From here, I can absolutely tell that the dude is Ser Siang. Haha! Chun eye-sight lehh.

You tell me which other team has all these stuff? A t-shirt MAYBE lar. But a Dynamitez-Mobil and a Mascot?


DJ's gonna start a trend once more, AS USUAL.

Confirm next year some mascot like a frog will turn up for Team Xaviers. I know Xaviers is nothing near to frog but their uniform green colour marrr.

Man, Xaviers standard is SO lousy now. Nobody gives a crap's poo about them anymore. Not a threat already!

Wah, I'm so mean today.

Dynamitez should give me a bit of their McDonald's voucher for being such a good supporter!


My gosh. Feel like eating that now. So addictive.

Oh, before I go... You guys GOTTA check this out:
"I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo!"




That is a complete fashion no-no man!

Wannabe harajuku (is that what you call 'em?) girls!!!

No offense lar. But really, man. Wouldn't be caught dead in that!

Normally I will see this in Sungei Wang only. Over there is definitely more kao. This is quite... okay already. Like, minimal damage.

BUT SERIOUSLY LOR! In Japan or Hong Kong, this dressing will be darn "heng" larr.

But if you wanna be labelled "Seafood" or more commonly known, "La-La", then by all means, wear long stockings, tucked in your beep toe flats, with a skirt worn over black leggings and a striped spaghetti (the more colourful the better... maybe like, green and yellow) underneath a striking pink super loose top that MUST show the striped spaghetti inside along with super layered, straightened hair that is any colour but black and if in the mood, wear a polkadot hair band and tie your hair in pigtails with very bright coloured rubberbands... IN MALAYSIA!

Wow, longest sentence EVER!

OMG! I'm so mean today.


Sorry if I have offended anyone!

Especially those who really fancy that sort of dressing. I mean, you are entitled to your style as I am to mine.

For all I know, people may think my dressing is retarded!

All a matter of perspective, I'd say!



Photobucket is suddenly up and running today so I swapped all the pics that was hosted by the other dumb site with the pics hosted by Photobucket. NO DUMB BANDWIDTH NONSENSE!! And no site name suddenly appearing on my pictures!

Yu Meng's Birthday & Wei Leong is Back!

Monday, June 25, 2007


I know I mentioned that I would blog on Sunday but HECK!


What with Cheer 2007 and all.

Which brings to...


Major, major ownage! Bwahhahahaha. DJ rocks!

The girls were by far the best. AND BETTER YET, TITANS DIDN'T EVEN GET TOP 3!!!

Buttttttt, no time to blog about cheer yet. I haven't edited all the pics and what-not so next update, yeah?

I need to rush this update because the test which I thought was supposed to be today (and thought I'd be freeee) is really NOT today but TOMORROW.

But I promised an update (plus I edit the pics already) so here it is!


Yu Meng's Birthday Dinner @ Delicious (Again) (23rd June, 2007)

I've noticed so many people's blog got camwhore pics of themselves before they go out one.

I also can what! (I think it's the new camera. Normally I'm darn lazy lor!).
Curled up me hair in 5 minutes man! My hair so little already :( So it takes so quickly to do it. Which is a good thing and bad thing. Moslty bad I think.

And check out my new earrings! Heheheh. I bought for RM10 only for 3 pieces! (Very long never shop already man. Not really counted also because I was watching a movie in Cineleisure and saw it in a tiny stall on the way out). I got 'em in another design in gold and a leopard design. Would've taken a pic of 'em if I wasn't so lazy. But they're really value lor! Nowadays decent, funky earrings are not easy to come by, you know!

Moving on!
Me and Kenzie went to buy a HUMONGOUS birthday card for Yumes.

Freaking RM23++.


For a card man!!! Actually I sorta expected it because I attempted to buy a huge card like that before but didn't because I was being cheapo. HEHE!

But this time, generous Kenzie paid so Yumes got his HUMONGOUS Birthday Card! And signed by 16 other people!

Oh, did I mention it was a surprise party?

Well, Yumes wasn't very surprised actually. Think he suspected it already.


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I was wearing heels (once in a lifetime situation here!!!) so I was oodles taller than Joh. Haha.
Michael's head is really super shiny! My fingers were itching to just touch it. NOT IN A PERVY WAY OF COURSE! Don't be gross, Bri.
Fourth from the left is James Baum!! Malaysian celeb, yo. Don't play.

Oh, come on.


No recollection?

It's a song by the way. Bet you've heard it on hitz a dozen times.
The ratio of guys to girls is always 95612304 guys to 4 girls. Dunno why also.
I'm not in the picture because I had to be the camera girl.
From La Manila. Very laku man, this cake. Everyone ate it all up. It's oreo cheese!
Thanks for sort of pretending to be surprised! Haha.

After dinner, while everyone headed off to Velvet to party, Kenzie (who had to pick up a friend) dropped me to Wei Leong's house for his welcome back thing.


Welcome Back Thing (and Wei Leong's Bro's Birthday) @ Wei Leong's Place (23rd June, 2007)
My evil twin.
My dumbo twin. HAHA.

Eh, you wanna see David Beckham with black hair, dark skin, skinny and doesn't look a cinch like David Beckham?:
Wah, so cool man his hairstyle. What do YOU think?

Oh and get ready to throw up:
Cheng is clearly bi-sexual.
Human pile-up.

Foong Yen is so retarded, check this out:

And that about sums it up!

Stay tuned for the Cheer 2007's update to follow!






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