Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry for being M.I.A for a while.

I have so much work to do it's not even funny.

3 subjects and already I'm so busy!

Imagine in the Fall when I plan to take 4 subjects!

I guess taking two Math courses on my first sem here wasn't exactly the smartest choice.

Anyway, I actually have a BUEC Midterm in two days but I'm almost done editing the pictures from last weekend so will be up & blogging during my breaks from studying!

I know my blog has become pretty ass boring but well..

What can ya do!

I've became quite boring so..


Sounds pretty depressing but I'm satisfied and I guess that's what matter, eh?

Alrighty, then!

Will be updating asap and once my term is over, might try to come up with more interesting blog topics!

Have a great day, all :)


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