Fright Night @ Playland

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fright Night @ Playland (25th of October, 2008)

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I obviously look extremely excited!

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Erik (and his triple chin... some things even Photoshop can't save, me boy... hehehehehehe, I'm so mean) and Me; frightened of what Fright Night has to offer.

Behold the Glorious Gory of Ghastly Gruesomeness:

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This is only mildly disturbing... there's a skeleton head popping out from the TV but "The Ring" already enlightened us with that ridiculously terrifying idea.

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Here's one way to kill yourself. Blow your brains out. Shouldn't be too painful.

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I swear I didn't notice that psychotic smile on his face until I actually edited this picture.

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Outside one of the two haunted houses we visited.

The haunted houses were pretty fun!

Erik was a total scaredy-cat.

Making me his shield was quite entertaining.

Until he crushed me after being "quite surprised" by a zombie/ghost/vampire (something or other) that swung in out of nowhere.

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Edward Scissor Hands... turned evil. Decided to cut up people instead of bushes.

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Some weird creature with a goat head chopping out some chick's guts. Yummy.

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Some old dude that got hanged to death.

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Doing the ET thing with an alien in a skeleton suit.. which was pointing its middle finger out. Quite intriguing.

Our famished butts drew us to a nearby (we really actually had to walk a zillion miles just to find that darn) hotdog stand.

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Sooooo goood! The perfect grub in an amusement park.

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Erik also means pig in French. Or Italian or something... we'll find a language where Erik means pig.

Then, it started drizzling...

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And it made me become more in touch with my inner Muslim.

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And soon, we head to the Ferris Wheeeel!!!

Pardon my enthusiasm with the Ferris Wheel.

I go completely bonkers with it. If I go to an amusement park with a Ferris Wheel (really, I would go there only BECAUSE of the existent Ferris Wheel), I get very, very happy.

It would just make my day to be on top of the world :)

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So preeeety :)

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The people too evidently ;) Or... hopefully.

Erik even spent 5 whole dollars and won me a little gift!

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Meet Tuffy! He's slightly deformed... with extra long legs and awkward asymmetrical ears, not to mention he is red and yellow, hardly a common colour for a dog... but nobody's really won anything for me before so Tuffy's really special :)

And that was Fright Night for me!

It certainly was a night of fright... and quite a bit of fun too!

Hope the rest of the Halloween fever will be a blast!

(Well, Happy Halloween to Malaysians & Australians... since you guys are a day ahead so it's Halloween for you already!)

A New Self-Discovery

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow, I think this is the longest period of time I did not blog!


Things have pretty much been routine hence the lack of topics to blog about.

However, Halloween is around the corner and there would be some fun eventful nights on its way for sure!!

I'm just sad I got 3 invites to Halloween parties in which I can't attend unless I sprouted out wings and flew back to Malaysia :(


Anyway, I've discovered something about myself just recently.

I never had any allergy problems and I could consume virtually anything.

Also, I would always empathize those who were allergic to things like:
1. Eggs
2. Chicken (how can one live without eating chicken??)
3. Meat in general

And goodness no, I did not just discovered a new allergic reaction to any sort of meat (I would just cry if I had to stop eating meat... don't mind my carnivorous manner)..

But did I find out I am... sadly...

Lactose intolerant.

It's weird because I used to be able to drink gallons of milk when I was younger but I guess now that I'm aging (yucks, I hate that word), my body just won't produce 'em enzymes to digest lactose.

I never realized this because after my growing stage was over, I never really touched milk (Malaysian milk isn't the most appetizing beverage) and since I came here, I drink milk almost like drinking water.

Until the bad tummy aches came :(

Thankfully, Emily found lactose-free milk (it's so cool how they make that now!) so problem solved!

And since 70% of Asians are lactose intolerant (which means 70% of you... that includes Erik since he thinks he's Asian anyway), you can look out for lactose-free milk to enjoy your daily:
1. Vitamin A (immune function)
2. Vitamin B12 & Riboflavin & Potassium & Magnesium (cardiovascular health)
3. Vitamin D (bone health)
4. Thiamin (cognitive function, especially memory)
5. Selenium (cancer preventive trace mineral)
and of course...

Protein and calcium!

Ju, drink more milk.

Did I say more?


That girl drinks zero milk and hates fruits.

Need to figure out a way to sneak in those nutrition into her daily intake!

Oookay, boringest blog post ever but what the heck.

I'll be posting up pictures on FRIGHT NIGHT (amusement park in Vancouver) once I get a hold of 'em pictures which would hopefully be soon!

Until then :)

My First Fall & Volunteer @ Willingdon's Nursery

Monday, October 20, 2008

As cold as it is, the beautiful Fall leaves totally make up for it.

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Fall has got to be the prettiest season!

The colour shades of the leaves are beauuutiful :)

I could just stare and stare at the awesome view up in SFU.

Don't mind the jakun Malaysian here.

Funny, I never really thought about how to translate "jakun" into English.

Anyway, I've probably mentioned that I'm volunteering at Willingdon's Church's Nursery and here are the reasons why I look forward to Sunday mornings:

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Watching over teensy 2 year-olds and below just makes my motherly instinct rage!

But no, I am not quite dying to get a child just yet.

Still, they are such darlings (we have some naughty ones here and there and some major criers but generally, they're really sweet) and you just want to hold, hug & kiss 'em all over!

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Oopsie, a lil' boo boo there.

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Vera! She's my favourite. She's so independent; one of the few who don't cry when their mummy leaves them for service. And she's constantly smiling!

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And this is Caleb! Only 3-months old. That week, I officially grew larger biceps. I had to carry him for an hour and the half straight because he would start sobbing if I put him down! He may be 3-months old but he sure ain't 3 pounds.

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He's sooOOooOoo cuuute!

They ALL areeee.

I just wanna kidnap them all homeeeee!

Something new I discovered, SOMEBODY doesn't think babies are cute.
(apparently, that SOMEBODY will only have the exception of his...or her... own baby)

WHO the HECK doesn't think babies are cute?


Mason's Birthday @ Blarney Stone

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Irish Pub.


I'm so white now, y'all.

Mason's Birthday @ Blarney Stone (11th of October, 2008)

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No flash: Lorena, Rose, Lindsay, Shawn & Me.

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Got flash: Lorena, Rose, Shawn, Lindsay & Me.

Tra-la-la. I'm so creative with my captions.

In da club... I mean, bar... club... pub... blub?

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Me, Lawrence, Lorena & Rose.

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Dodgeball Teammate, Shawn Chowwww!!

I just joined an awesome dodgeball team:


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What's SWEET?
What's SOUR?


Sweet and sour pork.
We rock.

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Me & Lorena.

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Birthday Boy (Mason) may have been slightly hammered by the time we got there (and we were there at 10pm mind).

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And guess who I bumped into? Brian!

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On the dance floor!

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Lost in the moment-

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Me & Lawrence. That boy is a bigger camho than me, haha.

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Mark, Me & Lawrence. CDL (on his shirt) is the Coquitlam Dodgeball League which is the league we're playing in!

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Food for Thought... Not Quite Delicious Food Though. Not At All Actually.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honestly, you men can be so disgusting sometimes (some more than others.. much, much more).

I'm not saying us girls aren't gross too but we're far less gross than you boys, for sure!

And this very fact is clearly depicted in the PUBLIC WASHROOMS.

You can't deny that the Men's are always stinkier and dirtier than the Ladies'.

Working at Hapa, cleaning the washrooms isn't a difficult task (much less for the Ladies' than the Men's obviously) because the washrooms are always kept nice & clean and normally (normally... but not all people are quite normal which can be really pissing off) people who step into a clean washroom can't exactly make it look like a tornado hit. Unless drunk people and puke are involved, but let's not go there.

So us servers do washrooms checks now and again during our shifts to make sure the washrooms and nice & sparkly. Obviously, drunk guys are very, very bad with their aim so....... but, that gets mopped up every time before opening... no worries there.

However, what really disturbed me the other day while I was cleaning up the Men's was as I was shoo-shoo-ing (that's the sound the anti-bacterial spray makes, thus the slang) the....... Men's peeing thingy hanging off the wall (for some reason, I can't recall what the heck that stupid thing is called... the one that you men pee into hanging off the wall... it's like on the tip of my tongue but it's totally not coming to me! Sorry, total blonde moment right now, feel free to enlighten me in my comment box), I discovered some... excrements on the wall.



Please... guys... do refrain yourselves from picking your nose when you pee.



(trying to make as much of a disgusted sound as I can to truly show how much shivers I got from scraping off 'em excrements off the wall)

Another annoying thing I had to come across today from this dude sitting two seats away from me during Econ lecture today was his-


I detest people who shake their legs especially in cinemas, in the bus and much, much less in lectures.

I was having a major headache after 2 hours of inconsistent chair vibration in lecture.

Thinking about it now even makes me feel like puking actually.

SO ANNOYING! And so rude!

As though people around you enjoy your drilling as much as you do. I seriously felt like smacking his head.

I actually wish I did... well, atleast told him to stop doing it but. Well, I'm not really like that, I just kind of put up with it and suffer later. And learn a new lesson, which today's one was: Don't ever freaking sit in the same damn row as that annoying leg-driller.

So guys, as it is, we girls have to eventually put up with some of your gross traits in the future... but do make our lives somewhat easier and make us feel less disgusted by starting with cleaning out your nostrils during your private shower time and by kicking out the bad habit of leg shaking.

I just felt like rambling today, so there you go.

I've got party pictures to load up but I have Financial Accounting midterm to write tomorrow and need to get back to studying!

Wish me luck!

Also, wish me luck on surviving through my first Winter!

It's Fall now and I'm experiencing some 3-4 degrees in temperature... in the day 0_o .... but surviving!

Let's hope my Malaysian tolerance can get me through -3 to -4 degrees!!

Have a good day, all!
(men, don't forget my extremely valuable advise)

New Poll & Movie Reviews

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Would you rather freeze or burn to death?


Chocolate or vanilla?


Apple iPhone or Blackberry?


Your turn!
(poll on your right)

Knock yourselves out ;)

More random questions to come... when I can think of any.


Movie Reviews

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

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Okay, that's it. I am NOT ever watching any movies with Kirsten Dunst ANYMORE! I could hardly believe I actually sat through an hour and the half watching bad humour, Kirsten, and Megan Fox acting like a complete bimbz. I expected waaay more from the cast but I was extremely disappointed. Don't waste your time.


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

Eagle Eye

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I suppose this movie could somehow possibly be good if you watch it immediately after watching "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People"... but I didn't. So no, it was not good. Okay, the Transformers stars do have a lot of live up to but... well, at least Shia did a better job than Megan for sure. It's not like the movie was bad, it was just so promising and then they had to end with a very creative conclusion that they stole from a zillion other movies. Seriously, a 5 year-old could predict the ending... and maybe come up with a better one, who knows. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend. Unless you are very, very, very, very.... very, very.... very, very, very bored.


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.






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