Moving Day

Friday, August 31, 2007


After 18 years of living in the same house... I am finally, FINALLY moving.

All my childhood memories with my neighbourhood friends, teen memories with my girlfriends, life memories with my family and a hundred other memories with so many other people who came into my life.


I've been living here for so long and had far too many good memories that most of my friends are gonna miss my house!


Well, it's all good.

On the bright side, whoever that threw eggs at my house/car won't know where to look for me now. Ha-ha.

Anyway, I won't have any internet connection until next week!

Gargh. It's so annoying because I have a BILLION updates to post about!!!!

Let's hope the TMNet people will be efficient enough.

Until then!!!

Melbourne - Part VI (Day 4 & 5)

I felt like Italian so Candice brought us to a very fancy Italian restaurant!

Dinner @ Villa Romana (20th August, 2007)

P8200123.jpg picture by nataliang
Candice's Beau.

P8200124.jpg picture by nataliang
My Best Dude Friend.

The dishes we had:
P8200128.jpg picture by nataliang
This was really, really, really good. I mean, LOOK at it!

My tummy's growling already.

P8200129.jpg picture by nataliang
This veggie is seriously one of the best veggie dish I've ever had. I could finish the whole plate on my own. REALLY TASTY!

P8200130.jpg picture by nataliang
Good as well. They were ALL good! This was a plus because it had mussels!! MMM!!!

After dinner, Candice and Guo Jin went home and so did Joe.

Then, I met up with Daren, Joh, Raph and Mei and we headed off to a bar called Gin Palace.

Chilling @ Gin Palace (20th August, 2007)

P8200131.jpg picture by nataliang

P8200132.jpg picture by nataliang

P8200133.jpg picture by nataliang
Nick's Joh ex-roomie during his college years. Plus, he's a DJ too!

P8200135.jpg picture by nataliang
Everyone else had wine and beer but since I'm a goodie-goodie, I settled with a mocktail.

Loads of other people I didn't know later joined us and by the time 1am crept by, I was off for home.


The next day, for lunch (we don't eat breakfast... we're never awake for it), we had Pho (pronounced as "FUR" and also known as Vietnamese Noodles). And we had Pho for a whole lot of times soon afterwards thanks to Joh and his insane craving for that dish.

Later, we just chilled at Daren's place playing Buzz or SingStar.

For dinner...

Daren's Birthday Dinner @ Crystal Jade (21st August, 2007)

Those who attended the dinner:
P8210141.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210142.jpg picture by nataliang

That's 7 of us altogether.

You'll see the significance once you know how many dishes we had to eat.

Let's start with the appetizer:
P8210139.jpg picture by nataliang
One heck of a yummy soup.

You know what? I think I'd better just state this in advance. Every dish we had was top notch chinese delicacy. There was only ONE unsatisfactory dish; so when it comes, I'll give a heads up.

P8210140.jpg picture by nataliang
Favouritest seafood dish everrr.

Mussels are a close second, of course.

P8210144.jpg picture by nataliang
What's a meal without some greens?

P8210147.jpg picture by nataliang
Sorry for the bad blur. Best shot I could take before everyone started digging their paws into it.

P8210149.jpg picture by nataliang
You know, I'm pretty sure Daren ordered every possible meat there is to be eaten. HONESTLY.

P8210148.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210151.jpg picture by nataliang
You'd always GOT to have chicken.

After 5 meat dishes (we're freaking carnivores) and only 1 veggie dish and 1 soup...

There's still more MEAT to come!

P8210153.jpg picture by nataliang
Essential for the brains!

I bet you think that's it... what MORE can we order?

Whyyy, how about some:
P8210152.jpg picture by nataliang

This... is the worst dish ever. Apart from the fact I lost my appetite just looking at it (don't you think it looks just so cruel?), it tastes just as bad and scary as it looks!

Hmmm, actually, I'm in no position to grade how cruel eating pigeon is... I mean, I did just have SEVEN other meat dishes!

And boy!

9 dishes for 7 people!


But, it was REALLY good.
(Minus the foul fowl)

Anyway, after dinner, we were off to...

Daren's Birthday Surprise @ Golden Monkey (21st August, 2007)


And boy, was he surprised!

A billion people turned up and the bar wasn't exactly the biggest ever.

Anyway, pictures:

P8210154.jpg picture by nataliang
Sorry, I wasn't introduced to the girl on the far right so I didn't state her name.

P8210161.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210162.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210160.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210156.jpg picture by nataliang
Craazzzyyy!! And no, they aren't mini Siu Loong Pau (that's what you call it right?).

It's just A WHOLE LOT OF IT!

But it's not terribly good. Still prefer the one in Dragon i.

Anyway, Daren gave a speech! And this is pretty much all I remember:

"Thanks guys, I didn't realize I had this much friends! Okay, everybody, go sign up for a free account at!"

Haha. His new poker website.

By the way, if you want to be updated in the Asian Poker News or would like some tips and tricks at playing your poker hands, go visit!

And last but not least,
P8210168.jpg picture by nataliang
Hope it was a good surprise!


Lena's Surprise Birthday Party & Welcome Back Dinner

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let's take a break from my Melbourne updates and get into the current!

Two days ago was my sister's (Lena) birthday!

The countdown to her birthday was, according to her, lacking of love (she just returned from a weekend birthday trip from Singapore with her boyfriend so Yu Meng was at home unpacking and resting) and all her friends didn't organize everything.

So I guess her "lack of love" meant just being with her family. Hmph. Oh, well.

But little did she know...

Lena's Surprise Birthday Party @ Vintry (27th August, 2007)

This party was organized by Yu Meng and Mabel, if I'm not mistaken.

But boy, was it successful!

Check this out:

Haha. Lena's so funny.

P8270014.jpg picture by nataliang
Hope she's happy that she's getting lots of LOVEEEE now.

That girl!

P8270015.jpg picture by nataliang
Do I look more like Mommy?

P8270016.jpg picture by nataliang
Or am I Papa's girl?

P8270038.jpg picture by nataliang
The only picture I had of all four of us. The other better pic is in Lena's cam and it's always with her! So what with her busy, busy schedule.. can't get a hold of it yet.

Well, I do hope she enjoyed herself! I'm glad she's surprised. She doesn't get surprised that easily. That explains the super Emo Lena in the video above. Haha.


Welcome Back Dinner @ Tony Roma's, Cineleisure Damansara (28th August, 2007)

Originally, Andrew was supposed to take me out for Tony Roma's BEFORE I went over to Melbourne. But we were both so extremely busy (me with dance rehearsals and him with his finals) so we didn't get the chance.

So now that I'm back, I get to be spent Tony Roma's dinner!


P8280078.jpg picture by nataliang
We got a table that was smack in the middle of the restaurant so our service was FANTASTIC.

Way better than the service I had on my previous visit! And mind, the service then wasn't too bad either!

P8280082.jpg picture by nataliang

The waiter actually introduced each sauce to us and ended up with this:
P8280081.jpg picture by nataliang
Haha. So cute!

I like all the sauces except the Blue Ridge Smokies. That sauce has the after-taste of burnt food. Well, that's what I think anyway!

Anyway, we ordered two dishes and shared:

P8280085.jpg picture by nataliang
This was pretty good. And it was HUGE. We could only finish one half of the sandwich so we packed the other half home.

And I LOVE the fries! They are SO incredibly addictive and tasty. It tastes so unprocessed (unlike McD's fries or even TGIF's fries). As though they sliced it straight off a whole potato and baked it themselves! I bet they did actually.

P8280089.jpg picture by nataliang
Who would go Tony's and NOT have the ribs?

P8280090.jpg picture by nataliang
Yes, we were really pampered. I was almost forced into wearing one too; had I not resisted quite vigorously.

The bill came up to RM100/= (well, and 50cents) but Andrew said it was money well-spent.

It was indeed a satisfactory dinner.

Melbourne - Part V (Day 4)

My Trip to Melbourne Zoo (20th August, 2007)

P8200016.jpg picture by nataliang
I guess only Joh was interested in taking me to see animals. Haha. The rest aren't fan of animals.

But me?I adore seeing animals! Although at some point it seems cruel to lock them up, the animals I see in Singapore's Night Safari and in the Melbourne Zoo look honestly pretty contented and happy.


Let's just start with the animals, yeah?

P8200009.jpg picture by nataliang
Oooohhh. So yeng his pose.

P8200017.jpg picture by nataliang
Joh was saying how Humans are one of the few species that have good-looking females, haha!


You wanna offend anyone? Call them a GORILLA and show them this picture. BOY, would they be depressed.

P8200010.jpg picture by nataliang
Lazy bum. Didn't get up the whole time so only got a picture of his butt. Wait, or HER butt.

P8200013.jpg picture by nataliang

I'm actually not a fan of monkeys. Maybe because the monkeys in Saujana (where I play golf) are annoying pests. They steal food from the buggy every chance they get!

P8200019.jpg picture by nataliang
They're so cute! The pose looks kinda obscene though.

Then, we went into the butterfly farm (it was in an enclosed green house). Gosh! The minute we stepped in, it was like being in Malaysia again! So humid! Yucks.

Starting sweating 2 minutes in.

But the butterflies were SOOOOOO pretty!

P8200028.jpg picture by nataliang
The boy was adorable. And the butterfly was one of the only brave ones! The rest wouldn't land on my finger :(

So I pinjam from the boy:
P8200029.jpg picture by nataliang
Wheee! First time a butterly rested on my finger! So preeeeeetttyyy!

Then, we went to see more insects.

P8200031.jpg picture by nataliang
Oops! Sorry, I mistaken it as a "grasshopper" instead of a "praying mantis". I was very sleepy when I edited the pictures. Haha. I really meant the praying mantis. Really.

But you gotta admit it's a cool shot, right?

We saw more insects and arachnids but it was really dark and difficult to get good pictures.

So we moved on!

P8200037.jpg picture by nataliang
They say an elephant never forgets. That'd be useful and very treacherous all at the same time, wouldn't it?

P8200038.jpg picture by nataliang
I think the drawings are cute... and at the same time, quite ugly. I'd definitely be sticking colourful sequins or shiny fake crystals then using chalk to draw.

But I'm guessing chalk is easier to remove.

P8200033.jpg picture by nataliang
A good example of a species where the male is 10x better looking than the female. Lucky buggers.

P8200041.jpg picture by nataliang
This pelican is HUGE!

P8200047.jpg picture by nataliang
Malaysia's pride and joy. One of the very few of it anyway. Couldn't get a good picture because they were behind glass (which meant I couldn't use flash) and they kept on moving and moving too!

This one was giving the kissies to the little girl though! So ccuuuttteee.

P8200116.jpg picture by nataliang
Here's a better picture of the Orang Utan. Hehe.

Plastic as in "fake". Just clearing it is all! Just in case...

P8200053.jpg picture by nataliang
Now THIS is Aussie's pride and joy. They weren't in cages so you could go pet them and feed them. This was the only one that was sort of alive. The rest were lazing around and barely moving at all.

And here are the REPTILESSS:
P8200058.jpg picture by nataliang
MAN. Why's everything asleep? Honestly, half the snakes were asleep or terribly camouflage that I couldn't get good pictures of it. So I had very few pictures of the reptiles eventhough there were quite a lot of them in there!

P8200061.jpg picture by nataliang
At least, that's what I THINK it is. I sort of forgotten the REAL name. It COULD be a Black Viper, couldn't it??

But it sure does look scary and poisonous.

P8200066.jpg picture by nataliang
THIS; I'm pretty sure is quite poisonous. Most of the snakes we saw were. But it's cool and weird looking isn't it? It has EYELASHES. Haha. So funny.

P8200063.jpg picture by nataliang
Eeee. So ugly, hor? But I think it's a good picture though, heh. Nice and closey uppey.

Does it feel like National Geography; this post? Haha. Or Animal Planet?

Feels to me. Except with a very bad host. Sorry, I'm not excellent with animals... but I think I know quite enough!

P8200065.jpg picture by nataliang
Like the difference between crocodiles and alligators!

For crocs, when it's mouth is shut, the teeth on the upper and lower jaw are clearly visible.

For gators, the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw so the teeth from the lower jaw are not visible.

There's loads of differences like the shape of the snouts and all. But apparently, some species of gators look similar to most of the crocodile; judging from the snout.

Okay, you guys are probably yawning by now but, hey! No one should turn down a little knowledge, right?

P8200090.jpg picture by nataliang
It's a mammal. Just to clear things up. Google it if you don't believe me.

Hey, I used to read a lot of National Geography books okayyy. My Dad bought tonnes of issues and I LOVED reading about animals. Like I said, I know quite a fair bit. Everything I'm writing here was based on all those magazines I read and the time I spent watching Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geography with my Dad.

P8200099.jpg picture by nataliang
This sea lion is one heck of a smart animal. It can do a dozen more things that my dog can!

P8200106.jpg picture by nataliang
Aussie's lil' penguin!

That's the adult size. Seriously. It's probably only a foot tall and ferociously adorable. I wish I could've kidnapped it home.

P8200110.jpg picture by nataliang
I had other pictures of the baboon's back but honestly.. you do NOT want to see it. If you are on your way out for a nice dinner, you'd lose your appetite immediately.

Their arses are.. nothing short of sickeningly nauseating. YUCKS!!!

I'm not even going to describe it for fear I might end up feeling nauseas.

P8200113.jpg picture by nataliang
Sooo cute! No Pumbaa though. And erm, Timon is a merekat by the way.

P8200112.jpg picture by nataliang
I THINK they're from the Parrot family. They were so colourful and vibrant and weren't in cages! They were just... there! I could've grabbed them and ran away, seriously! Such pretty little things!

P8200092.jpg picture by nataliang
I mean, I really don't get why there weren't any koalas! It's Australia, isn't it? Really odd.

P8200048.jpg picture by nataliang
One of my favourite animals! I think giraffes are COOL. And very unique too! (By the way, I misspelled "giraffe". Hey, I DID say I was really sleepy!)

I mean, it IS the tallest land animal ever! And they've got cool looking horns that are so antennae-like and hav their coat overlapping it which is differenty from other animals with horns. And both female and male have it. Just that the male's horns are relatively bigger.

Honestly, I've read a lot about giraffes and they are seriously cool. Go wiki it. You'll get a good picture of giraffes and you might like them as much as I do too!

P8200052.jpg picture by nataliang
Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes? YOU decide.

P8200072.jpg picture by nataliang
This bear is OLD. There's a mama and baby bear but they were moving around so much I couldn't get a good pic. Papa bear, however, was just STANDING there waiting for me to take a pic. Haha.

No, seriously.

P8200080.jpg picture by nataliang
Yet again, a difficult pic to take.

P8200025.jpg picture by nataliang
Growl. This one was a big one.

And I've saved the best for last:
P8200071.jpg picture by nataliang
What would a Zoo be without the King of the Jungle?

You guys might argue that the King of the Jungle is King Kong or Tarzan but think about it.

Gorillas are vegetarian and Tarzan doesn't exist.

So I'm sticking with Lion King.

And there's my trip to Melbourne's Zoo!

It was good fun and all. But I still think it's not big enough! I didn't get to see any cheetahs or black panthers. I LOVE seeing the big cats. And there were crocs but NO gators! Boh-ringgg!! Plus, I didn't see any ostriches which is a real bummer. And what about the skunks??

When you go to a Zoo, you'd expect to see the biggest land animal (the elephant), the tallest (giraffe), the fiercest (the lion)... ALL CHECK. But what about the fastest? (cheetahs) Or the biggest bird (ostriches). And the SMELLIEST? (skunks).

And what's Melbourne WITHOUT the KOALAS???

So yeah. It was satisfactory... but COULD DO BETTER!!!

I still had a good time though...

And one more thing, if you had to be an animal, which would YOU pick?

I'd definitely be a dolphin.







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