Ju Nn's Birthday @ Citron & Jazz Music @ Alexis

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I know this is awful laggy and everyone already read the updates in Sonia's or Brian's blog butttt...

Too baaad! You guys gonna read it again and see the same pictures too, bwahaha!
(Stole pics from Brian's cam)

Ju Nn's Birthday Celebration @ Citron (20th October, 2007)

DSC_0118.jpg picture by nataliang
A nice and classy place.

Ju booked 3-quarters of the area.

The guests:

DSC_0094.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0096.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0112.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0109.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0093.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0106.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0126.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0127.jpg picture by nataliang

I think this candid shot Brian took of Ju and Me is pretty cool:

DSC_0122.jpg picture by nataliang
Stalkerrrrrr. LOL. Kidding, Bri.

DSC_0104-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0098.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0115.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0117.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0144-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0114.jpg picture by nataliang
Lotsa Blue going on around here.

DSC_0108.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0138-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0137-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0142-1.jpg picture by nataliang

Hope you had a awesome bash!

And I know you're just LOVING our pressie ;)

We got her the cutest lil' puppy for her Birthday.

The pup is so, so, SO cute that I was so close to stealing it for myself. Honest, it was so teensy that Jason almost stepped on it when we went over to Ju's.

So after the party, we went to Alexis to chill with Jazz music. Again, Daniel V's Papa was on the Piano.

Jazz Music @ Alexis (20th October, 2007)

PA210054.jpg picture by nataliang

Personally, I think the previous band that performed @ No Black Tie was better. But then again, they were older and probably more experienced.

Anyway, it was a good touch to a great night!

I'm off now. Jason's whipping up some pasta (he keeps bragging about how he can cook..... okay, fine. He didn't brag. He just said he LOVES to cook so I'm putting him to the test!) and I'm smelling something really yummylicious from the kitchen!

So glad I'm staying with his family when I fly over to Vancouver!!! Gonna make sure he has all the recipes of my favourite, favourite food!


Dinner @ Bangkok Jazz & Chilling @ Lecka-Lecka

Monday, October 22, 2007

Amazingly, I actually have found time to blog...

2 posts in one day!

This is the most efficient I have been with my blog.

I am really proud of myself, really.

Anyway, this is gonna be a quick one because Jason and I bought South Park's Season Ten and we're supposed to watch it soon!

Dinner @ To Dine For, Bangkok Jazz, KL (18th October, 2007)

BangkokJazz8.jpg picture by nataliang88
Bangkok Jazz is the bar downstairs and connecting upstairs (which is also part of Bangkok Jazz) is To Dine For.

BangkokJazz4.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz7.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz1.jpg picture by nataliang88
Deciding on what to eat!

We ordered 5 dishes in all but these are the few that is a MUST when you dine here:

Morefood2.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz5.jpg picture by nataliang88

Morefood1.jpg picture by nataliang88

Morefood.jpg picture by nataliang88

These dishes are some serious Thai stuff. It's almost as good if not better than when I was in Bangkok. Honest.

Well, actually, not so much of the Tom Yam Soup (it's good but not great) but the Pandan Leaf Chicken and the Green Beef Curry were VERY authentic Thai.

Or at least, really super tasty.

After dinner, we met up with Sonia, Marcus & a bunch of others to...

Chill @ Lecka-Lecka, Starhill (18th October, 2007)

n604890810_389830_8212.jpg picture by nataliang88

n604890810_389833_9010.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz.jpg picture by nataliang88

Took some random pictures of the place:

BangkokJazz22.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz26.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz28.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz25.jpg picture by nataliang88

BangkokJazz210.jpg picture by nataliang88

The place is definitely a nice place to chill but...


Actually, the STAFF was horrible.

Honestly, Lecka-Lecka staff's ridiculously rude!

And there was this especially one really annoying guy. Well... he could've been having a really, awful bad day. Well, he'd better be because if he was seriously like that every time, he'd probably get beaten up a zillion times already.

I swear I could've taken him.


Anyway, I actually had a good, knowledgeable night that night.

We played a really fun game that needed the use of your brains! My favourite ;)

Girls Vs. Boys.

We'd throw general knowledge questions to each other and the opposing team had 3 guesses and 2 minutes to answer.

I learned a lot that night including:

1. "Volkswagen" means: People's car.

2. BMW's slogan is: "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

3. Pasta was originated from China.

And loads more! Can't think it off the bat right now.

I hope the boys got to learn some questions we girls threw at them, haha.

Honestly, if you've run out of things to go, this game is a great way of passing time. Plus, you exercise your brain which is good too!

Anyway, got to go now! Until next time!

Clubbing @ Cynna/Loft

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

Clubbing @ Cynna/Loft (18th October, 2007)

Just to speed up my extremely laggy updates, limited words and mostly pictures.

Which most of you just scroll through the words and only see pics SOOO... not much of a diff.


It was Thursday Night @ Loft which meant...

PA170009.jpg picture by nataliang88

Actually, it could be for Cynna because we only managed to get the free drinks from there.

PA170003.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170008.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170004.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170013.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170015.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170005.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170014.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170022.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170016.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170002.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA170011.jpg picture by nataliang88

n604890810_386321_8502.jpg picture by nataliang88

n600948722_219101_2741.jpg picture by nataliang88
Hahahhaa. Jay's face is absolutely CLASSIC.

PA180029.jpg picture by nataliang88

n600948722_219108_4449.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA180032.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA180033.jpg picture by nataliang88

It got really, really hot and really, really stuffy after every once in a while so we went out to chill occasionally at the balcony.

PA170018.jpg picture by nataliang88

PA180037.jpg picture by nataliang88

And that's that for this night!

If I'm super free tonight, I might just post another update ;)






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