Friday, May 30, 2008

Is FINALLY up with a new sensuous collection!

Clickety-click on the pic to bring yourself to shopping galore:

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Have fun, ladies!

My Sunday: Eat Vancouver, Kamei Royale & Movie Review

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Am currently having my 2 hour break in Uni right now so decided to blog a bit!

So last Sunday, my Calc classmate, Mandy, took me to go for this eating event,

Eat Vancouver (25th of May, 2008)

This event is where most of the best restaurants in Vancouver (or so they tell me) come together to one place to erm, exhibit the food they serve.

So there are all sorts of stalls serving all sorts of delicacies and we just get tickets for the entrance and walk around to try out samples of their food; some free & some not (but the price is still cheaper than the regular price they'd normally charge).

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Was pretty packed! It was held in a stadium.

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Singaporean food. Wasn't too shabby.

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Mandy & I :)

Food Display:

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I'm more focused on the expression of that man's face then the chocolate statue! Classic.

Image Hosted by
No idea what this contraption is supposed to be.

Image Hosted by
It's just cool how they could do all these with chocolates! You just want to pluck it off and eat it!

Image Hosted by
I'm... not really sure what this was supposed to be made of actually.

Image Hosted by
Fine Dining. It's only a demo... the food's fake.

Image Hosted by
Also fake.

Image Hosted by
More fake food.

Image Hosted by
But they're all prepared so prettily!

Image Hosted by
Imagine if they were real... mmmmm!

Image Hosted by
Reon singing while Andrew (Mandy's boyfriend- what are the odds ey? Haha) talk on the phone on stage. Very cool.

Image Hosted by
I may look like I'm posing all but I'm really looking at the camera! Check my reflection out! Hehe.

Image Hosted by
Me & Reon & Malaysia Kitchen!

Image Hosted by
Mandy & Me again. We didn't get to try any Malaysian food because... well, no one was behind the stall!

After testing out all sorts of food (some good & some not so good at all & some pretty darn gross... I don't know if they really mean the best restaurants in Vancouver because if they are...), we headed for homeee.

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One last pic before we go; that's Mandy, Andrew, Me & Reon.

Image Hosted by
Evidently, this Andrew is pretty gay too (holding the freebies in the goodie bag we received like a natural chick). What's with the Andrews of the world??


For dinner, I went out with my other classmate, Ahram, for Jap dinner & a movie!

Dinner @ Kamei Royale (25th of May, 2008)

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Ahram & I.

So, Jay, who works at a Japanese restaurant didn't know what a Chawanmushi was.

How can you work in a Jap place and not know a Chawanmusshhhiiii???!!

Well, in his defense, Hapa is more fusion Jap and not the authentic Jap so...


I love that stuff.

Anyway, I told Ahram I really wanted Chawanmushi so he brought me to this restaurant and they had it!

Image Hosted by
Chawanmushi! Too bad this one wasn't all that good. I've had better for sure.

Image Hosted by
Rapture Roll. Good stuff too!

Image Hosted by
Saba Inffeeeerrrnnooo. This was sooooo yummy. I absolutely adore Saba.

Image Hosted by
Sushi rolls.

Image Hosted by
Oysters! Oh, these were soooooooo fresh!

And with that, I had my tummy full already.

Right after, we rushed to catch out movie:

What Happens in Vegas

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Those of you who have already watch it, you'll know how super AWESOME it was! I loved every bit of this movie! It was such a feel-good movie. Plus, I adore Cameron Diaz (one of my favourite actresses alongside Jennifer Anniston and Natalie Portman) so it made the movie that much better. Anyway, I was having fun throughout the movie and I felt really good after watching it. And the cinema actually applauded after the movie ended! So it's that good!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

My Saturday: Vera's Burger Shack, Kits Beach, Phnom Penh & Night Out

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For the whole time I was here, I never had any good ol' Ameri- I mean, Canadian burger!

So I asked Jay to bring me to a place that serves the fattest, greasiest burger there is!

Okay, maybe I didn't specifically ask for the fattest or the greasiest (I actually just asked for some good burger) but Jay brought me to a place with those specifications anyway.

Lunch @ Vera's Burger Shack, Kits Beach, Dinner @ Phnom Penh & Night Out (24th of May, 2008)

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Chomp, chomp, chomp! The burger was soooo huge and I only had the classic. Apparently, there's a burger that has double patty! People can get heart attacks!!

Image Hosted by
Jay's lamb burger. His was teenier than mine which was unfair! I could soooo finish his burger (I couldn't gulp down the last few bites of my burger).

Image Hosted by
Mmmmm, nice & greasy & super fattening! Heh. Least it has some greens!

After our tummy's full, we walked along the streets of Kits and window-shopped.

When we passed a used-bookstore, we got stuck in there for almost an hour!

We looked and browsed and searched and peeked through a ton of books and ended up leaving EMPTY-HANDED. Felt a little bad but well, it was nice going through the musty books and looking up some titles that I might purchase later on.

As evening approached, we headed down to the beach at Kits!

Over there, we met up with Jay's friend, Deanna (which I've already met when she came over to visit Malaysia when Jay was over too) and her friend.... Colin? Yeah, I think that was his name. Jeez, I'm so bad with names.

Image Hosted by
More pictures of Kits Beach again. Honest, I hope Jay brings me to ANOTHER beach this week ;) Hehe. Not like there's anything wrong with this beach since there are plentiful eye-candies walking around. But a change of scenery would be nice too!

Image Hosted by
Didn't bring my bikini out so I didn't do any tanning! This weekend is a must for a good tan! Please be sunny, please be sunny, please be sunny....

Image Hosted by
Soooo sunny.

Image Hosted by
Jay & Deanna.

Image Hosted by
Snacking on the beach.

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Deanna, Colin (I think?) & some random.

Image Hosted by
Jay tanning his upper body. No idea what that dumdum is smiling at. Hehehehe. I'm so mean.

And once dinnertime arrives, we headed off to pick my Mom up (her last dinner in Canada!) and brought her to her favourite restaurant in Vancouver (or so she claims).

Which is.....

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Phnom Penh!
Serves Vietnamese & Cambodian food.

Image Hosted by
My drink: Strawberry Moo Shake. Oooh, this was yummmmmay.

Our orders:

Image Hosted by
Mixed Fried Rice. I like their fried rice. Yummy stuff. Closest thing to our "Chow Fan" back home. Got the right spices and all. In fact, could be even better!

Image Hosted by
Vietnamese Spring Rolls... which sucked! Okay, fine, not sucked per se. But it wasn't very good at all. Texture was far too dry for my taste.

Image Hosted by
Marinated Rare Butter Beef. Erm, I think that's what it's called. I just know there was a "marinated", a "rare", a "butter", and a "beef". I just don't know the arrangement or if I'm missing anything. But if you like rare beef and you like sour flavourful food, this is delishhh!

Image Hosted by
Me favourite dish!: Deep Fried Chicken Wings. This is pretty similar to Uncle Bob's but it's BETTER! Well, to me since I think Uncle Bob's has waaaay too much MSG. This chicken has more flavour in a less unhealthy way.

Image Hosted by
With Mommy Ng :)

After dinner, dropped Mom back home for her to pack her stuff and then off she goes to the airport.... :(

I didn't expect to cry (since I didn't cry when my Papa left) but when my Mom hugged me good-bye, she started sobbing and that made me feel so incredibly sad and I couldn't help my tears trickling down.

I feel so sad I won't be there for her for the next year (as well as to depend on her...)... Sigh!

And although I didn't have a super party mood on, Jay still brought me out for drinks.

No points for guessing where ;)

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Yes, it's been a while since my last camho ;)
Check my super messy hair. I didn't realize this (until I arrived here and was waaay lazy to blow my hair) but if I don't use a hairdryer, my hair pretty much turns up like that. I didn't know I had THAT curly hair!

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More camho-ing... in Hapa's washroom.
Sniff. When I did this, I got a tad bit emotional thinking how I miss camho-ing with my girlies in Velvet's loo
(I know it's really weird but seriously, lightings are good in loos!).

After chilling out at Hapa, we were supposed to meet with Jay co-workers to club @ Plush.

But they didn't get off from work until 12ish to 1 (it was barely 12) so we decided to visit Mark who was in Caprice.

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Clubbing Street: Granville Street. They close the street for cars(which is lined up with bars and clubs on both sides) so that policemen/women can conveniently patrol.

Image Hosted by
Jay & Mark outside Caprice.

Image Hosted by
Me & Jay.

We didn't go into Caprice because, well, didn't ask for getting on the Guest List earlier thus entrance won't be FOC.

So we headed back to the car to go to Plush.

But before that...

Image Hosted by
Me posing on Granville Street (I hope that's what the street is called??).

When we finally got back to the car, I felt all tired & pretty lazy to go clubbing. Was probably emotional drained so we skipped Plush (later discovered it was closed or something... okay, my memory isn't serving me well... doesn't matter cause we didn't go anyway) and went back home!

And that was my Saturday!

Still got my Sunday to come.

I like jam-packing my weekends with activities (thank goodness Jay doesn't working on weekends) so it'll last me the week when I stuff my nose in my books on weekdays.

But I got midterms next MONDAY!! And Calculus Midterms too.


Currently taking a break from looking through my lecture notes & assignments (I know studying Math has everything to do with practice but... I'm lazy and always just do it mentally- let's hope that doesn't fail me this time!) but I'd have to get back to it soon!

Gonna write up a resume (NEED TO FIND A JOB SOON!) now!

Until next time!






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