Olympus μ 770 SW & Miss Universe 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I would like to gladly inform to you that...

My Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 is:

Hopefully now I can start hunting down for the cheapest I can get for the Olympus μ 770 SW.

That cam is super cool and I'm absolutely DYING to get it!

It's quite slim (not as slim as my previous cam) but the perks are absolutely fab!

#1 Can go underwater up to 33 feet!

#2 Shock proof up to 5 feet!

#3 7.1 Megapixels

#4 3x optical zoom

#5 Can with-stand cold up to -10C degrees!

#6 Can also with-stand pressure up to 220 pounds!

#7 It's not big and bulky and won't look like an Auntie carrying it around


I really, really like it. Olympus has really outdone themselves this time!

Now my little problem is....

The darn funds.

Papa is being VERY kiam siap (selfish, you bananas... HEHE, I'm also one actually) and kept saying there was NOTHING wrong with my camera. I told him I sold it already and he was like...

"You can use mine."

EEEEEEE!!! His one is so ugly and lau-pek. No offense larr. But he doesn't have a blog, you know.


I will find my way. I am going to print out a picture of the Olympus camera and sleep with it every night until I get it.


You may think I've gone absolutely bonkers bazookers but DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN I TAKE A PICTURE OF MYSELF HOLDING IT ARRRR!

*Crosses Fingers*

Ahem. Okay, enough of all that rant. Let us move on.

I did not actually watch Miss Universe 2007 (I can't believe I missed it even after setting a reminder for it on my phone...) so I cannot give the full details.

However, I managed to dig some information on E! News and also online!

So for those who did not watch, you can read-up here! For those who have already seen it and could not be bothered by another repetition of the whole event, please proceed below to the poll I have set up and make your vote on who YOU think ought've won!

So anyway...

Let's start with the 5 finalists! Which will lead to the winner of course...

The the 4th and 3rd Runner Up:
She's got a cute look about her. Okay-okay lah. Her body quite hot.

I personally think that she's SIZZLING! Daaannggg! Hot stuff!

The 2nd Runner Up:

Wah-lau. This one is a different type of SIZZLE altogether! Her face is priceless! Body in the 2nd pic however is so-so only. Got boobies lar.

The 1st Runner Up:
CHECK OUT THOSE JUGS MAN!!! How to NOT win? Nahh, she's also freaking hot lar. But dang...

And of course, we have our Miss Universe of 2007:
The image “http://usera.imagecave.com/misswishful/MissUniverse.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

An Asian, y'all!

She looks a little old though... Matured, if you must. But I know some of you have kick with older women so I won't say much.

As for Miss Malaysia? Do you even know WHO our Miss Malaysia Universe is???

Do you even WANT to know?

Darn bad lar you all. So mean. No Malaysian spirit.

Actually neither do I.

As usual, Miss Malaysia did not make it to the top 15 (top 50 also might have problem, if I'm going to be honest...). Lina Teoh was our one and only miracle.

See the following and you will understand why:

I'm not trying to be mean or anything... BUT HONESTLY! Were there THAT many unfortunately-looking ladies who joined the competition????

Either that or did they raise the acceptance age to 40-years old???

Are you sure this woman is not the contestant of MRS. MALAYSIA?

She must've super chun English-speaking skills and the rest having zero knowledge of speech that she could've won, man. I'm not saying I'M very pretty (just incase those of you who are feeling very defensive of her and want to insult me back or something) but this is abit too much...

Oh, well.

What? Did I hear you want to see what Miss Singapore looks like?

Sure, here it is:
Not bad, eh?

Honestly though, the picture on the left looks a little drag-queen-ish (well, a hot one) but the picture on the right of her is pretty darn good! She looks very sweet and pretty.

Oh and there is also Miss Photogenic:
She looks like two different people in both her pictures. Maybe that's why she's Miss Photogenic.

And Miss Congeniality is:
Mm. Okay.

Well, we can definitely tell she is from China.


(Sorry lar, I'm very, very bored now.. Holidays all. Entertain me abit?)


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 is up for grabs for those who are interested only!

It is still in very good condition, works PERFECTLY fine but I won't lie that it has minimal scratches (only at the bottom!!! Nobody can see it unless they are inspecting for scratched larr) .

Here are the pictures (UNEDITED!!! As in, I did not photoshop any scratches or defects... because there isn't really any at all to photoshop really) of my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5:

Lens closed.

Lens opened.


Sorry for the poor picture quality. I had to use my lousy 2.0 Megapixel camera phone to take these.

My camera comes with:
A camera case! For camera protection.

As well as:
Not one but TWO batteries and a 512MB memory stick!

Don't forget the CHARGER and the USB which can be connected to both the computer and your TV! The USB is just plug-and-play so very easy to use!

Here are some info you'd need to know about my cam:
  • Sony 5.1 Megapixel effective CCD image sensor
  • Digital (not optical ar...) 3x zoom
  • Magnifying Glass Mode for objects as close as 0.4 inches! That's 1cm!
  • ISO sensitivity: Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400
The rest is all... well, abit the advance until I also don't know what the heck it means. For those camera geeks only. And if you are a camera geek you'd have probably owned a super canggih super pro-photographer cam already so you won't want this one.

BUT, for those who want a good, lasting and reliable camera that is slim and UNBULKY which is easy to carry around, YOU CAN BUY MY SONY DSC-T5 at only...

(Price is negotiable)

Don't forget it comes with EVERYTHING you need for a camera, you know!

Anyway, you can buy it out of pity knowing that I am desperate for a camera that can go under-water... Been wanting it since forever.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I only used it for about 1 year. And I bought it for RM1, 400 OKAY!!!

Alrighty, just drop an e-mail to me (check on my side bar on the left for my e-mail) so we can get down to business!

PS, It's first-come-first-served! However, I have rights to turn down any offer below RM650 and take up the next person's offer! Thank you!

Brian is Back!

Monday, May 28, 2007



Think I forgot, is it? No, no, no. Been dreaming of it almost every night, you know!


Looks like I've got to go get it myself on my next trip there.

"I quit the band, now I just play with myself."


Although, he CLAIMS he'll just play his drums with himself.


By the way, he was putting on LIP GLOSS on his lips when he took that pic. Hahahahahha! Okay, fine. Lip BALM.

So gay.

BUTTTT, he was such a darling and bought me back some gifts! So I take it back ;)

He got stuff for me from:

Such as a:
The image “http://usera.imagecave.com/misswishful/BrianBack2.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

HEHE. That's me with my AWESOME photoshopping skills, Y'ALL.

Fine, I know SOME people might think it's a breeze but I thought, for a lousy noobie computer person, I'm pretty all right, eh?

Right, and he also got me a:
Okay, fine. Think the photoshopping is a little obvious.

But I still think it's cool to have a top floating that way!

Anyhow, anyhow... For a dude, Bri's taste ain't too bad, eh? It's simple indeed but guys should stick to buying the simple things for us girls. Trying to be fancy and you'll end up buying something really ugly or weird-looking.

So I'd give it an Exceed Expectations for Brian's taste in chick's clothes (the grading is from Harry Potter's O.W.L's grading... Gee, SO-RRY for being a HP geek; love 'em books!).

Let's not forget:
Chocolates and EDIBLE THONG from Brian!!!

Haiya. You think I will EVER use it mehhh???

Exactly. Tsk. Don't taint me!

Smells nice though.


One last thing... That annoying brat went and bought himself this thing which I hate him for. Stupid boy. Grrrr. It's only because I like it so darn alot.

Cow dung.

So nice, hor? I mean, for a GUY larr of course. Not for me. But I'd like a chick version of it. You know, a long wallet. I LOVE using long wallets.
The colour and texture for this wallet is very different from the standard Gucci goods. It just looks cooler.

And it's waaay cheaper in Aussie. Which is surprising since everything there is supposed to be WAAAY more expensive.

Alrighty then, want to go K.O now.


Mummy Ng's Birthday, Bruno, Hogzilla & Movie Review


Finally got 'em pictures uploaded, edited and ready to be posted!

Mummy Ng's Birthday Dinner @ Mom's Place (23rd May, 2007)

Mom's birthday and Mom's place.

Brilliantly creative, eh?


ME, ME!!!

Hhahahahahahah! Lalalalalalalla! Hehheehheheh! Hohohohoohhho!

Super syok sendiri. Apologies.

Anyway, I know that some of you have very bad habits such as scrolling through only for pictures and not really knowing most of the time what the heck those pictures mean unless they have WORDS on it.

So I always take the time and effort to let those of them, in which I knight them the SCROLLERS, understand what the pictures mean by putting words on MY pictures.

So hardworking man, me.

Fine, fine. I'm too free, I know. What with holidays and all.


We'll get on with it....

Oh, and with Yu Meng too. He's almost part of the family actually. Almost.

And Candice called as well. So she was practically there.

We had the usual dishes like fish, veggie, chicken, tofu and soup.

The 2 fish we ordered were YUMMMM. Super tasty. I think one was some belacan thing (I'm not a fan for belacan but this fish was taaaasssteeeyy!) and the one other was some assam thing.

The veggie we ordered was... erm, well it was veggie! Nothing to shout about but is essential to complete the meal.

The chicken was HONEY CHICKEN and it was ABSOLUTELY, SUPER DUPER DELISH! Well, everyone liked it! And I would never fail to order it when I'm there. Beats the honey beef ANYTIME!

The tofu... well, I don't eat tofu. So, yeah. No idea what the tofu was like.

The soup was my favouritest soup ever! Yes, I know there isn't such a word as favouritest but heck it! Sooo tasty and yummy the LOTUS SOUP.

Oh, right. And we got a complimentary fried otak-otak from the owner of the place.

The owner who is Mun Fye's relative, is also in fact, my Dad's old squash kaki back in the days when my Dad was a national squash player! Small world, eh?


Hope you had a great one!

And hope you liked your pressie too. The one from me (a bronze handbag) and especially from Papa!

Indeed, my Dad gave my Mom an AWESOME gift!



SOOOO COOOOLLLL HORRRRRR??!! I'd love to go there someday!

My Mom was absolutely ecstatic!

This was how it went:

"Nataaa, (hate it when my family members call me that...) don't forget the flight for is on Bandung22nd November, yeahhh?" Mummy told me.

"Yeah, yeah. I know," I said to her.

Papa overheared us and said, "Oh, Li, (My Mom's name is Milie) you cannot go lah for the Bandung trip."

Mummy looked very surprised. "Haaa? Why wor?"

I was surprised too. "YEAH, why?"

Papa cleared his throat while looking down at his handphone (probably at the calendar) and said coolly, "I'm taking you to Paris with me."


Mummy gave a soft scream. "AAAHHH!!! REAAALLLYY ARRRR? OH, LAARRRRR (My Dad's name is Larry) SO NICE ONEEEE?"

Papa smiled arrogantly. "Yeah, of course, for you mar."

PFFTTTTT. What about his DARLING daughters, EH!?

Good anyways.



Ahhh, just fooling around. I wouldn't want to go through the hassle anyway.

They'd better take a ZILLION pictures.

Sigh, so jealous! Well, my turn will come someday, I'm sure of it!

Okay, anyway... MOVING ON.

Just the other day, Yu Meng came over and brought his sister's little pup! She left the pup with him for puppysitting for a few days... AND THE LIL' PUPPY IS SUPER ADORABLEEEE!!

Sigh, I ADORE dogs.

Whoever my husband-to-be is MUST love dogs too. I'm gonna DEFINITELY own one. That just might strike Andrew out unfortunately... since all he thinks about is killing live things that are shorter than his knees. That sick, demented boy.

Anyway, anyway!!!


He's SO teensy. Just like Hero was when he was little. Now Hero looks like a giant beside Bruno.

Funny thing was, when we left them to play together, BRUNO was chasing after HERO. What an odd thing. It was so funny to look at! Hero even hid in his cage (VERY RARE THING) away from BRUNO. Sooooo weeirddd. But very cute at the same time!

Oh, have you read the Star newspaper today?

Er, sorry for the sudden change of subject. This may happen quite frequently while reading my blog.

My mind wanders pretty aimlessly.

Anyway, read Starnews today?

Under World Updates.

If you haven't, you might find this possibly traumatizing if not fascinating.

This was on the FRONT PAGE of the WORLD UPDATES section:

Boy, 11, Bags Hog Bigger Than "Hogzilla".


Clickety-click for the article.

I was half-way through my breakfast when I saw this and nearly choked. THAT'S SOME HUGE ASS PIG, MAN!!!

How DO these wild boars grow THAT big?

Freaking tapau the wild boars in LOST man. I thought THOSE were big. This real life beast is really MADLY GIGANTUS.

For those who are extremely lazy to read the article (you lazy bums) and would however like to know some details, here they are (my own words; point form):

#1 This psychotically big ass hoggy was found and shot dead in Alabama by an 11-year old hunter who was hunting with his Dad using a 0.50-caliber revolver.

#2 It is the BIGGEST wild boar ever discovered that weighs 1, 051 pounds and measures up to 9 feet 4 inches long which is consequently bigger than the previous hoggy that weighed 800 pounds and was 8 feet long.

#3 The kid shot the hoggy 8 times and chased it through hilly woods for 3 hours before finishing it off with a point-blank shot (head shot).

That's enough right? You lazy bummers can just leave your questions in my comment box if you're being lazy but still curious to know.

Last but not least!

Movie Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
I liked it. It was good. Go watch it.

Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thumbs Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Functionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

Mad TV - Memoirs of a Geisha & Crystal Meth

Friday, May 25, 2007


My sister (Lena... the oldest and by far most cranky person ever) is being a complete SCROOGE!!!

Just because she has a more canggih cam than me and can take prettier pictures she thinks she's the queen of the world.

Sometimes, she really gets on my nerves.

So, again, tonight, I can't blog what I intended to blog.

So here's the similar form of entertainment from my previous post especially for you bored people out there who share my pain.

It's really quite funny (if you know a guy called HENG JOON, you might want to take a closer look):

Hope you had a good laugh!

It's really more funny if you watched these vids with your buddies.

Watching it alone might make you feel like a weirdo laughing at a computer screen... or it won't tickle your tummy very much.

Gosh... I'm sooooo boreddd and I've still got 1 more week of holidays to enjoy!

Doubly sigh.

It's really everyone's fault but my own!

Yes, I blame:

#1 My girlfriends for having college and having been thrown far too many assignments and tests and not to mention their upcoming midterms...

#2 Andrew for just started his term two weeks in MY HOLIDAYS (and still having a remainder 2 weeks...) and been slapped right, left and center with 3 assignments (3 more on it's way) as well as the upcoming 6 mid-terms he has to take (and mind, he has only 3 subjects... Sedaya's lecturers).

#3 Brian for suddenly coming up with his brilliant spontaneous escapade and flew to the Land of Kangaroos or Funny-Accent-People-Place (no offense... in fact, they probably think WE have funny accent... which we kinda sorta do) and left me behind without a yumchar and eat lunch/breakfast/dinner kaki. I want those KRYSPY KREMESSSSSS!!!

#4 My other (nicer) sister, Candice (only cause she actually reads my blog... HEHE!) for not taking enough holidays back home so she could teman me do super duper thrift shopping (she's more thrifty than me... AND THAT SAYS ALOT!)

#5 For my stupid ADTP course that places the term holidays when NOBODY ELSE has THEIR holidays!!!


One more week to go.

And I'm not even looking forward to classes again... but at least I'd feel less like a bummer.

Maybe I oughtta gym or something...



Maybe. Got golf tomorrow afternoon so probably not then.

Maybe Sunday.

Gosh, I'm boring you, aren't I?


You may not think that way after you finish reading this post! In fact, you might even be a little traumatized, wreck a nerve, feel nauseas or come to some sort of realization (and possibly learn something new) when you're done.


You sure?

Don't say I didn't warn you! (I know laaa some of you will be able to take it... but I mean, I've blogged the mermaid thingy and some are grossed out so better put warning on this just incase)

Now, I will speak of...

Crystal Meth.

What is crystal meth, you ask?

Just so you won't lose interest after hearing all the bombastic scientific lingos (that you will most probably find through googling), I will write about crystal meth in my own words (mostly).

In fact, I shall put it in point-form so that it would seem easier to understand and definitely preferable to be read, no?

#1 It is a drug known as methampethamine (oh, come on... you need to have SOME scientific facts up your brain... suck it in) which is a type of stimulant drug that acts on your brain and nervous system.

#2 Like cocaine, it has stimulant properties but is much longer lasting.

#3 It can be easily smoked and can rapidly lead to high blood levels (which explains the hallucination and high feeling)

#4 It is also long-acting compared to crack so it is considered an extremely powerful and addictive stimulant.

#5 It is known as.... ICE.

Heard of it?

No, maybe, possibly, YES???

Here's to give you some visualization:
Crystal Meth.

The reason why I'm talking about this is because I'm trying to spread awareness (what a good samaritan I am) and also for the fact I've been wanting to blog about this after watching Oprah Winfrey.

In the US, smoking crystal meth is practiced as a normality. The numbers were truly horrifying but I watched the show eons ago and that's why I can't remember quite what the numbers were! But the use of this drug is definitely still spreading so at least I did my part on the whole awareness thing!

Mind, I did hear about SOME people that have actually smoked "Ice" before. Yes, here in Malaysia. Quite popular too!

However, I'm not going to tell my who my source may be and who those people are but let's hope they'd somehow in some way come into realization that they may end up (or have already ended up) looking like this:
Fact: 3 months after the use of crystal meth.
I'm sure you guys are smart enough to know which is the before and after.

3 months, YO! That's some scary shite.

And what about this:
Fact: 2.5 years after the use of crystal meth.

You think THAT'S bad? It gets worse:

I hope you all have seen and read enough information to tell you how bad this drug can be to your outlook. Let's not talk about how bad your insides would probably look like.

The thing is, it is reported (in the interview on Oprah) that if you try it just ONCE, there's no turning back. You are HOOKED immediately.

Please be reminded that it is a VERY POWERFUL ADDICTIVE STIMULANT so don't take this lightly! If you are stupidly offered "ice" or "glass" or "Tina" or "Christine" (google'd the street names), please DO NOT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO TRY AND SMOKE IT UP!!!! Even if that means you just want to "try just this once for experience".


Or forever look fugly.

And have bad breath.

And have ugly teeth.

And seem old and whittled.

And will be emotionally abused and feel empty on the inside.

And might go nuts and end up in a suicidal case.

And... well... looking THAT fugly is really bad enough!

I hope this gets through to you guys! :)

Do make the effort to advice your friends or family if there's any suggestion that they might be involved in drug abuse!

With that, I close this entry.

Have a good night!

Mad TV - Me Against the Music

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm soooo bored right now and had an urge to blog but I've got NOTHING to blog about because my sister isn't home so I can't upload the pictures of my Mom's birthday from her camera to the computer.

Wow, that's a pretty long sentence if I do say so myself!

So anyway, I have decided to share with you guys a video that Jean and Sheng discovered from Mad TV. It's a little old but it's still as funny as everrrr! Some of you might have probably already watched it but for those who haven't...

Check this out:


MAN! I don't know where Jean and Sheng find these stuff!

It's still super funny now eventhough I watched this like, possibly, a year back!

Come back for more on my next post ;)


My Singapore Trip - Day 2 & Day 3

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Photobucket is sooooo annoyingly laggy. Is it just ME or is everyone experiencing the same thing?

I mean, why does it take so bloody long for the forsaken site to load????!!!

And not just today, it's been going on since quite some time back!

Soooooo annnoooyyyinngggg.

I am usually quite patient while waiting for the site to load, but it's gotten too far out of hand!

Utter rubbish. Lousy free service.

Actually I was about to try FreeImageHosting.net and imageshack.us and AllYouCanUpload.com and imgPlace.com but they all do not require any accounts which means... where the heck do the pictures end up after I escape the page???? Sorry, I'm a noob at all this so I'm afraid to post up my pictures at all these random sites (google'd them). Plus, they take pretty long to upload my pictures as well! Tried a couple of sites to see if they can upload a mass amount of pics at a go.

For Photobucket, once I FINALLY enter my homepage, THEN it's fast. I mean, the whole uploading nonsense bit.

But to get to my darn homepage, I gotta refresh it a zillion, trillion times! So freaking irritating.


I'm going to go take a shower first.
Oh, my, Gosh.

Photobucket STILL has not load to my homepage.


Gotta use another host. Tired of this poo.

imgPlace.com, let's do it.
My Trip to Singapore with Mummy Ng, Jean & Jean's Mummy (11th-13th May, 2007)

Day 2




The couple on the right looked super cool. Like gold plated dolls. I swear, Jean and I thought they weren't REAL until we came this close.

And we stopped for lunch at Food Republic in Wisma Atria!
Not bad, not bad.

And next:
Where we bought some over expensive gifts for our boys back home.

That's where we realized we had no more money and only enough... to makan dinner. Oh, and for Night Safari, of course.

So after splashing all our money on almost nothing, we were off to dinner.

Jean says this steamboat is really good! Almost like to one back home (Yuen's Steamboat) but without the awesome chicken wings.

I was personally thinking, "Steamboat ain't steamboat without those wings, man."

But to my surprise, this steamboat was actually pretty good!
Yeah, we count mushrooms as our veggie. Hehehehe, carnivores.
And I love, love, LOVE straw mushrooms. And erm, those OTHER mushrooms too!

Funny how I used to HATE mushrooms when I was little.

Gosh, I absolutely adore them now. YUM, YUM!

Yeah, that's piggy meat there.

I ain't no porky fan but HECK, those pork slices dipped in soup were DELISH man! Well, better than the beef anyway.

And here's the:

Put 'em all together and we've got:
That's the place. Right opposite Bugis Junction.

But lemme warn you, the place where we sat (the place had two floors, we were on the lower ground) has almost ZERO air ventilation. It is very much advisable to sit on the upper level.

So yeah, we had to stuff all that yummy grub into our mouth and make a mad dash outta there.

And soon enough, we met up with Jean's cousin and his friends and it was off to the Night Safari!
Ken is Jean's cousin. And I'm not too sure if I spelled both the "Sean's" correctly or not actually.

I THINK it's called the Bridge of Suspense. But anyway, there was nothing very suspenseful about that bridge. It was just... a bridge.

It's super duper whooper cool. Nothing like I've experienced ever before.

Makes you wonder how those animals stay in their respective places. And mind you, the place is FREAKING well maintained. Such a massive, large area and it doesn't smell and is super clean to the extent that there are ZERO leaves on the track. Okay, fine, maybe not zero. But very, extremely little.

Makes OUR zoo seem like a place for animals to store their dung. Honest.

After that, my Mom and Uncle Andy picked Jean and I up and we went home to shower and stuff. Yeah, we were pretty gross and all being out the whole day.

Then, we went to meet up with Jean's Mom and Jean's Aunt for a drink.
I kind of forgot that Uncle's name. So I just put "Uncle" haha!

After stuffing our face with food eventhough we weren't all too hungry, Jean and I got bored of listening to all the adult talk.

So we created our own fun!

The many faces of Jean:

The many faces of Nat:
Hahahaha! Bit too close for comfort, the 2nd pic.

When boredome takes overrr:
We sure did stick our tongue out... we just didn't look sexy.

And on the way home, I drew this on the backseat window before we entered the car.
Awww. See? I'm such a sweet, doting girlfriend.

Missed him alot during then :(

Day 3

Hope she like the chun ass gold watch I got for her. My mom's adores watches. She owns all sorts of funky, colourful watches! Possibly over 20 of 'em.

Anyway, its..
Yep, only had that 1 pathetic bag of shopping as opposed to the ga-zillion bags I had from shopping in Bangkok.

Before we went to the bus station, we met up with Jean's Aunt and her cousin, Ken for Assam Laksa breakfast!
The Assam Laksa was really interesting. Didn't need to use chopsticks. Just use a spoon to eat.
And it was good too. A little different from the Assam Laksa back home, but still pretty good.

Then for dessert, we had some ice blended thingy with fruits. Just like the ones from KTZ (Mango Loh... or however you spell it. My super favourite!) but...

For the 1st time, this is the only food that's actually better than in Malaysia! The ice was blended to perfection and had the fruit syrup and sweet milk poured EVENLY all over with freshly cut fruits on top.

We had strawberries, mango and red beans.



After the orgasmic (the word Brian always uses to define EXTREMELY awesome food) ice blended thingy-ma-jiggy, we were off for our...
Just to clarify, there were very little pics of the two Mummy Ng's only because they were both so darn camera shy.

Anyway, I took a couple of pics on the way home...
Not completed yet. Booo, copycat Malaysia.


And what we had for lunch:
It ain't good at all. But I've got this thing for transportation food so I finished up the whole thing.

And that's that!
So sparkling clean. If only Malaysia was this clean and less racial. I'd actually might like staying in my own country. Not that I hate it or anything...


By the way, it's Mummy Ng's birthday today!


Your Loving Daughter ;)

PS, You might need to refresh this page once or twice to see ALL the pictures. Yes, blame Photobucket for failing me today.


I finally managed to load my photobucket site after a zillion, ga-trillion attempts! So I've swapped all the pics to be hosted my photobucket which I think will now load properly. Sorry for the inconvenience before! (If there were any...)







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