Back @ Hapa & Spending Quality Time With Mandy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have completed my first draft of my 2nd Phil paper and I'm feeling pretty great now.

No midterms...

No papers to write....

No assignments due....
(I'm not counting Calc assignments because they are seriously on-going forever until the term is over so...)


...for about 3 days until my BUEC Assignment is released and 7 days before I get back the first draft and work on the final version of that paper... and well, there's Finals to consider in about less than a month from now....


I'm gonna enjoy these few days :)

And now, I can start replying everyone's e-mail! Sorry for the delay...

Back to the updates....

Yep, for the 3, 461, 727, 682th time...

I'm at...

Hapa for Drinks & Supper (11th of July, 2008)

Cho Wagyu. Thinly sliced wagyu beef cooked on the square hot stone as above. The SHIZZnit. Don't even know what that word means but you get my drift.

I forgot what this was called but I know it's some french-styled mushed up Tuna thingy that was pretty damn good!


Flaming Fish. I forgot what fish this is. Honestly, all sashimi kinda taste the same to me. I mean, as much as I love sashimi, I guess I'm not very refined with my taste buds cause they're all good to me!

Yaki Udon. I've no idea why they would continue calling it that seeing as how Yaki sounds a whole lot like "Yucky" which can't be good on the menu, can it? Well, this Yaki Udon was pretty yucky to me because it had KIMCHI in it.... eeeeeee-yuck. Me ain't no liking kimchi. The very one thing I dislike among Korean dishes.

After snacking, we played a drinking game called 789!

Heard of it?

It's to do with dices.

Anyway, I played and sucked and was smart to have left the game early.

Darryl downing beeer.

Me & Darryl.

Jay, who wasn't quite as smart as me, continued the game and jeebers... that boy kept rolling the eight-niners!

The results. LOL. He was soooo hammered.




Spending Quality Time With Mandy @ Downtown (12th of July, 2008)

Inspiration for my title is during when I requested some pictures from Mandy via e-mail and her e-mail subject with the pictures attached was, "Spending quality time with Mandy."

LOL. She's so funny.

Anyway, that Saturday, Mandy took me for shopping @ Robson Street!

Had our retail therapy session and it was off for Mexican food for dinner!

@ Lolita's.

The cozy atmosphere.

Mandy & Andrew.

Me & Mandy.

Each of us ordered a Pina Lolita! Yummy drink. Tastes like Malibu with strips of coconut flesh.

We likessss our mini umbrellas.

Now, for the oh-so-colourful dishes:

The starter: Guacamole & Chips.

Beef Taquitos. This was pretty good! I absolutely loveeee their home-made salsa! So yummmy.

Lolita's Tacos. Pretty decent tacos. Wouldn't say they're the best I've had though.

Turkey Tostada. The turkey was good....

As a matter of fact, everything was pretty good. The only problem was, every darn thing had 'em black beans stuffed in every possibly corner.

I don't exactly fancy black beans and this is the most beans I've eaten at one go... ever!

Can't have a good after effect, 'em beans.

Beans or poop? Ewwww.

After being stuffed, we headed down to the beach & met up with one of Mandy & Andrew's buddy, Ian, and chilled there for a bit.

Ian & Andrew.

I find the woman behind Mandy absolutely hi-LA-rious. Haha.

Ian & Me.

We played a lil' football toss too!

And that's how I spent quality time with Mandy ;)


Anonymous Anonymous says..

hello Natalie.
jz a reader of urs. i usually see ppl write TSK in the blog..mind to share wat it means? thx..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Hi, it's actually Natalia :)

Anyway, "tsk" is just an impression. Try pronouncing it outloud. It's something we say every day mostly when we're frustrated, disappointed, annoyed or impatient etc.

Thursday, July 17, 2008  

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