Dance Performance for VU Nite

Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

From Lake Kenyir. In case you're wondering why I wasn't blogging for the past 5 days.

I haven't gotten and edited all the pics for my trip to Lake Kenyir/Kenyir Dam so I'll blog about my Dance Performance for VU Nite first!

Goldylox @ VU Nite, Sheraton Subang (27th April, 2007)

Our performance consisted of 4 songs which were:
#1 Pink Panther
#2 Candyman
#3 Buttons
#4 Tango

For Pink Panther, the four shadows (when you watch the vid below, you'll know) from L-R: Jean, Ju, Me and Abby. The two girls holding the banner are Crystal and Edwina.

For Candyman, from L-R: Jean, Ju and Me.

For Buttons, from L-R: Crystal, Abby and Edwina. Then, when they switch positions, it's Edwina, Abby and Crystal.

For Tango, the vid is not shown because it was fantastically screwed up. Everyone forgot their moves (Crystal, Edwina, Abby and Me) and Jean did not change in time to get on stage and Ju was looking for Jean's hat which consequently led to her not getting on stage as well. So I cropped the video to avoid further embarassment.

Here's the video:

This vid was taken by Andrew. That explains the off-center and extremely shaky video-ing.

And if you're wondering who was making those comments at the start of the vid, it was Gior Hau (Abby's Beau) and Aaron. Hahahah!

, and for the song Buttons, the lights were blinking so much the three girls might as well have free-styled because no one can see what on earth they were doing! Shooo funnay.


Gior Hau was also one of the video-ing crew but I didn't get a pic of him.


In conclusion, if we don't get paid, we give screwed up performances.


Hey, we had only 1 week of practice, OKAY! Give us some credit lar.

Finals is Over!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007





I'm so talented. Can rhyme even when I'm overdosed with excitement!

Yay! So it's ONE MONTH of being an ABSOLUTELY BUMMER!


Late nights, poker sessions, yamchar sessions, watching footie, watching movies, hanging out with my chicas, hanging out with dumbdumb (Andrew), eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep!

Activities lined up so far for the month:

#1 Dance performance for VU NITE @ Sheraton, Subang

#2 Camping trip to Kenyir Dam (WHEEEEEE! Haven't been doing outdoorsy stuff since OBS!)

#3 Maybe, hopefully, a spontaneous trip to Penang with friends for stuffing our face with DELICIOUS, YUMMY YUM YUM PENANG FOOD!

#4 Trip to Singapore with Mommy, Jean and her Mommy for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and clubbing, clubbing, clubbing! Oh right, and some night safari too! FUNNNN!

#5 Getting a job @ Camp5 (rock climbing gym @ 1utama) so I can rock climb for FREE! And check out cute boys. Bwahahaha!

Hope all my plans go well! If not, bumming around for the whole month ain't too bad either!

At least, HEROES is finally, FINALLY out from their stupified season break. And so is Desperate Housewives (but that has been out for a couple of weeks now). Thank goodness for all these series (Heroes, Desperate, ANTM, Search for the next PCD) for me to waste my time on. But stupid Prison Break is on a break again. Friggin' annoying. How many blarrdee breaks they wanna have. Gargh!

Buutttt, all is good, all is good.

I hereby declare myself the ONE-MONTH-BUMMER right about...


Exam Mix-Up & Joh's Birthday

Monday, April 23, 2007

You know what's the worst thing that could happen to you before your finals? Getting the idea that you have an OB paper the next day when really, you have ACCOUNTS. And better yet, I had to realize it when it was 1am the day of my finals.

I mean, how could I miss all the signs???

First, my classmate who is in both my OB and Accounts class, Riasat, came up to me the week before and was arguing with me that OB was on Monday and Accounts was on Tuesday. I was pretty darn insistent that OB was on TUESDAY and ACCOUNTS was on Monday. When we checked the schedule, I was right.

So WHEN and WHY and HOW I got mixed-up is just... utter dumbness.

Then the next sign was, on Sunday, my ACCOUNTS classmate, Jia Jun, messaged me to ask for confirmation of the time of our finals. He didn't specify the subject so I guess that's why it slipped my mind.

Until of course I took a break from studying OB and at roughly 1am and was browing through my calendar when I saw:

3:00 pm-5:00 pm
Finals - Accounting

And I had a major heart attack.

Threw away my OB textbook (which I was happily memorizing some notes on the essay question... okay, maybe not "happily"), scrambled around for all the Accounts notes I gathered (thankfully) in the evening and jammed my brain with Ratio Formulas and the Terms & Definitions of Accounting.

Very, very unhealthy. People, please learn from my mistake. Do NOT be so careless. Thank the LORD my paper was at 3pm or else I'd be in HUGE trouble.

And since I studied OB in the time that did not require me to study OB, I have some spare time to blog! I'd probably very much regret taking a quick nap just now, watching Astro for 3 hours and blogging right now once I receive my results... but heck it! I haven't got the mood to study until the clock strikes 12!

So in the mean time! Here's what I did on Saturday night!

Joh's Birthday @ Marketplace, KL (21st April, 2007)
Getting ready. Honest, Jean and Ju take the LONGEST time EVER to get ready. Jean is probably understandable since we both (Ju & I) already took a bath before going over to Jean's place. Anyway, since they took so long, I went to snappy snap pictures with my lousy camera.

(My sister just got a new one and I'm jealous as ever)

How can I NOT be craving for a new camera when BRIAN just got himself a super pro-like camera and so did JOEL. Annoying, annoying people. Of course, I don't need a canggih cam, just one that can take very clear, sharp and detailed pictures.

Gonna save money.

Anyway, back to the pictures (sorry):

Daren, Lena, Joh (Birthday Boy) & Me.

Most of the pictures are with my sisters camera (didn't need to edit the pictures much!). However, when I use my camera, you'd be able to tell the difference.


My cam. Had to contrast the picture as much as 70% and brighten it up to 30% to get it to look like this. Grrrr.

Sister's cam. Promise I didn't do ANY editing apart from adding the words.




By "her" I mean Jean. Ju thinks they look alike. That would mean Jean looks like SHENG. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I've no idea what they're called but they were absolutely DELISH. It's some foamy chocolate fudge thingy with some sour thingy (the yellowie slimey thingy that looks like bird poo).

The number is 4 who thought we were twins. I lost track of people who thought/think we were/are sisters.

Very, extremely few people think we look alike. I think people would think Jean looked like Lena more than I looked like Lena.

Hope you had a great one!

Singaporean Hottie: Tyron & South Korean Student Blamed for U.S. Shooting Rampage

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sonia, sonia, sonia. It's all her fault, you know?
She called me up this morning and was first telling me about her dream:

"Nat! I dreamt that I was together with Joey G! It was weird but yeah."
"Huh? Joey G??"
"Hahahah. Yeah, and YOU were together with FAZIL."
"EHHHHHHH?! Now THAT'S weird!"
Laughs together hysterically.
"Oh, oh! You know Girls Outloud?"
"Yeah, Xia Xue's show or something."
"Yeah, yeah! Got this episode, got this guy, daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnn cute! Look like Utt but BETTER!" (She probably used f***king instead of damn but yeah)
"Wah! Really ar? Ohhh. Coooool! Must go check it out." I was lying on my couch, reading A Spot of Bother, just ate nasi lemak... she really want me to move from my couch meh?
"Yeah, yeah! Now! Go check it out yeah?" She was very excited. I can NOW understand.
"Okay, I will! Seeeee yaaaaahhh!"

And about probably 30 minutes later, I decided to go check it out. I needed to pee too (probably the main reason I got up) so might as well go to my upstairs toilet and then watch it! Hahaha. Okay, bit too much info.
Anyway! Switched on my comp, clicked on Mozilla, went to YouTube, downloaded 3 parts of the episodes, watched the 1st part and closed the rest.
It was more than enough! For goodness, gracious sake! Son was ABSOLUTELY, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT, BRILLIANTLY RIGHT!
That dude is gorgeous! Sorry for being a sucker for good-looking dudes (especially Pan-Asian's) but SERIOUSLY, he's really ADORABLE! And he DOES look like Utt except better and TALLER! And his name is Tyron.
Watch this and you'll get what I mean:

So when I say it's all Son's fault, I really meant it! Now she's got me all google-eyed on yet ANOTHER dude.

But no, no. Dommmmmmmm, you still have a special place in my mind (I don't say heart, you see; because the person who holds THAT special place is you-know-who. And you-know-who will be you-know-what if I become overly obssesed with my... er... obsessions)
Shite, I probably should get rid of this stalker attitude. Not healthy, not healthy.

Anyway, Son tried googling Tyron and she said she couldn't find a picture of him.
However, with my amazing power to copyright everything, I got his picture (a bad copy but nonetheless):

Tell me he doesn't look like Utt:
Heck, they look like the same person but at a different angle. Agreed? I couldn't find a better picture of Utt (or a bigger one for that matter) so this will do.
The only MAJOR differences between the two are:

#1 Tyron is ten times taller than Utt which is very, very important. It's the reason why I'M not so obsessed with Utt myself (Jean on the other hand...). Height is a BIG factor.

#2 Utt is gay.



If you're up to date on the news, you'd have read about the South Korean Student who killed 32 students at Virginia Tech University. Very, very famous topic apparently.
For those who are very lazy to read the papers or know some-what but not really about the news, here's a short and hopefully detailed write-up of it! My version (based on Star News Asia):

No one really knows the exact reason WHY South Korean Student, Cho Seung-Hui, shot all 32 students (2 first and 30 later). All I know is he's a depressed, sadistic boy from the beginning. He actually went to a... erm, I forgot what hall it was and locked it from the inside and started shooting randomly. And later shot himself.
Here's the sad part. One of the victims was a 34 year-old Indonesian. Apparently, his family and his extended family all put their money together to fund him to go to the U.S. to study and just as he was about to graduate; he gets shot! It was reaaaaaaalllyy sad to see the family mourning for him.
As well as the other 31 victims. They all died for nothing! Pray nothing like this happens in Malaysia. Or at least, not anywhere where my family and friends and people I care about are. Oh, and me, of course.

Anyway, for those who want a super detailed write-up of the article OR a (quite teensy) PICTURE of the South Korean Student, you can clickety-click.

And WHAT am I doing online when I should be studying? Somebody kick me.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Eeeek! It's the examination fever!

Drew's going through his finals, Son's going through hers...

And mine's next week!

Organizational Behaviour. Statistics. Accounting.

That's TWO major calculation papers there. Please, please, please do well!
I want to be on the Dean's list and get an honour's certificate.
All I have to do is score 90% for all my papers.


Easy peasy.


I'm sure I can do it.

No big.


I need to study and stop bumming around chatting online, watching tv, reading novels instead of my OB book, eating and sleeping like a big fat ass pig etc etc.

I won't blog because I have to concentrate! (Or maybe I might when I take a break) But then again, I'd have nothing to blog about except exams stress so... might as well not blog anyway.


E-Mail Tag & Movie Review

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Okay, I got this in an e-mail a lo-ong time ago and bumped into it and decided I'd do it. Since I'm so, so bored waiting for Drew to come and get me.

So, I'm supposed to list down 20 people or something:
1. Andrew
2. Hui Jean
3. Ju Nn
4. Sonia
5. Hoong Sheng
6. Aaron Tey
7. Marcus - Si Busuk
8. Brian
9. Pin Yu
10. Joel Lee
11. Kok Shiong
12. Jamie
13. Ting Sen
14. Wen Dih
15. Shermaine
16. Faisal
17. Heng Joon
18. Shannon
19. Yoong Han
20. Stephanie Lim

How did you meet 13? (Ting Sen)
Secondary school. When I was in Form 2 or 3. He was very cute and athletic... THEN. Hahaha!

What would have happened if you hadn't met 6? (Aaron Tey)
Hahahahah! Ju Nn wouldn't have settled down! Or she might have; with the wrong dude! Thank goodness for Aaron. Maybe he should buy her a gift (Hint, hint! Let's hope he's reading this, eh, Ju?)

What do you honestly think of 10? (Joel Lee)
He's my best guy friend! We were destined to be classmates our whole secondary lives!

Would 8 date 3? (Brian, Ju Nn)

Were you ever into 4? (Sonia)
Yeah. I totally thought of making out with her.

Would you date 5? (Hoong Sheng)
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I completely doubt it. I've known him as Hui Jean's boyfriend ever since forever!

Would 2 & 11 make a good couple? (Hui Jean, Kok Shiong)
ROFL!!! Gosh, this tag thing is really killing me. Making me imagine lotsa scenarios indeed. Anyway, NO! I don't think so. What with Kok Shiong being the #1 Con-Artist and Jean being the most gullible person I've ever met!

Would you go out with 14? (Wen Dih)
If I was gay, why not eh?

Describe 7 in 7 words. (Marcus)
Sonia calls him busuk cause he's smelly?

Do you think 15 is hot? (Shermaine)

Would 1 & 17 make a good couple? (Andrew, Heng Joon)
As a matter of fact, they both have huge gay potential! But in terms of actually BEING a couple, I don't think Andrew would be able to put up with Heng Joon's straight-forwardness and I doubt Joon would be able to put up with Drew's beatind-around-the-bush-syndrome. Plus, Heng Joon is super punctual and Andrew is completely the opposite. Joon already hates waiting for me to get ready; what more waiting for Drew? They so cannot make it.

Tell us something about 14. (Wen Dih)
I know she's a freaking smart-ass girl but quite rebellious! Just got herself a tatoo!

Do you know any of 3's family? (Ju Nn)
Do I KNOW? Heck, her family's MY family. I know her Dad, her Mom, her Grandma, her 3 sisters, her Great-Grandma, her Uncle and Aunty (they're always around), her 2 other cousins, her KUNGFU master, her maid and even her ex-maid, Anna!

On a scale of 1-10, how cute is 16? (Faisal)
Oh, very, very cute. And cuddly, I bet! I'd give a 9/10! (Cute: Adorable but ugly? Heheheheheheheh. No larrr).

What language does 19 speak? (Yoong Han)
English, Chinese and very bad Malay. Hahahahaha!

Who is 12 going out with? (Jamie)
Kok Shiong!

When was the last time you spoke to 13? (Ting Sen)
I'm kind of talking to him right now on MSN.

Would 18 & 14 make a good couple? (Shannon, Wen Dih)
Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Still, I can't judge. Don't know them both well enough to be able to judge that.

Would you ever date 2? (Hui Jean)
Yes. Jean and I would have a great life together.

How'd you meet 20? (Stephanie Lim)
In Secondary school. She's the PERFECT cheerleader. You've got your definition of bimbo here. But don't be fooled; she's got brains too (at least, that's what she claims!).

Where does 17 live? (Heng Joon)
Taman Megah. Opposite Yuk Chai school.

How long have you known 1? (Andrew)
Gee, ever since I was Standard 2. He was a horrid brother. Lydia was choking on a sweet and her cousin, Esther, told me she had a brother that was in Standard 5 and told me to call him to call her Mom. So I asked for an Andrew Kwan and that was the first time I met him. It was not love at first sight. See his primary school picture and you'll understand. Haha.

Is 12 older than you? (Jamie)
I believe so!

Have you ever gone out with 7? (Marcus)
With Son, yes.

Have you kissed 5? (Hoong Sheng)
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! Jean certainly has!

Do you find 1 attractive? (Andrew)
Well, that's what got the ball rolling, right?

What is 3's best feature? (Ju Nn)
Her curves.

What do you like about 9? (Pin Yu)
He has a great deal of patience.

Is 3 a good friend? (Ju Nn)
All my friends are GREAT friends that's why I have them as friends. And yes, to that question.

Out of 8, 17, 4, 16, 2 who would you sleep with? (Brian, Heng Joon, Sonia, Faisal, Hui Jean)
Eh. Well, I've slept with Jean and Son before. Jean's peaceful as ever (I think it's me she won't want to sleep with because I'm a comforter hogger). Sleeping with Son can be quite an adventure, really. What with the world war of comforters and the sleep talking (we both do it so...) and the kicking and punching etc.
As for the rest? Er.

Oookay. So I guess that's what you do when you're bored, eh.

Now it's time for my:
Movie Review

So anyway, on Friday the 13th, I watched Hannibal Rising. Perfect show for the perfect date.

Hannibal Rising
This movie is the prequel of all the other Hannibal's. Amazingly, for a person who loves horror movies, I've never watched the other Hannibals! And I heard the Silence of the Lambs is really good! I'll probably want to get the DVD. Anyway, moving back to THIS movie, it's basically about how Hannibal got to become a cannibal. What are the odds that his name is Hannibal, eh? So, the story line is definitely there. His whole family dies in the war and his only, begotten sister (very, very adorable), was eaten up by the Nazi's so he basically out to get revenge. Overall, the movie wasn't as great as I anticipated, but it was still enjoyable. I mean, if you're into cannibalism and all. Not as gory as Saw though. Can't fight Saw!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

Spooks: Real or Fake?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I was trying to book tickets online for tomorrow at GSC 1utama for Hannibal Rising when I realized that tomorrow is:

Friday the 13th!


On that note, I got an e-mail from my Dad showing some really spooky pictures of this really odd creature. It's sort of like the corpse of the "mermaid" that was discovered and placed in the Shah Alam museum.
Clickety-click for the Star article; in case you've missed it.

However, THIS time, it's a different sort of creature. Still as ugly-looking though.

Could this be real?:
Eeeeek! A... fairy maybe?

Or a pixie?

Thumbelina, perhaps?

MAN! These stuff really creeps me out. Who knows how real they actually are, eh? If they are indeed factual, we've certainly got our whole perception completely and utterly wrong about fairies, pixies and mermaids to be beautiful, sweet, magical things.

While looking for the article on the Shah Alam mermaid, I bumped into this FALSE acclamation of a discovery of a mermaid in Florida. As fake as that mermaid is, the pictures definitely creeped ME out!



Scary balls, man! I mean, if you keep staring at it, you can tell it's awfully fake. But to imagine if mermaids honestly DO look like that, how incredibly freaky it would be.

Hmmm. I'm hungry. Gonna go grab some dinner now.

Happy Friday the 13th in advance! Hope you all have a tremendously good day tomorrow :)

1st Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today marks my 1st year anniversary with Drew :)

It has been a wonderfully blessed journey I've taken with you throughout the year. The moments we've spent together will long linger in my memories and cherished always. As we know it, nothing is perfect. But to me, it's the imperfections in our relationship that make it so beautiful. Thank you for everything you have given to me; from love, support, honesty and companionship. And thank you for understanding me and accepting me for who I am. May many more happy memories transpire through us as long as we want it to.

Much love,


Sands of Time - Love
Natalia Ng

Ever changing, everlasting
Mystifies our understanding
Shows us not with what its hiding
Signifying all with nothing

We’re close, we’re near, we’re yet so far
The door is shut, yet left ajar
Though soft and gentle, it’ll never mar
Brings us home to where we are

We’re smothered with a lasting kiss
not hers, not his
We know not what it really is
When what pain brings in truth is bliss

"And whenever I'm with you, I'm home."

Heart Throbs

Monday, April 9, 2007

Having a boyfriend who's a football geek, you tend to get forced into watching football and eventually knowing quite a bit about football.

Apart from watching the game, I watch the men too ;) Which girl doesn't, huh?

As a matter of fact, before I got with Andrew and knew close to nothing about football other than a bunch of men chasing after one ball and trying to get that teensy ball into a HUGE goal, I had my very first footie hottie crush. I even had a football card of his! And I was only just a primary school kid.

And that footie hottie is none other than:
I loveee youuu Michaeeel! He's still cute even now that he's old.

I haven't seen him play in ages though. Andrew is a MU boy, you see.


And then, in Form 3, the first time I came to Joe's house and saw a HUGE Manchester United poster on his bedroom wall, my eyes immediately fell upon:

I mean, how can you NOT notice this boy?

I remember that he had some blondish streaks and I was like:
"Which one, which one?"
"THAT ONE!" Points furiously at Ronaldo's picture.
"Huh? Which one? This one?" Points in the air. Who knows WHO he was pointing at?
"NOOOO, THIS ONEEEEE LAAARRRR!" Am now jabbing at Ronaldo's face.
"Ohhh, that's Ronaldo."
"HUH? I thought Ronaldo is the fat ugly one? The one from Brazil? He's in MU meh?"
"NONO, this guy is new. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo."
"Ohhhhh. Cris-ti-a-no Ro-nal-do. I'll remember that name forever."
Joe looks at me weirdly.

More pictures?
Closer uppers.


And he's a model too! Duh:
I was pretty pissed at Ronaldo during the World Cup though. I mean, I was supporting England and most of his team mates from MU is in England (including Stevie G) so I was pissed as heck during his performance in the Portugal Vs. England match. And also that his team knocked England out! Gargh!

But I adore him back again now.

I've got this one-sided love-hate relationship with Ronaldo.

And as for my latest footie hottie fettish:
He may look a little old, but he has that charm that shows all over. I LOVE Stevie G. Either that or I'm just into older guys...

Mmmm. Yummy.

Soooo, you know how at one point I was really into Joey G? Well, yeah. After discovering he was married, I slowly but surely lost interest. Hey, a girl can hope, can't she?

Well, the last time I went to the KLIA to send some friends off, I saw Dom, the Channel [V] VJ, buying McDonalds. He was actually on his way out when I caught a glimpse of him.

OMFG! (F=Freaking)


Tall and handsome! Even ANDREW was checking him out. I went:
"JEAN, JEAN! Omg, I think that's Dom!!!"
"Where, where?!"
"THEREEEEE!" Pointing at the moving-very-quickly-Dom.
GASPS. "Omg, omg! He's dammmmnnnnn cuute weiihhh!"
"I know!!! Let's follow him!" I've got this stalker attitude. Don't mind me.
"YEAH!!!" Jean has it too apparently.
We were about to run after him when we sadly saw him entering the gates and down the escalator.
"DARNITTTTTT!" Both of us.

And so, I would very much like to bump into Dom again and... and drool over him or something. I might just stutter if I talked to him. Hhehehehe!
Cute cute cute. I likeee.

I never noticed him before because of his hair. I guess I don't dig guys with long-ish hair. I like short clean style and plus, I never knew how tall he is!


Dance Performance for F1 Carnival

Two weeks of practice, from Monday to Thursday, every evening from 7pm-9pm and we got our performance down! It was a lot of fun and the girls and I (Jean & Ju) got to meet a whole lot of people.

The dance club consists of students in Sunway which includes Monash University, Victoria University, ACCA, ADTP, CIMP etc. There's a lot more but I can't quite recall who's in which. But it's a total mix, that's for sure!

Dance Performance for F1 Carnival @ JW Marriott, KL (7th April, 2007)

Ju and I stayed over at Jean's house (a.k.a mansion) the night before. We woke up at 7am and Sheng picked us up and got us to Sunway where we met up with the rest. Then, Aaron brought his Innova and fetched us from Sunway to KL. Where was Drew? Sleeping like a pig. Uh-huh. Yep.

So, when Sheng picked us up, we had a nice little surprise waiting for us!
She loves, loves, loves poking her head out the car window! Soooo cuuuute!

On the way to JW Marriott, I passed by the Petronas Twin Towers. I always make it a point to capture a picture of the only thing our country can be proud of.
Note: I bolded "thing" because it's no inclusive of people. There are some people Malaysia can be proud of after all.

Not bad for a wannabe photographer holding a 5.1 Sony, eh?

And we're here! Then, it's off to:

After our make-up, Ju, Jean and I had an uncanny resemblance of:
We look so cina because Ju and I were doing a Chinese Sword Dance and Jean was my partner for Cabaret so she was forced to have similar cina make up to match mine. The horror!
Note: The hairdo and make-up sponsors for this event... CAN EAT DUNG! I will complain after these messages.

When we went to try out the stage, we bumped into this!:
Hahahahaha! The break dancers were in those outfits playing around before the arrival of the guests.

The traditional dancers:
Malay Dancers.

Chinese dancers. I know, I know. I look like a dork. A very cina dork.

Indian dancers. I like their outfit! Very attractive.

Don't mind the lousy cropping. I was being lazy after editing so many pictures.

And then we have:
When we all merge, we become artsy fartsy. For those who don't know what sort of dance contemporary is, it's apparently a modern sort of dance. But to me, it's like ballet but a lousier, less skilled sort. Haha. It's pretty cool though.

Just so you know, that silver thing we were wearing was made by Doris, our head. She's mad, I tell you. She only just did it the night before, and only just fitted us in 45 minutes before our Cabaret performance. If you squint real hard, you MIGHT just see the ga-zillion safety pins used for keeping our top together. Not bad, huh?

Here's the sequence of our performance (using videos and pictures for illustration):

First, we open our dance with the Malay Dance:

And next, we have the Chinese Sword Dance:
The video for this wasn't captured very well so pictures it is!

Right after, we have the Indian Dance:

I love the Indian Dance! I think it's neat. Man, I sound like a nerd.

Immediately after all the traditional dances, everyone stripped, did a short and fast version of their own traditional dances and to some flag dance (which was messy as ever and very unnecessary, if you ask me) and then it's off to the Contemporary Dance:
It was REALLY messed up. A lot of people didn't know what they were doing. This was the best picture they got of us. Imagine that. Tsk. Maluuuuu.


Now, it's the Cabaret Couple Dance, starring Ju and John:
It was fab but Ju didn't allow me to post up the video. Plus, the person who I asked to take down the vid from my cam didn't get the whole thing. Only half way. Phooey. I liked this dance alot.

After that, we have the duet Cabaret!:
People are SO lousy in taking videos. Honestly, they don't know how to zoom in. Jean and I looked like ants in the video I have. Heck, even in most of the pics we looked like ants. At least in the almost end, the photographer got smart and came nearer to take the pics.
Holding those big, black, canggih camera and don't know how to take chun pics. Sheesh-ka-bob. This is where I would've appreciated if Zyl was here to take our pics.
And hopefully, soon, Brian. Hehehe.

Interval again.

And the finale of our whole performance, the Break Dance by:
There was more people, of course. And I only THINK their named B-Boyz. Sorry, didn't do my research properly. I only noticed that name printed on one of their laptops so I assumed that's what their called.
I couldn't get a picture because by the end, my cam battery died and the fella with the big, black, canggih camera didn't take very nice shots of them.
By all means, he managed to take SOME okay random shots. But all in all, 80% of the pictures were....

Right, we had an absolutely horrendous group of hairdo and make-up artists. It was BAD with a capital B. And capital A and D for that matter. I was very, very unhappy with the whole process and outcome.
First of all, the make-up that they used on us was brandless and very cheap looking. So, so bad for our skin (and we had to have it on for 5 hours, you know!). Usually, all the times I did my make-up for photoshoots and bridal shows, the brand to have is ALWAYS MAC. Especially for foundation and rouge.
These people slapped on LIQUID foundation on our very delicate skin. And a whole lot of it too! When it dried up, our make-up could literally crack if we were to do too much facial expressions. I know we all looked like wrinkly grandmas after a while. HORRIBLE!
Next, their hairstylist KILLED MY HAIR. Nevermind that I had to sit through the whole painful process of puffing my hair up and looking like a cinabeng, I've got very fine and thin hair (my hair is super precious to me) and they went and sprayed practically 10 cans of CHEAP HAIRSPRAY that can be bought from Watson for RM15.90! I know because I bought the same exact one (two years ago) which was the time I discovered I could curl my hair on my own AND there was no other hairspray selling in Watson. Plus, I was being cheap.
Half my hair is gone! I'm so, so depressed on that matter. While I washed my hair, I must've groaned and yelled pretty loud that Drew could hear me from outside where my computer was. Thank goodness I had him there to tell me I'd still be pretty without hair and comfort me while I emo-d.
I don't like sounding like a bimbo but HAIR IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.
I hate those hairdo and make-up artists. LOUSIEST EVER.
If I'm not mistaken, their company is called Creative Make-Up. I might stand corrected though. If I do, I apologize to the make-up company who are named that.
Do not allow them to do their make-up for you unless you are very desperate or do not care for your face and hair.

Ahem! Alright, that's all for now! G'night, y'all.






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