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Monday, July 30, 2007

I have finally decided to set up a...


And don't bother to write any insults, mean remarks, disrespectful words, offensive or impolite gestures or any sort of snide comments in my ChatterBox because it will go unacknowledged.

However, sweet & pleasant, tasteful & encouraging comments are more than welcomed!


Oh, and I think I mentioned on my previous post that I'd blog that night itself.



It was the night before my Endurance Golf Competition and my Dad insisted I slept extremely early so I'd be well rested.

I don't think it helped very much that I came back pretty late either actually...

And then, I thought I'd blog on Saturday instead but heck!

I was so completely knackered that for once, when I went out with Andrew for one of Andrew's college mates birthday party after golf, I was half-dead and not quite responding to the people around me.

I did, however, managed to plaster a smile on my face the whole way. So that people won't think I'm a mean and unfriendly person of course!

It was really the best I could manage.

The minute I stepped back home... I konked out and slept for a full 12 hours!

And on Sunday?

Well, I was completely glued to my HP book and it feels good to say that...


And it's awesomely awesome.

You know, Sonzy actually told me someone died in the book beforehand (yes, she gave me a spoiler; boy, was I mad!), but...

It didn't happen! She bluffed me!

I still haven't confronted her just yet.

Anyway, I absolutely adore that book! It's really the best one yet because everything just comes into place! Right from the beginning until the end!

I'm probably gonna read it again since I'm lacking of books to read nowadays.



My Home-Cooked Dinner @ My Place (26th July, 2007)

Andrew, Ju and Sam came over on Thursday to eat my very own attempted Teriyaki Chicken Don!


I was thinking since Andrew loves Sakae Sushi's Teriyaki Chicken Don so much, I'd try to cook for him and save himself Rm10.90!

I think my attempt was pretty all right, if I do say so myself!

Well, I've learnt from the best (Mummy Ng and Tini) after all, so I can't go very wrong, can I?

I just remembered why it doesn't look completely right.

I forgot to add Japanese Seaweed flakes!

Oh, well.

Am just glad no one had tummy aches after eating.

I also cooked veggie on the side:img341/4482/teriyakichicken13et7.jpg
With mushrooms.

Veggie is the easiest thing to cook... EVER!!

Well, apart from rice, maggie mee and all the microwave food.

My guests:


They all look so pei and sad.

As though they're torturing themselves for eating my food :(

So I asked them to pose happy, happy bit!

Wah! So enthusiastic!

Ju looks happy enough! Haha, cute. Looks like a chipmunk!

There you go. Muchos better!

See? Now at least I feel more appreciated ;)

After dinner, it was time for Drew and I to go for our movie marathon!

Yep, we bought back-to-back movie tickets!

First, we watched Vacancy.

To scare ourselves silly.

Then, we watched The Simpsons!

To make up for all the scary stuff we endured. Haha.

Good combo, no?


Movie Review


The movie is as promising as the trailer, I'd say. I sort of have a thrill for this sort of movies.
Andrew HAD it too. Until he reacted quite differently after watching this movie.
At first, he was all, "I like THRILLER movies not HORROR. THRILLER movies I confirm can take. I actually ENJOY it."
I swear, that's what he said.
AFTER watching Vacancy, however, he was all quiet and moody. I thought he was angry at me or something. Wondering what I did so I asked him. And this was his reply, "No laaa. Not angry at you. I just HATE that movie!!! Where got movie until like that one!!?"
Yep, indeed he was disturbed. Poor boy has a weak heart.
But I certainly liked the movie! It's fast-going and sort of has a story line. Interesting sort, really! Keeps you at the edge of your seat.
Watching this in the cinema is definitely a must! What will all the music suspense going on.


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

And next up, we went to watch The Simpsons!

On our way to the THX Cinema, we took a few snapshots with the family we were gonna see on the big screen!

Naughty, naughty! Sigh, I fear my boyfriend is indeed homosexual.

In this case, homersexual!


I KNOW, I KNOW! Don't need anyone reminding me I'm being madly lame.


My turn with Homer!
Drew's hands are so shaky!

And so...

The Simpsons
Gosh. Well, it definitely lived up to it's standard, for sure! Loved every bit of the movie since I've been a Simpsons fan eversince I was a teensy tot and had Mega TV then. Yeah, the one before Astro.
That's how long I've known The Simpsons! Pretty long, if you asked me!
Anyway, it's a cartoon movie not to be missed! Unless you don't enjoy this sort of humour.
I'm sure everyone has at least seen The Simpsons once in their life so they'd roughly tell.
Oooh, and the fellow cinema-goers at GSC 1 utama were REALLY enthusiastic. They laughed at just about EVERYTHING.
It actually adds feel to the movie but it's really not that great to have a particularly high-pitched GUY, laughing at every darn thing, sitting RIGHT BEHIND you.
But all's well that ends well. Loved it!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

PS, Photobucket is stupidly down so my images on my other posts cannot be seen! BLAME PHOTOBUCKET!! At least for this post I'm using ImageShack, thankfully.

Holidays!, Ikea & Wii!

Friday, July 27, 2007




I am extremely excited for 3 things!

#1 Finals is OVER, OVER, OVER!!!

#2 I've got over a MONTH of holidays... AND I CAN'T WAIT TO TOUCH SNOW FOR THE 1ST TIME!!! (Going up the Mountains in Aussieland soon!!)

(My eternal gratitude to Sonzy Bum)

P7270001.jpg picture by nataliang

Boy, am I happy!


Pure satisfaction and bliss.

I mean, what else could be better?

Promise, I literally jumped up and down the minute I touched down to my house on Wednesday after my Finals.

And since then, I've been busy doing a bunch of things!!
(Not to mention squeezing in time to read Harry Potter which is SO FREAKING ADDICTIVE!)

So on that Wednesday itself,

I had...

Dinner @ Ikea and Played the Wii for the First Time! @ My Place (25th July, 2007)

Right after my Finals, I dropped home (did the whole psycho jumping up and down stunt; wondering if my neighbours could see through my window and realize they've got a crazy neighbour), picked up money(RM88/= to be exact! For the HP book, of course! Sonzy got it at 20% dicount from Kinokurniya! I KNOW that Tesco and Carrefour was selling at RM69.90 but I was busy with Finals and by the time I went to get it... SOLD OUT!! Couldn't wait a week! No, Sirree!! Wow, this is the longest thing I wrote in a bracket... EVER!!), changed to comfortable clothes and zoomed off to meet Ju and Son who were at the Dance Studio to practice for a performance coming up this Saturday (tomorrow, 28th July) which theme is Arabian Night.

Sounds cool, eh?

Too bad I can't make it!!

I've got the Golf Marathon and have to stay back for the buffet dinner or my Dad will probably strangle me.

Hmmm... Now, where was I?

I drift off so easily.

OH! Right.

So I met the girls at the Dance Studio and then Sam came to practice with Son (both of them are gonna duet "A Whole New World" for the Arabian Night thingy) which meant dance practice was over... and it actually never really begun in the first place because I was sort of distracting them with my over-elated happiness upon having the HP book in my hands!

Am I talking too much?

I think I jabber on and on when I'm happy.

Oh, well! Those of you who are utterfly bored are in for a treat then!

Well, the ones that come here to come and see pictures are just gonna scroll down through this jumble of words anyway!



So while Sam and Son practiced and practiced, Ju and I started doing stunts in the studio! We were joined by Ernest (Ju's classmate) and later, Marcus.

The studio was filled with Chinese Weaponry. You know, swords and nunchakus and erm... long pole stuff, punching gloves etc etc.

We went around choreographing a ninja fighting scene.

I think I'm quite creative. Can possibly be a fighting scene coordinator.

Anyway, I injured myself. My right foot's third lil' toe got a bad carpet burn and my skin peeled and it bled and bled and bled.

Does all this matter?

No, not really.

But it sure was kinda gross.

The whole point is, after tiring myself out and letting go of some excitement by hurting myself and going a little mad, we went for dinner at Ikea.

In which case, Son and Marc didn't join us because they had "dinner at home".

Okay, FINE.

They REALLY had dinner at home.

And just in case you're wondering, Jeanpants was in Vietnam.

Andrew was at home... sleeping.

So it was just Me, Ju, Sam and Ernest.

We ate yummy Swedish Meatballs. Mmmmm!

And then, for dessert, we went to have some of Ikea's icecream and hotdogs.

We sat down...

And started doing a WHOLE LOT of RANDOM things.

We told jokes and riddles first...

And Sam got stuck at this riddle that I told:

boredinikea2.jpg picture by nataliang
Just say those 4 upside down cones are 4 men. A killer who had a gun, was about to shoot them in the head. But first, he'd like the play a game. He buried the 4 men up until their necks (in which case they cannot turn their heads) and positioned them as the above. All of which heads are facing the wall. Yes, that includes the one on the far left. He was facing the wall too.
The killer then puts 2 black hats and 2 white hats in a black, white, black, white sequence (well, of course, the 4 people DON'T KNOW it's in THAT particular sequence).
Finally, the killer asks, "Any of you that can guess what colour hat you are wearing, you won't be shot in the head."
Naturally, they CANNOT see what hat they are wearing LA.

So, the question is, WHICH dude, would be able to give the most accurate answer?

If you can answer this (based on your logic and not because you've actually heard of this riddle before), you are a brain!

You can attempt and leave a comment if you like. I'll post up the answer on my next post!


Ju and Ernest gave up in the first 5 minutes where as Sam persevered.

And we killed a whole lot of time on that riddle!!

Then Sam gave us one to figure out.

How do you make this:
boredinikea4.jpg picture by nataliang

Look like THIS:
boredinikea16.jpg picture by nataliang

The rules are:
#1 You are given 5 moves to make only.
#2 You can only move two pennies at one go.
#3 The two pennies MUST consist of ONE 10 cents coin and ONE 1 cent coin.
#4 When you move a pair and you leave a gap, you must fill up that gap in your next move.

Got it?

Gosh, riddles are SO hard to ask this way.

I don't think you guys get it but what the heck.

I wrote it all down already so I'm not gonna erase it.

Anyway, am proud to say that I figured it out! And in at least 5-10 minutes or so!

So smart, hor?

Sigh. I know, I know. I am indeed brilliant.

After all the riddles business and when all of us were woozy on Ikea's icecream, we all start doing stuff with the pennies.

Hear ye, hear ye.

Can you people do...

boredinikea19.jpg picture by nataliang

Eh, try doing it larr!!


But MAN, were we bored!! And possibly high on excessive sugar consumption that we manage to do...

boredinikea22.jpg picture by nataliang
Two 10 cents coins!

Like I said, NOT EASY!!

50 cents? Easy peasy.

20 cents? In a blink of an eye.

10 cents? 1 cent?

TAKES TIME!! Well, we've certainly got time!

So we went on and did...


boredinikea23.jpg picture by nataliang
Chun lehh.

And since we were on a roll...

We added more to our collection!

boredinikea28.jpg picture by nataliang
This picture quality is odd-looking but it was the only picture I got before Sam clumsily bumped the table and ALL OUR HARDWORK TOPPLED OVER!!!

At least I took this one picture.

Okay, I bet you people think we are weirdos...

But we sure did entertain ourselves for 45 minutes or so!!!

And after all that..
boredinikea29.jpg picture by nataliang
wii3.jpg picture by nataliang
My first time playing the Wii!!
(Pronounced as: WHEEEEEEE!!)


Oh, yeah. The Wii was courtesy of Shannon!

wii2.jpg picture by nataliang
And we were off to Wii the whole night long!!

But first!

I hate to create a Mii for Me! Haha.

It's really cute! Honest.

Here's Mii:
wii5.jpg picture by nataliang

wii8.jpg picture by nataliang
Close up! That's right! I've got blond hair and green eyes! Haha. My secret desire.

And then it was Ju's turn.

She took SO long to create her Mii man.

So, so long. Me and Shan almost fell asleep.

And finally:
wii9.jpg picture by nataliang
And there you have it. Ju's Mii. Note: The mole. Hahah! So funny.

wii10.jpg picture by nataliang
Ju has green eyes and blond hair too. I guess she has the same secret desire too. She copy me one. Tsk, tsk! Except she made her Mii look a whole lot redder than mine! Like as though her Mii drank a whole lot of Vodka beforehand or something.

Then, we still itchy fingers... so all of us created a NEW Mii!!

wii11.jpg picture by nataliang

wii12.jpg picture by nataliang
OMG!! Starting to scare me abit.

Hahhaha. Omg, Dogface's smile looks incredibly sinister!! And/or hamsap looking also actually.

After all the Mii creation, we were off to:
wii22.jpg picture by nataliang
So fun!!!

My arm hurts like mad now because I play until super semangat.

Like as though I was seriously on the court. Haha.

After Ju left, Shan and I started playing this Random Wii game and boy, we entertained ourselves until 3am!!!

Bit crazy, we were.

And after Shan went home, I read HP for until 4.30am. Hehehe.

And that about wraps up my Wednesday!

Thursday's update to come later tonight!

I want to stuff my face into HP now.

It's off to the Land of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
(I know, I know. I'm such a geek)


PS, Bri!! We can start playing Tennis until we die starting from next week!!!

AUP Ball

Monday, July 23, 2007


I have officially screwed up in my Finance paper today.

I'd be happy with a C (70%).

VERY, VERY grateful if I can get a C.


Sob. Stupid theory part. SO confusing.

I threw away a 9 marker question (out of 100 marks) just because I mixed up "KEY Features of a Bond" and "Features of a Bond."
(I wrote just the features of a bond and NOT the KEY features)

It's time to draw the sweat face:


Or the crying face:



Hey, 9 marks is hella lot of marks considering the other possible mistakes I might've made in other questions, you know!

I was aiming for a B (80%) at first, but I'd have to get at least a 34/40.

But since the paper had 4 questions which were all worth 25 marks each, I had to get an 85/100 which is currently now near impossible what with the loss of the 9 marks and the fact I was talking complete rubbish for 2 of the theory questions.


Let's talk about happier times, shall we?

Dance & Band Performance @ AUP Ball, Eastin Hotel (20th July, 2007)

At Ju's place just after getting ready.

Gosh, is it me or do I look muchos younger in that pic?

Cute, hor?

LOL. Hahahaha.

Just kidding lar. Not so thick skin. But I do feel I look a little different there.

Like a little girl who slapped on a lot of make-up.

Anyway, we all got ready at Ju's place where Son did all our Puff Up Flowerhorn hairstyle. Haha.

Then, Andrew and Marco Polo drove us to Eastin and we waited in the VIP room until it was our turn to perform.

It was our Dance Performance first.

But before that, we took some pics first of course!

All stripes this time!

By the way, all our outfits are sponsored by Jean's closet. Haha! She's got SO many striped shirts!

Photographer/Drummer Boy. Wah, his hair so cool. Cover one eye one.

And then, it's off for our performance!

We actually just did a repeated performance because everything was so last minute.

So we danced to Pink Panther, Maneater and Candyman again!

Mind, we had only 1 practice.

Here are a few pics of us taken by Brian!

No points for guessing who's the giant.
(Or the midget... HEHE)

Jean and Ju!

Me and Son!

Jean and Ju again.

All of us!


And after our dance performance, it's off to change to my Band Performance outfit!

Once I've changed, I made all of them (me bandmates: Bri, Ah Mah, Pin and Gene) take a lot, a lot, a LOT of pics together!!

Andrew was the photographer of the day.

Ah Mah. Me. Brian. Pin. Gene.
I still don't get why we're called Crazy Lady. I honestly hope the joke's not on me... seeing as how I'm the only girl in the band and all.

Pose more cool bit. Except for Pin lar. Dunno why he's smiling so serenely for also and somemore got this hand on his waist like an Aunty. I mentioned pretty clearly to pose, "Cool abit!".

And here we've started to ask Drew to just keep snapping so we'll start doing poses! Look at Gene! Haha.

Pin, as usual.... er.

Me and Ah Mah still posing "cool" and if you noticed, Brian has been smiling ALL THE WAY.

All smiles.

Dunno what to pose already.

I thought I said, "Look up!" so I dunno where Pin and Bri are looking at. Gene and Ah Mah doing some stunt.

Gene blocks Pin.

Gene blocks Bri.

Gene blocks Me.

Gene always wants the limelight in front of the cam (as you've seen) but he stones and does not move when we are on stage!

Lousy boy.

Anyway, told you it was a LOT of pictures. Haha.

We didn't get the pic where Gene blocked Ah Mah though, haha. That'd be pretty funny.

The photographer. Not bad for a noobie.

So for our Band Performance, we played:

1. Boston - Augustana
2. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
3. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
4. Starlight - Muse

Man, all the girls were all over Ah Mah. Think all of them fell in love with his singing and... ahem... "yengness".

But no doubt about it, that boy can sing. Got that husky voice that girls would drool over.

For Boston, there weren't that much response from the crowd. But once we played Stolen, a couple came up to dance and later more people came up to dance and by the time Starlight was on, there was a ROW of girls dancing in front of Ah Mah!

Hahahahah. So funnay.

So after my Band Performance, Jean, Ju and Son who waited and supported me performance (spanks, girls! Love you all loads), as well as I, went over to the Curve Mcdonald's to chill for a bit.





Man, Sam's shoes must've been really smelly! Haha. Ju's face is the funniest!!

It's like, she REALLY thinks it stinks really bad!


Famous Four Fingered Marco Polo.

And now, a photo montage of Ju and Son:



Seriously, don't.

NO! Not, really!! Haha. They are the "chilli padi" of our group. They may look teensy and all but DON'T BE FOOLED!!

See what I mean?

But wait! Son can be very lovable too:
Haha. Ju looks super funny as usual. I instructed this pose actually!

Then, Jean and I went and imitated them!

Last but not least:

(Wish me luck for my Accounting II paperrrrrrr!!)






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