Studying @ Jericho & Dinner @ Ahram's & Nat, Back in the Day

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trying not to miss even a teensy bit of summer
(since I'm hearing horror stories on how it's going to get super gloomy and depressing once Fall hits) so packed up my books & brought 'em to the beach!

Studying @ Jericho Beach & Dinner @ Ahram's (13th of July, 2008)

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With my Dora the Explorer ice-cream that had gumballs for her eyes. Most disgusting ice-cream I've ever eaten in my life.

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Heheheh. I completely stole the limelight by using my large beach hat to block Ram out ;)

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Least am not blocking him now!

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Posing with Lil' Bo Peep. LOL.

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After posing severely, we finally got to Phil and read up to write our A+ papers. Let me be in denial, okay.

For dinner, Ahram's mummy set up Viet-fusion-Korean hotpot!

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Geeky Ram with the rice paper.

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Dipping the rice paper into the boiling bot of sliced beef & mushrooms.

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Then, stuff all these goodies into the softened rice paper, roll it up, and into your mouth it goes!


I ate, like, 10 pieces at least. Okay, fine... 8.


Went on Facebook, and discovered something quite interesting from Lam Sem's Facebook!

A very, very old pic of Primary 1 Nat!

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See if you can spot me ;)

Oh gosh, I was so adorable! Yes, I'm quite thick-skinned with it comes to my younger self.

And here's another one that's not as old as before but... very much more personal.

My dear old friend, Li Sher, sent it over to me and boy, did it bring back memories!!

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L-R: Li Sher, Vanessa, Me & Lydia.



Look at me and my pose. So cool man.

I mean, being, what 11 years-old, that was a pretty darn cool pose.

Hoo boy, do I remember that blue track-suit of mine. Served me well, indeed!

I still don't get why we're all so gloomy and un-smiley in our picture though. Maybe it was a cool thing not to smile in pics then.

Well, there you have it!

That's me, back in the day :)

Why do I get this weird feeling that Brian is laughing his arse off now looking at the pic...?


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