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Monday, November 12, 2007

I know, I know.

I'm completely neglecting my blog.

I can't help it! My lazy bones are just being so gosh darn lazy.

Ain't got the mood to blog these days. Not that I'm unhappy or depressed or anything (being that way would probably make me blog more actually) but it's really not like I'm all that super happy.

I've no idea where I'm gonna go with this so I shall just move on...

Before I start on Pin's Birthday post, I have an absolutely devastating news.

NOW, it's safe to say that I am honestly DEPRESSED.

Maybe that's why I'm blogging.

Well, here goes...

Brace yourselves.

I just found out yesterday that.........

Daniel Henney (the love of my life) is dating.... MAGGIE Q.




I'm desperately falling head over heels for Daniel Henney and Andrew is hopelessly drooling over Maggie Q.

And the two of 'em are happily dating each other while Andrew and I are stuck together!!!!!!

Erm.... we-ell...

I didn't mean it in a bad way.
(Gosh, I do hope Andrew doesn't read this)

Image Hosted by
Damn Good-Looking Couple.


Okay, okay. Coming back to reality...

Pin Yu's Birthday @ Bernards, Centrepoint (5th November, 2007)

Amazing how I'm so outdated, eh?

It's fun to blog about something that happened precisely a week ago! Yay.

Image Hosted by
L-R: Roy, Pin, Chian Zen, Gene, Jun, Char & Bri.

Image Hosted by
Pin & I.

Image Hosted by
Bri bought Pin a Flaming.

Image Hosted by
I bought him some... other cool lookin' shot.

Pin kept insisting that I drank so we made an agreement.

I'd have a Malibu shot because nevermind that I'm a girl; I can't drink for nuts.

Pin would have a Graveyard.

And Brian (no idea how he got dragged into the agreement) would have a Graveyard as well.

Image Hosted by
Malibu Shot.

Image Hosted by

Since the boys were having the same drinks, they raced to see who would finish it first. Loser pays.

Image Hosted by
Brian Vs. Pin.

Pin lost. Pin paid. And Pin got VERY drunk.

I knew he was because he actually entertained me with his exceptionally interesting facial expressions... all caught on cam:
Image Hosted by
The many faces of Pin.

Happy Birthday, Pingu!!

Nice to finally see you drunk!
(Hoo boy, the things he did!)


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