White Water Rafting

Friday, October 12, 2007

I finally got to experience WHITE WATER RAFTING!!

It is so, so, so FUN!

White Water Rafting @ Sungai Kampar, Gopeng (6th October, 2007)
PA060001.jpg picture by nataliang
2 km more.

PA060002.jpg picture by nataliang
1 km more!

PA060003.jpg picture by nataliang
Getting thereee!

PA060004.jpg picture by nataliang
And we're finally here after 2 hours of drive!

Not exactly the furthest but that's a good thing, isn't it?

PA060006.jpg picture by nataliang
They were kinda the only ones I knew out of the 10++ other people who went.

PA060007.jpg picture by nataliang
Our cars wouldn't be able to go through the rough route to the river so the lorry had to transport us.

PA060012.jpg picture by nataliang
It was my first time on a lorry and it was a pretty fun 10 minute ride!

We had to duck every other minute to avoid the branches and leaves or we'd get smacked in the faces.

PA060015.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060020.jpg picture by nataliang
All ready to white water raft!

PA060021.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060022.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060025.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060028.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060031.jpg picture by nataliang

Here's a video of us doing the survival swim:

We got wet even before we started rafting! Fun!

And here's a second video (YouTube was being funny and couldn't upload this one so I used Photobucket for it) from the front (after I had my turn):

The 2nd dude didn't do it right. You're supposed to float flat on your back (in the white water) with your legs facing the front and hands tight by your side and once you reached normal water, move your body to follow the current and swim as hard as you can towards the shore.

PA060036.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060039.jpg picture by nataliang
It's 4 per raft not including 1 instructor.

PA060040.jpg picture by nataliang
I thought he had a reaaaal interesting name. It's the kinda name you just won't forget when you first meet someone.

PA060046.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060049.jpg picture by nataliang
We didn't capsize or anything. So pro.

PA060042.jpg picture by nataliang
The reason: Daren. Haha.

PA060060.jpg picture by nataliang
It was funny at first; seeing them get stuck at every darn rock. Then it kinda got old after the 5, 236, 738th time.

PA060056.jpg picture by nataliang
The weather was perfect. Not sunny at all and just a light drizzle. Felt great :)

We took a break halfway and forcibly capsized. Just to get the experience and know how it would feel like to capsize. I drank a whole lot of... "clean" water.

Then, we chilled in the water.

PA060064.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060065.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060083.jpg picture by nataliang
Where he thinks he can surf...

Haha. I'm so mean. But it's fun to annoy him!

PA060067.jpg picture by nataliang
That's me by the way. It was reaaaally slippery. And the mud was... well, the insides of my shoe didn't feet too hot right after.

PA060068.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060069.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060071.jpg picture by nataliang
Haha. I swear I wasn't posing in this shot. I didn't know it was being captured and I really had that... er, constipated look on my face. Haha.

PA060076.jpg picture by nataliang
It's not scary to fall. But I just wouldn't fancy falling on my back is all.

PA060078.jpg picture by nataliang
I actually asked someone to get me jumping off (doing my toe-touch) but they got me in a splash ("-_-)

But me, being an awesome photographer, manage to at least get this pretty cool shot!

PA060087.jpg picture by nataliang

Here's a short video of one of the rapids we went through:
(I strapped my camera on my life jacket, haha! Not a clear video but... the best I could get)

It's really a great experience. You guys should SO go for white water rafting!! Well, those that haven't yet of course.

PA060090.jpg picture by nataliang
No broken bones, missing fingers or deep cuts! I brought home a bruise on my right arm though. No biggie. Didn't even realize I hit anything actually.

PA060091.jpg picture by nataliang

PA060092.jpg picture by nataliang
All done!

Hope you enjoyed that little bit of adventure with me ;)

More updates to come!


Anonymous Anonymous says..

contact details for the guide pleasE?
: )

Monday, October 15, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous, I'll try to find it out but I wasn't the one organizing it and neither was any of the guys I was with. But once I have it, I'll post it up :)

Monday, October 15, 2007  
Blogger Linus Linnaeus says..

how much does it cost?
i did it in pedas sabah and that cost RM 150 per head...


Monday, October 22, 2007  

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