Dinner @ Delicious & Clubbing @ Velvet

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So much updates sooooo little time.

Anyway, I'm just gonna reply my chatterbox messages here because it's easier.

First, my reply to people who think I am ghastly pale and need a tan etc, etc...

Sorry to be a party pooper but I'm not going to get a tan. I burn myself under the sun enough when I play golf (every Saturday, just in case you didn't know) and I just can't help it if the rest of my body except my face gets dark.

I'm just weird that way. I can't get dark and if I tried... I'd look really, really... retarded. So please don't force me to, okay?

I like my skin the way it is, thank you very much.

And to Calvin, thanks for the recommendation on "Look Out View". Will definitely check out the place! Sounds awesome!

Belle, I think this is a personal choice (whether you want to put make-up wherever you are). If you feel good about yourself (with make-up or without), then just go for it. Personally, I prefer being comfortable when I'm strolling in the mall, in college or just eating out, so very light or no make-up for me during then. I only put make-up for events, parties or when I go for night-outs.

Anony and especially Dr. Dean... I like you already ;) Haha. Thanks for the analysis, makes me a feel a whole lot better after being called dead! I mean, WHO likes to be called dead, right?

Okay, okay! Update time!

Dinner @ Delicious, Bangsar Village (13th October, 2007)

IMG_5855.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5845.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5843.jpg picture by nataliang88
Joh ordered... salad! Haha. He so regretted it.

Well, actually, the Warm Chicken Salad @ Delicious is pretty good. I am personally not a salad eater but I can actually consume this one. Goes to show, huh?

IMG_5851.jpg picture by nataliang88
Some.. pie thing. I forgot.

IMG_5852.jpg picture by nataliang88
Some... duck rendang thing.

He loves curry.

IMG_5847.jpg picture by nataliang88
Marscapone Pasta with Mushroom. I totally forgotten the name. Jason (who's on his laptop and sitting beside me) named it out for me.

IMG_5849.jpg picture by nataliang88
Thanks for spending us dinner :)

And next we went over to...

Chill @ Terrace Bar, KL (13th October, 2007)

IMG_5859.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5861.jpg picture by nataliang88

Had a few drinks before entering Velvet.

Clubbing @ Velvet, KL (13th October, 2007)

IMG_5865.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5864.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5863.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5866.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5869.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5870.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5874.jpg picture by nataliang88
Being retarded, haha!

After Velvet, Alan brought Lena, Me and Jason to Heritage Row to show Jason around other clubs.

Too bad it was the Raya Holidays so all of Alan's buds (the door persons) weren't around so we only manage to club hop into Bed.

IMG_5881.jpg picture by nataliang88
Bed is... well, not my type of club. Music is so-so and well, you get some wild people on the dance floor. Like, reaaally wild.

IMG_5883.jpg picture by nataliang88

IMG_5885.jpg picture by nataliang88

That's all for now!

I swear, if not for my History Exam tomorrow.. you guys would have so much to read, your eyes would be blinded.

I have a billion updates from visiting Mini Malaysia in Malacca to Ju's Birthday Bash @ Citron!

To be updated soon!


Blogger Linus Linnaeus says..

Hey randomly browsing and chanced upon your blog...hey...I see you know Alan Yun...send my regards to him...and tell him i want my book back!


Monday, October 22, 2007  

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