Ju Nn's Birthday @ Citron & Jazz Music @ Alexis

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I know this is awful laggy and everyone already read the updates in Sonia's or Brian's blog butttt...

Too baaad! You guys gonna read it again and see the same pictures too, bwahaha!
(Stole pics from Brian's cam)

Ju Nn's Birthday Celebration @ Citron (20th October, 2007)

DSC_0118.jpg picture by nataliang
A nice and classy place.

Ju booked 3-quarters of the area.

The guests:

DSC_0094.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0096.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0112.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0109.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0093.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0106.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0126.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0127.jpg picture by nataliang

I think this candid shot Brian took of Ju and Me is pretty cool:

DSC_0122.jpg picture by nataliang
Stalkerrrrrr. LOL. Kidding, Bri.

DSC_0104-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0098.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0115.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0117.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0144-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0114.jpg picture by nataliang
Lotsa Blue going on around here.

DSC_0108.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0138-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0137-1.jpg picture by nataliang

DSC_0142-1.jpg picture by nataliang

Hope you had a awesome bash!

And I know you're just LOVING our pressie ;)

We got her the cutest lil' puppy for her Birthday.

The pup is so, so, SO cute that I was so close to stealing it for myself. Honest, it was so teensy that Jason almost stepped on it when we went over to Ju's.

So after the party, we went to Alexis to chill with Jazz music. Again, Daniel V's Papa was on the Piano.

Jazz Music @ Alexis (20th October, 2007)

PA210054.jpg picture by nataliang

Personally, I think the previous band that performed @ No Black Tie was better. But then again, they were older and probably more experienced.

Anyway, it was a good touch to a great night!

I'm off now. Jason's whipping up some pasta (he keeps bragging about how he can cook..... okay, fine. He didn't brag. He just said he LOVES to cook so I'm putting him to the test!) and I'm smelling something really yummylicious from the kitchen!

So glad I'm staying with his family when I fly over to Vancouver!!! Gonna make sure he has all the recipes of my favourite, favourite food!



Anonymous jimmychin says..

many sui chabo...many handsome boy...

Sunday, November 11, 2007  

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