Thursday, November 1, 2007

Can turn extremely ugly.

But highly entertaining.

If there are some of you who are regulars (or at least, visit regularly) of lunalola (clickety-click to visit), you'll probably get what I mean.

Chatterboxes nowadays are seriously SO hard to maintain. People just won't stop spamming and spamming and spamming. And although it is half true (only half) that people normally adore spamming due to good, solid reason... the other half of the time, the one who gets the spamming really doesn't deserve it at all!

I mean, what the heck did Jean ever do to those spammers?

There's only one and only ONE reason that could've made those spammers unable to contain their nasty little fingers to type dirty, tactless, hurtful words for their own sick pleasure.


Ain't it obvious?

These people (or possibly person... trying to pretend to be a bunch of other characters... who is she kidding?) are indeed... FEMALE(s). Only a chick would be jealous of Jean's site.

I really can't imagine a dude spamming Jean's site. Ain't no logic in that.

Anyway, the reason is too obvious.

When there are things/people that/who look nice/pretty/good, people will tend to be jealous of it/her/him. And when jealousy arises, ugly personality will too.

And I know this based on first hand experience. I ain't gonna lie. I used to be envious of so many people and used to (back in those high school years) find pleasure in hearing bad things about people who were pretty or popular or both. I'm sure some of you share the same feelings but have clearly grown out of it as I have.

Unfortunately, up until today, some people can't seem to grow out of it.

I mean, it's still okay to be jealous of people... really it is. It can even be flattering to that person.

Personally, I'm still completely envious of people who can own nice, pretty things when I can't afford to. Or people who drive nice cars. Or girls who have awesome boyfriends. Or people who are so dog gone smart. Or beautiful people. But you know what?

It's supposed to be this way.

And I get that. And the best thing that can come out of it is to stop comparing yourself and just be happy with who you are and what you have because it'll just be and endless, insatiable need to be the best best best.

And that's what these spammers do. They are so dog nabbing jealous of Jean because of her fab taste in clothes and how her site's just kicking off fantastically and that because... yes, because they COMPARE themselves and realized, "Oh, crap. I'm shit and Jean's so darn awesome that I can't reach her level of awesomeness!" so instead of trying to better themselves (since they realized they are too shit to better themselves) they devise a sneaky plan!
"Whyyyy, if we can't be as good as her or better, let's just make her feel like crap by saying she has crappy clothes!! And since we're at that, let's make her friends feel crappy too making fun of them and saying they are whores and are airheads!"


Because we understand the way our poor, pathetic spammers think, we actually find them quite amusing and the whole thing seemingly flattering. I mean, well, because we know they are doing it simply because of jealousy... which only brings to the obvious fact: you know it (wink)... or else there wouldn't be anything to be jealous of, right?

Anyway, I could go on all night...... which maybe I should!

I haven't rant in ages and BOY, does it feel GOOD!

So, since I'm on a roll... what's this I read about "qwerty" (in Jean's site's chatterbox) saying and I quote, "damn chat ugly clothes. just because they have model they think itll sell. lol at you sluts! clearly brainless" on Jean's chatterbox?

First of all, the clothes ain't ugly. But then again, everyone is entitled to their opinions. It may seem less flattering to people, I'm sure. Nevertheless, no one ask "qwerty"'s foul mouth's opinion!

Secondly, yes, we do think that good presentation will help the clothes sell! It's a marketing tool. It's called: P-R-O-M-O-T-I-O-N-A-L T-O-O-L-S. Which is essential when you want to market something. In this case, Jean's clothes. In which case, she uses models (as ugly or deformed as we may look or seem) and mannequins to present it. Which "qwerty" ought to know unless she is either less than 17 years-old (which we shall understand her immaturity and her lack of knowledge in economics) or majoring in medicine/biology/chemistry and is a science geek and knows nothing of business (in which case... wait, shouldn't they be learning econs in foundation anyway?) or just haven't been paying attention in class (which then clearly explains her stupidity).

Third of all, I always like to emphasize to people to be wary WHO they call sluts. Call me a slut if you must, I honestly don't really care. It's so far from the truth it's laughable. But jeez, there's a line you know. I mean, I can tolerate it once in a while but overdosing on it can be a little old and tiresome (you know, screaming it at my face or attacking me publicly on my bestie's site). Normal people will retaliate given the circumstances. So SERIOUSLY, if and WHEN we find out where "qwerty" is, you wouldn't feel so hot calling people sluts anymore. Not after we're finished with you, chica.

Which brings me to my fourth and final point. I doubt we are as brainless as "qwerty" thinks we are. Because.. as smart as she thinks SHE probably is, she's dumb enough to think we won't track her down. Which... we already did. All thanks to our smart lil' Sonzy.

So, really. I don't think that Jean's clothes are ugly... or that having slutty models won't help clothes sell (cause BOY would they sell like hot cakes... even if the clothes don't, the models sure will!)... or that we are even slutty at all... or that we're brainless!

I hate it when people tend to doubt our intelligence. We may not be Einsteins but gosh dang it, we're not stupid ya' know!! Don't judge a book by it's cover!!
(kinda also hurts to know we give the vibe like we're stupid or something...)

Just because we like to shop, party and have fun doesn't mean we don't have a brain, okay!

We still do study and read books and watch National Geography once in a while!

Okay, fine. The National Geography is just me but hey! Ju watches it when she's in my house so that counts too.

I have no idea why I'm jabbering on like this but... I just... I just... well, I just haven't blogged like this in so long that it's just all coming out from me like a rush. All these words are just flowing out of me like water.

I think that's why I try not to start typing so much when I blog because I'd end up jabbering like a lunatic. When I start, I just can't stop.

Oh, well. I've came this far. No point in not posting this up. Plus, I think I'd feel better once my point if put across.

And for my own contentment sake, I am removing my Chatterbox permanently and comments must be approved by me before I let it public.

Yippee! I will live happily ever after. No more nasty comments about me or my girlfriends or my guyfriends or any person on my blog!

Everyone just has to read and read and read what I have to say and what I post up and can only find pleasure in whispering all their pathetic, nasty little thoughts to themselves!


And of course, only nice, sweet, adoring comments will be allowed :)

Oh, by the way, to those people who complimented Ju Nn previously, it was very nice and sweet of you all and on Ju's behalf, THANKS!!

And for the one, solitary person who simply said and I quote, "i dont get it? ju nn is just average lookin accordin to msian standards?"

Do I detect...


PS, Sorry about the pictures. Bloody Photobucket is being evil but the pictures will be back up on the 16th and I promise I'll look out for a better alternative!


Blogger sensitiveme says..

i guess now will be better since you enabled this comment moderation thingymajig (:

sorry to hear all this love . i hope all of you are ok cos i know how sucky does it feel to have people think like that about us .

Thursday, November 01, 2007  
Blogger Jureen says..

hEyya,I think this is a good post.

My previous blog experienced the exact same thing. Just that its not One Comment like Jean's Blog but its 600 Comments. It added up because I haven't check my blog in Weeks, may be Months and I had a surprise from these Jealous People. The worse thing is, I found out it is the work of One Person. Amazing don't you think?

Anywayz, I totally agree with what you have said in this post. =)


Friday, November 02, 2007  
Blogger SweeWen Foon says..

jealous peoples are sick.
they just cant get a life.
i've been experiencing the same thing at my previous and current blog.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008  

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