Kenzie's Birthday

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kenzie turns 21!

Kenzie's Birthday @ Souled Out & Zeta Bar (27th October, 2007)

Kenz and two other girls celebrated their Birthdays on the top floor of Souled Out.

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The three Birthday People.

I've no idea who the other two Birthday Girls are and Mr. Kee Ken Wei (Kenzie) was, by the time we got there (we were a wee bit late), quite filled up with alcohol and forgot to introduce us to the other girls.

But looking at the candles on their Birthday cake, it seems as though they're turning... 15?

Can't be too sure.

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Just Ju and I only.

Jean was busy, busy with another function and Son was busy, busy with the rave.

Which I heard was pretty shitty. Literally.

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Mabel & Jason.

Image Hosted by
Ju & Sam.

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Jason, Mabel & the Birthday Boy, Kenzie.

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Mabel, Kiong Si (Chinese Vampire) & Me.

This is probably the closest I get to celebrating Halloween. Just not feeling it this year.

Besides, I intend to have more of a blast once I get to Canada. At least it's easier to get dressed up there!

After Souled Out, we were off to Zeta Bar to chill and have drinks (or get Kenz more drunk than he already was more like it).

And, well, I was the only driver because I drove Ju, Sam & Jason and Kenz was not in such a terrific position to drive.

So 7 of us squashed into my Dad's car. Luckily I didn't decide to drive Pinky (my SLK = Small Little Kelisa... lame, I know. Vincent's fault) or else we'd have a real sucky time getting over to Zeta.

Either that or I'd get a flat and we wouldn't even get to reach there.

So, in the back seat, we have:
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Mabel, Jason, Ju & Sam.

And in the passenger's seat (please don't do this at home, you might have to bribe Malaysian policemen at least RM3.80):
Image Hosted by
Kenzie & Vivian.

And not forgetting the driver (and the most comfortable seat in the house, yippee):
Image Hosted by

Soon enough, we reached Zeta Bar and Kenz insisted on Jockey Parking.

Rich guys like him; no problemo.

As for me? I got a heart attack looking at the rates:

Service Charge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RM10/=

Every Subsequent Hour or Part Thereof
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . RM6/=

Total Amount: RM28/=

Well, Kenz offered to pay which, really, it's his Birthday and I was more than happy to pay.

But you just have to admit that the rates are unbelievable!

I can buy a Mitch Albom novel with that! Well, with another extra ringgit added, that is.

Yes, I use books to measure money.

Except when it's in hundreds, then, I use gadgets to measure: iPod, handphones, cameras.

In thousands would be air tickets or holiday trips.

Like you know, "OMGOSH! RM1.5k??! I could go Bangkok and back with at least RM1k in shopping!!!"

That kinda thing.

I do know people who measure money using handbags and BOY, I wish I could do that.

Not enough $ to measure hundreds or thousands using handbags unfortunately. Only unless I am superbly rich (not just wealthy wealthy... I mean, like REALLLLYYY arsed wealthy) would I be willing to spend thousands on bags.

I'm a cheapskate, I really can't help it. I seriously think it's a disorder.

Well, um...


Image Hosted by
Me & Ju @ Zeta Bar.

It's an all right club. Jason told me he felt more in Canada here than anywhere else (including Canada). There were tons of whites around!

Image Hosted by
Jason, Ju & Sam.

Mabel got us a table here and we met some other people too. Mabel's cousin and his Singaporean friends.

Funny thing, those friends of his, insulted Malaysia... in front of us Malaysians.

How considerate.

I mean, heck it with Malaysia. It's not the best ever but nobody said it was worse than Singapore. Well, I'm not saying it is or isn't... but hey, leave the trash talk about Malaysia to us Malaysians, okay?

It's like, only Indian comedians insulting their own race would make it funny.

Get a Chinese guy insulting Indians and it ain't gonna be very funny anymore. Heck, some blood might spill.

Be tactful, Singaporeans. I know your country is very clean. And boy, is it ever. But let's just keep it at that, okay?

Anyway, somebody bought Flamings for Kenz. Flamings. Not flaming. Yes, two. And one after the other. Dang. I might just OD if it were me.

Image Hosted by
Flaming Lamborghini #1.

Image Hosted by
Flaming Lamborghini #2.

Image Hosted by
Group Pic: Kenz, Vivian, Jason, Me, Ju & Sam.

And that about wraps up our night!

Image Hosted by

Happy 21st Birthday, Kenz!

Hope you had a blast :)


Anonymous KiN says..

Eh that Flaming looks very awesome.

I've never seen one so nice before °O°

Saturday, November 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

where's Andrew?!

Sunday, November 04, 2007  
Anonymous vincentpws says..

SLK!?!?! ME?!?!?

HAHA.. u started it! serious! :p

Sunday, November 04, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..


Sunday, November 04, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

do u know that saw 1 was created by some RMIT student?? hehe jus a piece of info.. =p

Monday, November 05, 2007  

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