Jason's & Bryan's Birthday Party

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Short notice: Sonia is selling some of her secondhand and BRAND NEW clothes! Clickety-click to check it out! I've got a couple of things in there as well :)

Grab quick! They're selling like hot cakes.


The 5th and the 6th Birthday Celebration and still one more to go this season!

Jean, Me and Andrew had Just Thai for dinner before we went over to Jason's party.

Initially, we were invited for Jason's party whilst Son was invited for Bryan's. But when we got there, everyone was pretty much a big happy family.

Jason's & Bryan's Birthday @ Decanter (21st September, 2007)

P9210019.jpg picture by nnmm88
Gosh, I haven't been to Hartamas for quite a while. I remember those days back when we used to hang out at Hartamas EVERY weekend. Breakers. Foosball. Hartamas Square.

Old news!

P9210021.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9210035.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9210033.jpg picture by nnmm88
Hehe. We were early, okay! So we went to the loo, discovered what nice lightings they had, and snapped away! Sue us.

And then, they came:

P9210037.jpg picture by nnmm88
They've been together for as long as I remember! Can almost... I said ALMOST, fight Jean and Sheng who were DEFINITELY going out ever since I could remember.

P9210039.jpg picture by nnmm88
Ju Nn not invited. HHAHAHA! I'm so mean. No laaa, she was busy in her course mate's house playing poker!

By the way, if you haven't started playing poker, you are SO out of fashion. It's the major trend now to play poker. Go start a home session, fastaa.

P9220055.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9210041.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9220058.jpg picture by nnmm88
This picture was originally taken with Jensen and Wai Leong in it as well. But those two fellas have some sort of problem with my camera flash where after 4 different takes, either one of them always had their eyes closed! So... I cropped them out and had a photo session with both of them until they could it right.

And they FINALLY did:
P9220059.jpg picture by nnmm88
Congrats, boys. Your eyes' are opened.

P9210045.jpg picture by nnmm88
Birthday Boy is free and single. Very eligible bachelor. Funny, charming, sweet, sensitive & most importantly handsome (taller then me.. which is to say, pretty tall). No, he didn't bribe me into saying all this ;) Haha. Promise.

P9210047.jpg picture by nnmm88
As compared to Jason, this boy drank so, so, so much! He was downing flamings, graveyards, tequilas and a whole lot of other alcoholic drinks where else Jason had beers and one graveyard?


Oh, and my mistake. His name is spelt "Bryan" not "Brian".

P9210043.jpg picture by nnmm88
He got drunk... with BEER. Never mind that I can't drink. My own boyfriend can't drink either! So only one or the other is allowed to drink at a time.

P9210048.jpg picture by nnmm88
Tsk. 3 glasses of BEER and look at him. Just look at him.

P9210038.jpg picture by nnmm88
The boys got him shades for his birthday!

P9210023.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9220052.jpg picture by nnmm88
Hope you like the cake Jean and I got for you :)

God bless!

Pray your wishes will come true!


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