Australian Idol Hottie & Dance Performance @ One World

Monday, September 24, 2007

I remember...

I was shopping in Supré with my sister, Candice, back in Melbourne when I stopped dead in my tracks as I lay my eyes upon this music video on one of their mini TV's.

He's the 2nd runner-up in the Australian Idol and his name is Dean Geyer.

Look at him. Just look at him.


I'm inloooovvveeee!!!

Hehe. My new fetish. YUM!!

I know I was staring at the video in Supré until Candice's boyfriend had to drag me outta the store in order for me to stop oogling. And that's when he told me who my future husband's name was.

Dean Geyer.


Okay, better snap out of it!

Anyway, I felt a little better knowing I wasn't the only one who watched his video on YouTube more than 10 times.

After introducing him to Jean, she did it too!



Dance Performance @ One World (16th September, 2007)

Chian Zen's Grandmama turns 83 this year and had her Birthday Bash at One World Hotel.

So happenninngggg!

Anyway, we had two entrances for this event.

The first dance was a compilation of Son and Ju's Belly Dance and Me and Jean's Cabaret Dance.

P9160005.jpg picture by nataliang

P9160004.jpg picture by nataliang
Le Twins.

And for the 2nd entrance, all four of us danced to our favourite: CANDYMAN!

P9160012.jpg picture by nataliang

I think this was our neatest dance so far! I have the video actually. But erm. Should I?

NAH. Hahah. I just looked at it again.. OMG, we were so funny.

Actually, reason why I'm not posting it up is because there weren't any lightings AT ALL (it was held in 3 function rooms and didn't have proper stage, zero lightings and sucky sound system) so it doesn't look like a nice video. Plus, didn't get a straight-on angle.

So no point posting up a video for people to insult! Right or left?


P9160014.jpg picture by nataliang


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