Chucky's Birthday

Friday, September 28, 2007


Ever so grateful to you for pimping my bloggy up.

I LOVE my new layout! This is exactly how I pictured it and JOMI DID IT :)

Now all's left it my banner which is on the way!

Anyway, if you want Jomi to do up your blog, you can buzz him via e-mail:

Depending on how CANGGIH you want your blog to be, the charges would range from RM100-Rm400.

But it'll be worth the money, TRUST ME. He did all that for me (what with my fickle mind and constant alterations) in just one day. And we only communicated via MSN.

Not bad, huh? Go for it :)

You'll feel an awful lot contented once you have a pretty blog to stare at.


Chucky's Birthday @ La Bodega (22nd September, 2007)

You probably already saw Sonzy's update for this event so I'll try to keep the repetitive pictures to a minimal.

Sigh, I have to find something to motivate me to update faster.

I guess I could blame it on the fact that my line was out for 2 weeks and that I was also trying to do up my blog and all, right?

Ahh, better late than never, I always believe!

P9220061.jpg picture by nnmm88

Dragon i's food is SO overpriced. I have NO idea why we keep going there.

Ever since they changed the menu and took off Me and Jean's favouritest (I know there isn't such a word, don't bother correcting me) soup they served, I lost quite a lot of interest in the place.

Although, they still do serve reasonable:
P9220063.jpg picture by nnmm88
It's not bad but it's not great either.

P9220068.jpg picture by nnmm88
Must fatten him up more.

P9220065.jpg picture by nnmm88
Andrew's favouritest dish. It's really good. But somehow I feel we could get the same thing in any other Chinese Tai Chow restaurant. Seems tastier probably 'cause it's so expensive.

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Small): RM16/=

P9220067.jpg picture by nnmm88
Okay, THIS is MY favouritest dish. I love, love, LOVE Szechuan Chicken. I may not be able to spell it right or pronounce it right but BOY, do I think this chicken is YU-MMY!

Szechuan Chicken (Small): RM16/=

Vomit blood, man, the prices.

We need to find a good Tai Chow place to replace going to Dragon i.

Indeed the dishes are tasty and good, but I'm SURE there are other places who serve our favourite dishes rich in taste and fair in price amount, right?

And no, Paris is OVERRATED. Paris the restaurant, I mean. Their sweet and sour chicken is so-so only. Depending on the mood of the chef, I suspect.

Okayyy, enough about food! Let's get on to the subject in which I wrote for my main title: Chucky's Birthday.

P9220071.jpg picture by nnmm88
Picked up the girls (Jean not in pic) and we're off to Bangsar!

P9220072.jpg picture by nnmm88
I didn't know Chucky's name was spelled that way. That seems more like "Choo-kee" to me.

Anyway, "Chucky" is just a nickname for Charles which is his real name.

IMG_5311.jpg picture by nnmm88
It's a nice place to chill; La Bodega.

IMG_5310.jpg picture by nnmm88

Technically, in the long term, it is, isn't it? What it'll do to your liver and all.

When you start having breakouts and sallow complexion, you know your liver isn't working as healthily as it used to (normally when you've just started drinking alcohol a lot when you didn't before). But if you persevere, so would your liver and thus, complexion will be back to normal... but liver would not.


HOWEVER, there's no harm in having a little now and then. You gotta have everything in moderation, right? Good or bad.


IMG_5341.jpg picture by nnmm88

The minute we stepped in, everyone was entitled to taking a shot of alcohol.

I couldn't possibly take one, I might just OD (honest, my alcohol tolerance is... CMI).

Sonia had way too many drinks last night and was practically puking at the sight of alcohol.

Andrew and Jean were designated drivers.

That only leaves...
(I almost thought I was spelling the plural of "leaf" when I typed "leaves"... discovered something new today! A word with the exact same spelling but 2 different meanings. There aren't many words like this, are there?)

IMG_5343.jpg picture by nnmm88
70% alcohol content. Like I said, I would DEFINITELY OD.

OD = Overdose.

Just in case you're not familiar with the acronym.

IMG_5309.jpg picture by nnmm88

IMG_5338.jpg picture by nnmm88

IMG_5382.jpg picture by nnmm88
Alan had a role in Gubra. Heard of it? He's also one of the faces of Pensonic. Oh yeah, he also acted in... erm, Possessed, alongside Amber Chia.


And now he's at my house all the time. I can ask for his autograph, if you want ;)

IMG_5345.jpg picture by nnmm88
Our designated driver.


In the end, I DROVE US HOME. But we'll come to that later.

P9220073.jpg picture by nnmm88

P9220074.jpg picture by nnmm88

I know I'm lame. Lalala.

IMG_5346.jpg picture by nnmm88
We're blood-related siblings.

Jean isn't blood related but it's scary how she has the same surname ("Ng") as Me and how we're identical in the way we think and our likes, dislikes etcetera.

IMG_5376.jpg picture by nnmm88

IMG_5377.jpg picture by nnmm88
Ju and Jean are pretty red.

Jean, Son and I didn't take the 151s but we did have a Malibu drink!

ImportedPhotos01022.jpg picture by nnmm88
We're all addicted to it. It's the girliest, sweetest, yummiest alcoholic drink ever.

Much gratitude to Sonzy for introducing this drink to us. Now I know what to order when I'm in clubs or bars (instead of stealing off people's coke or other mixers).

IMG_5374.jpg picture by nnmm88
Ju was SO, SO red. Haha. But amazingly, she didn't do any embarrassing stunts. Darnit. Would've like to witness some action, to be honest. Haha.

ImportedPhotos01030.jpg picture by nnmm88

IMG_5372.jpg picture by nnmm88

IMG_5369.jpg picture by nnmm88
Hope you had a blast!!

Before I go, I just have to tell this.

Andrew wasn't supposed to drink but when he went with Joh to meet all the millionaire (no kidding) professional poker players (who travel the world playing poker.. lucky buggers), they made him down a 151.

He came back smiling giddily at me and also drank half my Malibu (that's why I wasn't all that red in the pictures... didn't get to drink most of my drink) and drank all the other drinks my seriously drunk sister (Lena was SO gone that night) was offering us.

Not much later on, I suddenly saw him staring at another 151 shot placed nicely in front of him. He was contemplating whether or not to drink it.

I kept saying no. "You are so red already! If you drink that, you aren't allowed to drive."

"No, really, I'm okay one. I'm not drunk or anything. I feel fine."

So I said, FINE. But I was SO driving. I mean, anyone who claims they are not drunk are mostly usually drunk anyway.

In the end, he was hopelessly drunk by the end of the night.
(If you recall, he got majorly tipsy with 3 glasses of beer... what more TWO 151s?)

I drove home with Jean in the passenger seat. Andrew spread eagle in the backseat and did some serious stunts.

So I told Jean to grab my camera and take pictures of him.

I swear, I merely suggested for him to unbutton a COUPLE of buttons but he went all the way and unbutton ALL his buttons and started posing really kinkily.

That's why I can't upload the pictures. It's waaaay to X-rated already.

And throughout the night, he kept making extremely retarded statements.

"Eh, girls ar, girls ar.... what is brown.... looks like the sun... and has 1 strand of hair coming out of it?"

Jean and I stoned. "HUH?!"

Both of us tried guessing but we really couldn't figure out what the heckers was BROWN, looked like the SUN, and had 1 STRAND OF HAIR coming out of it!!

Andrew laughed and laughed and said, "My nipple."


Anonymous Kit Mey says..

Alan Yun!!!


Your sister is very mighty lucky =)

Friday, September 28, 2007  
Blogger meL.a.Nie says..

omg..andrew is still as funny like last time but this nipple joke is freakingly funnyla..

btw,i'm his former classmate who used to sit beside him back in form 5.

i shud tell u about him keeping a sharpener mirror in his wallet.dat vainpot alwiz checks himself out whenever he cans & declares himself,"omg,i can't believe i'm so handsome!"

i swore i cud hav vomit blood when i heard him saying dat.

well,dat is ur andrew kwan anyway.hehe..

Friday, September 28, 2007  

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