Agnes' Surprise Party

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I officially HATE Facebook.

Fine. Technically, I don't hate it. In fact, I find it so entertaining that I'm afraid I might spend hours and hours of time I don't exactly have enough of just staring at my computer screen and being hypnotized by this annoyingly addictive application.

Okay, I should start on what I meant to blog about... which is:

Agnes' Surprise Party @ Her Place (7th September, 2007)

P9070034.jpg picture by nataliang

And yet again, we have another SURPRISE!

Too bad we (Jean, Ju, Son, Drew, Marc and Me) were late. So no videos of the surprise this time!

Gosh, that's FOUR birthday's so far and FOUR surprises. And there's more to come, too! Birthdays only, that is. No surprises.


P9070031.jpg picture by nataliang
The dresscode for the party was a blue top and jeans. Hence, the whole matchy matchy outfit.

P9070025.jpg picture by nataliang
That's a wig.

P9070018.jpg picture by nataliang
And that's L.A wearing the wig. You should see King wear it. HILARIOUS. I swear I thought it was his real hair. That's how hilariously well it suited him.

P9070028.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070008.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070004.jpg picture by nataliang
This has got to be the five-hundred-and-thirty-three-thousand-eight-hundred-and-fourth picture I've taken with this girl.

P9070005.jpg picture by nataliang
Will slowly catch up.

P9070017.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070009.jpg picture by nataliang
All shy shy this boy.

P9070010.jpg picture by nataliang
You ought to see his skinny self last time, then you'll know what I mean. He's even more buffed then ANDREW (my Andrew) and Andrew is taller than him by half a feet at least. Heh.

P9070044.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070030.jpg picture by nataliang
He has fairer and more smoother skin than me, honest. GIRLS WOULD DIE FOR HIS SKIN!!

And mind, I used to annoy this ex-classmate of mine of his pimples back in those years. LOOK AT HIM NOW!!

P9070022.jpg picture by nataliang
Top Row: Benjamin, Daley, Kelvin, Kwok Liang, Henry.
Bottom Row: Andrew, Brian Richard, Ben Tay, Han Ken (the half-hidden face) and Chris.

P9070038.jpg picture by nataliang
5 Jati-ians!

P9070037.jpg picture by nataliang
Girlfriends forever. Heh.

So, I'm sure you've noticed that everyone all stuck to the dress code and wore blue, right?

In every party, there's always a party pooper...
P9070027.jpg picture by nataliang

I mean, never mind if you wore black, white or any other colour for that matter.

But he HAD to pick the colour RED to have accidentally forgotten to wear blue!

Goodness, so shy! Hahaha. Poor fella also. He really forgot. He felt real awkward at first. It was easy for me because while I mingled around, I could always spot where he was. Haha!

P9070026.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070047.jpg picture by nataliang
Son and her tissue.

P9070048.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070046.jpg picture by nataliang
With my attention-seeking boy. Hehe.

P9070050.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070051.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070053.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070055.jpg picture by nataliang

Haha. We is spastic people.

P9070016.jpg picture by nataliang

P9070057.jpg picture by nataliang
Hope you had an awesome surprise!


Anonymous Anonymous says..

hey...I reli love your top..May I know where is it from? Gorgeous on you...=)

Monday, September 24, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous: Ohhh, I actually can't remember where I got it from! But it's been in my closet for quite some time. And thanks :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007  

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