Melbourne - Part VIII (Day 8)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Breakfast @ Café Creperie Salon (24th August, 2007)

P8240094.jpg picture by nnmm88

I actually woke up for breakfast!!

Well, Joe insisted I tried the breakfast here, so I woke up just for him.

And we met up with Fazil too! Ahhh, haven't seen that boy for far too long.

He still looks the same though. Not fatter, short or dumber or anything. Heh!

But I sure do miss his sense of humour! The Fuad Family tend to make you laugh with every statement they make.

P8240096.jpg picture by nnmm88
He was sick that day. Poor booyyy. I still remember that even until today. See? I'm such a nice and caring friend :)

P8240102.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240100.jpg picture by nnmm88
YUMS! I love, love, love hot chocolate.

Then, we ate the... erm... creperie? Yeah, whatever that thing which the place is specialized in making which I forgot to take a picture of.

It was as good as it had been described by Joe.

After breakfast, the three of us went over to Melbourne Central to buy some stuff Zyl needed for his assignment/project thingy. Wanted to get some Krispy Kremes during then but my tummy was so full, I didn't felt so much like it.

Afterwards, we said our goodbyes to Zyl and went to meet Candice at the cafe she's working in, Cafe Crema.

P8240103.jpg picture by nnmm88
Jin later dropped all of us home!

P8240091.jpg picture by nnmm88
Eeee! Miss that boy. No one to bully now :(

But Joe's learning to bully me back nowadays already! Tsk, tsk.

Went back to Candice's, chilled for a bit and then when Daren and Gang finally woke up, it was time for my SECOND breakfast and their first.

Dim Sum @ Dragon Boat Restaurant (24th August, 2007)

P8240105.jpg picture by nnmm88
The more I like the dish, the bigger the pics are. All the teensy pics are the ones I thought was quite gross.

All in all, Dim Sum back home is better. That goes to show.

P8240109.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240111.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240112.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240114.jpg picture by nnmm88

The service was actually pretty bad here. Well, at least, this particular waitress was ass grumpy!
I think she was just having a bad day. She was snapping at us and just being all... grumpy-ish!

Not to mention how turtle our orders came even though only 2 other tables were occupied.

Anyway, after my second breakfast (fine, practically lunch), we went to get bubble tea! Gosh, this bubble tea was really yums! Apparently, this is the only shop in Melbourne which sells bubble tea with minuscule pearls! Freaking cute and yummy to eat.

I'm a sucker for bubble tea and I'm telling you, if anywhere in PJ has these mini pearl bubble tea around, I'll be their biggest customer.


We went for a lil' bit of shopping. Helped Joh pick out some dresses at Supré for souvenirs to his chick friends back home.

Then, Joh and Raph introduced me to the XXX shop.


The dude that worked in there was a little too... I don't quite know how to describe it but he approached me and was actually promoting all the different sorts of dildos (is that how you spell it? Because Blogger is putting a red fuzzy underline for that word) to me.

"Oh, you'll like this one. It's really popular with the ladies," the shop keeper said in that Aussie accent of his and gives a wink.

I didn't know what to do so I just smiled politely. I was actually avoiding the few teles that were playing porno stuff. Eh, I'm very innocent okay. Still have no laid eyes on X-rated videos. I've never even seen Paris or Tammy (the Singapore one, right?) or even the Sunway Chick I heard about before. My eyes were squeaky clean before I entered the shop.

I promise, that was my first time seeing a live dildo and all that...... jazz. Haha. GA-ROSSS.

Anyway, shop keeper dude kept going on and on and on, giving far too detailed information about the items until Joh had to stop him to tell him that he brought me in just to look around and wasn't planning to purchase anything.


Anyway, this caught my attention:
P8240129.jpg picture by nnmm88
HAHA! Randy Candice. MY SISTER'S NAME. So funny. It's a doll for BJ's. Haha.


Oh, and I just HAD to take a picture of this:
(Following image is rated 18sx! You have been warned!)
P8240131.jpg picture by nnmm88
THAT'S FREAKING ASS HUGE, RIGHT!!?? How do you expect THAT to fit in......


I mean, I hear stories that some girls have problems trying to get a TAMPON on... what more THIS??!!

The best part? It comes in BLACK.

Okaaaaayyyyyy, don't you get excited now... let's move on, shall we?

Here's a more decent picture to stare at:

P8240126.jpg picture by nnmm88
Whee! Horsies!

SUPER SMELLY but nevertheless... wanted to ride on the carriage!

But no time and it's kinda expensive :(

No point wasting money so we just walked home!

So, got home and got ready for a NIGHT OUT!!


Dinner @ The Grill House (24th August, 2007)

P8240008.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240012.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240013.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240007.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8240015.jpg picture by nnmm88
Chucky was camera shy that night.

P8240010.jpg picture by nnmm88
Oops, I blocked Mei. Chuck looksed so gloomy. And Tony and Joh ALWAYS takes pics without smiling very much so they look... not so happy. And I think Daren and Selena wasn't quite ready.

Raph was the only one that came out of the picture looking the best, haha!

Anyway, this was my first and only trip to have steak. They said this was one of the best places to go to and it was!

P8240004.jpg picture by nnmm88
This is... sinfully good. Honestly. You'll just feel so guilty for putting that much sugar into your system AND feeling good about it.


P8240019.jpg picture by nnmm88
The steak was really juicy. The most important thing was, when you asked for a medium-rare, they give you a medium-rare. Nothing you can find in M'sia, of course. Medium-rare in Msia would be completely and utterly RARE and bloody disgusting (not a figure of speech; I mean it literally). Where as medium-well would quite undeniably be well-done. When will M'sia steak chefs learn?

Anyway, it's getting late so I'll start on my night at Lavish (clubbing!) tomorrow instead.

Way too tired!



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