Melbourne - Part VII (Day 6 & 7)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finally, I can continue on my Melbourne Trip.

Haha. I know it was a month ago already but heck it.

I'd like to look back at this trip in the future, thank you very much.

Brunch with Cheng @ Stalactites (22nd August, 2007)

P8250098.jpg picture by nnmm88

Everyone claimed the kebab (what's kebab in English? lol) was really good there and it was a must-try. To me, it was so-so. I definitely had better. Well, duh, seeing that it's sold everywhere here and all.

Anyway, Cheng and I managed to catch up a bit. He was telling me about how he misses home a lot. The late night outings (mamak, playing com, yumchar etc) and the night life and the food over here.

Gosh, I don't know how I can live without all that when I go off to Vancouver as well!

However, I can certainly leave our corrupted government authorities (will I be black-listed for saying this??!), the hamsap immigrants that are probably more than 50% involved in rape/burglary cases, the psycho weather that's humid and raining one day and humid and excruciatingly hot the very next..

So many things!

Yeah, but I won't go there. Need to finish up on my trip!

So after brunch, I met up with Candice and we went for a short shopping trip.

Then, we went to have...

Tea @ Max Brenner (22nd August, 2007)

P8220019.jpg picture by nnmm88
He's got his face printed on serviettes!

P8220011.jpg picture by nnmm88
This is some crazy waffle. Tapau any waffle you can ever get in M'sia. OMG. I WANNA EAT IT AGAINNN LORR!! SOBBB!!!

suckaoP8220006.jpg picture by nnmm88
I ordered this because the serving looked cool.

What you do is, you drop those little chocolate thingies into the boiling milk and stir it with the stirrer and suck it with.... the stirrer!

Like so:

P8220014.jpg picture by nnmm88
Cool, eh?

The milk is refillable so you can keep slurping until your chocolate drops are finished.

P8220017.jpg picture by nnmm88
The chocolate drops are milk chocolate. MY FAVOURITE SORT OF CHOC!

That night, I was overfilled with chocolate and couldn't have any dinner.

We went over Daren's friend's house and had a home game of poker.

This was were I got to see how the semi-pros and pros do it! Was fun and a good experience to watch them play.

P8220037.jpg picture by nnmm88

I played the Wii a little and also with this adorably adorable Pomeranian.

Check him out:
P8220030.jpg picture by nnmm88
He's undersized for Pomeranian. And he's not even a pup anymore! Okay, fine, technically he still is. But if I'm not mistaken, he's almost a year old!

P8220032.jpg picture by nnmm88
Whisky's Pin's dog. And this Pomeranian (sorry, I forgot he's name) reminded so much of Whisky!


The next day, we woke up bright and almost early (11am!) and headed over to walk-walk in Victoria Market.

Touring around in Victoria Market (23rd August, 2007)

P8230045.jpg picture by nnmm88
This is just the entrance to the Wet Market. Erm, I think. Haha.

P8230047.jpg picture by nnmm88

Saw lotsa nice tinklets here and there but nothing I'd like to purchase.

Oh, and I saw this too:
P8230049.jpg picture by nnmm88
I swear, these two people look EXACTLY like Ju Nn's younger sisters!! SO ALIKE!!

I'd love to have myself sketched but no time and no $$ :(

We also bumped into this:
P8230051.jpg picture by nnmm88
They sold ooogly clothes though.

P8230053.jpg picture by nnmm88

Somewhere around here was when we bumped into Gyson and decided to head to the Wet Market to buy some scallops and oysters. YUM!!

P8230055.jpg picture by nnmm88
Freaking oysters and scallops are so darn FRESH! Can't get none of this back here. My tummy's growling already :(

Oh, Joh mentioned to me before that eating a lot of oysters makes you very hamsap. Raises your libido, apparently. Fact or fiction? Find out for yourself! Haha.

After Victoria Market, we headed to Richmond to meet up with Daren and Mei to have a late lunch.

Lunch @ Richmond Street (23rd August, 2007)

Sorry, I can't remember the name of this Chinese Restaurant.

P8230056.jpg picture by nnmm88

We had:

P8230057.jpg picture by nnmm88
I'm not a fan of Siu Yuk but this is pretty yummy.

P8230061.jpg picture by nnmm88
Heh. I managed to take a shot of this only after it was half-eaten. I tend to forget to snap my food sometimes. Anyway, I don't know what this noodle is called but it looks like Cantonese-Styled Fried Kuey Teow with Beef Strips to me. It's pretty tasty.

After downing the food we ordered, Joh dragged Me to a Viet Restaurant to have our 2nd lunch: Phö.

P8230068.jpg picture by nnmm88

Actually it ain't called Cow and Chicken but... there's a head of a cow and a chicken so... yep!

P8230067.jpg picture by nnmm88
It's really good lor. I miss it already :(

SO YUMMY! Can't get it back here. SOB!

I'm such a pig. Right about now (almost midnight), because I'm blogging about all these food, I'm making Andrew pick Me up to tapau Roti Canai. Heh.


Blogging takes up so much energy.


For dinner, we went for Jap food because... well, they were all being so considerate and planned to go there because I wanted to eat Jap food so badly.

So we went to have...

Jap Dinner @ Ito (23rd August, 2007)

P8230071.jpg picture by nnmm88

P8230072.jpg picture by nnmm88

That's all of us.

The food:

P8230070.jpg picture by nnmm88
It's really GOOD! Addictive sort of drink. You can drink and drink and drink until you get diabetes. Something like what coke does to me. Addiction, of course... not the diabetes part 0.o

I just made a weird smiley face.

Moving along...

P8230082.jpg picture by nnmm88
Center dish. I actually... can't remember how this was like. I suppose like any other Stuffed Dumpling.

P8230083.jpg picture by nnmm88
Good Sashimi. Nothing spectacular.

P8230081.jpg picture by nnmm88
This is my dish. It's yummy, of course. I love Unagi. But again, nothing spectacular. Very satisfying to my Jap craving though!

After dinner, we went to..

Chill @ Madam Brussels (23rd August, 2007)

P8230090.jpg picture by nnmm88
My first alcoholic drink in Melbourne. City, that is. I had a wee bit during the Ski Trip.

It's.. well, I've never had a Cosmo before so I wouldn't know how to grade it. CAN'T BEAT A MALIBU!!

AlanElvina.jpg picture by nnmm88
Joh's lips are so red. Like he put lipstick. Haha. He was just really, really heaty.

JamieLisa.jpg picture by nnmm88

JessieBen.jpg picture by nnmm88
I LOVE her curls. So pretty!

P8230084.jpg picture by nnmm88

And that's that for the 7th day!



Blogger crazieapple says..

You shud have tried the shouffle in Max b!! It's way better than the waffles.. And unagi sushi roll in Ito.. You jus missed out the best!! hehe

Sunday, September 30, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Oh, bad luck for me then :( My hosts were the ones who ordered for me so was nothing I could do. But I'll recommend that to my sister for sure ;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007  
Blogger pikyiee. says..

ahh. cruel maids !

Thursday, October 04, 2007  

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