Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 is up for grabs for those who are interested only!

It is still in very good condition, works PERFECTLY fine but I won't lie that it has minimal scratches (only at the bottom!!! Nobody can see it unless they are inspecting for scratched larr) .

Here are the pictures (UNEDITED!!! As in, I did not photoshop any scratches or defects... because there isn't really any at all to photoshop really) of my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5:
Lens closed.
Lens opened.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I had to use my lousy 2.0 Megapixel camera phone to take these.

My camera comes with:
A camera case! For camera protection.

As well as:
Not one but TWO batteries and a 512MB memory stick!

Don't forget the CHARGER and the USB which can be connected to both the computer and your TV! The USB is just plug-and-play so very easy to use!

Here are some info you'd need to know about my cam:
  • Sony 5.1 Megapixel effective CCD image sensor
  • Digital (not optical ar...) 3x zoom
  • Magnifying Glass Mode for objects as close as 0.4 inches! That's 1cm!
  • ISO sensitivity: Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400
The rest is all... well, abit the advance until I also don't know what the heck it means. For those camera geeks only. And if you are a camera geek you'd have probably owned a super canggih super pro-photographer cam already so you won't want this one.

BUT, for those who want a good, lasting and reliable camera that is slim and UNBULKY which is easy to carry around, YOU CAN BUY MY SONY DSC-T5 at only...

(Price is negotiable)

Don't forget it comes with EVERYTHING you need for a camera, you know!

Anyway, you can buy it out of pity knowing that I am desperate for a camera that can go under-water... Been wanting it since forever.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I only used it for about 1 year. And I bought it for RM1, 400 OKAY!!!

Alrighty, just drop an e-mail to me (check on my side bar on the left for my e-mail) so we can get down to business!

PS, It's first-come-first-served! However, I have rights to turn down any offer below RM650 and take up the next person's offer! Thank you!






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