Trip to Lake Kenyir

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ah, finally!

I finished editing the 1, 456, 643, 923 pictures to be posted.

Phew. Man, it's such hard work. Especially since I'm a perfectionist (a gift & a curse) and I MUST have my work neat/tidy/colour-coordinated/aligned/clean/sharp etc.

Of course, I'm not a perfectionist in EVERYTHING... just mainly in my work. In my time management too and in the way I go about doing things. Especially blogging. If you've even noticed. Erm. Yeah, anyway...

Trip to Lake Kenyir, Terengganu (27th-29th April, 2007)

It was on the 27th midnight when we left. Or if you'd prefer, we left in the morning of the 28th. Erm, does it matter? Nope. So...

In case you didn't know (which I'm quite sure you don't.. no offense, I didn't either at first), Lake Kenyir is the biggest MAN-MADE lake in Malaysia. For those who learned BM all their primary/secondary lives, does Tasik Kenyir ring a bell? My geography was top notch and the name didn't even give the slightest tinkle.

Alrighty, first, I would like to introduce the crew that went to Lake Kenyir. I'm not going to put any name captions (because there was just far too many pictures and faces... it was really quite traumatizing just THINKING about putting up name captions for each and every picture) so memorize these faces (if you like):
9 of us.

Day 1

So our journey started in the car. We drove for about 8 hours (it would've been faster but Papa Ng took a wrong turn... A COSTLY COULD'VE-SAVED-ONE-HOUR turn) before we reached the Jetty.

Our respects to Papa Ng (Driver of car #1: Me, Lena, Yu Meng) and Raphael (Driver of car #2: Kenzie, Joh, Daren, Debbie) who drove for 8 hours straight! Never slept a wink!

We reached the Jetty at approximately 9am and had our breakfast there.

And then, it's off for the boat ride to Petang Island Resort:
A 1 hour boat ride. Vomit man.

A resort (yeah, right) on it's own island. Cool, eh?

We went to check out our rooms. It reminded me ALOT of OBS (Outward Bound School). What with the look-a-WHOLE-LOT-like-DORMS chalet.

2 per chalet. Naturally, I shared with Papa Ng.

No aircond. Ga-zillion mosquitos. Smelly bedsheets. Wet toilets. Rock-hard pillows.

Well, we did say we wanted to rough it out!

Our next activity was to do caving! I was pretty excited because my previous caving experience (Gua Tempurung) was a really fun experience!

But since we had the pleasure of having our own island, we had to go on another boat ride (another sickening 1 hour) to the darn cave. Boooooo.

After 1 hour:
We had to walk up a zillion steps to get to the cave.

And in 5 minutes or so:
We reached the end of the cave.

Super fun.

What an awesome cave.

All of us stoned maximum when we realized we just got conned. Jeezer weezer man. Bad start for the day.

At least the view was nice:

To be honest, the view from EVERWHERE was nice. And the same. Haha. But it was peaceful as ever. Love the place :)

So we went back (another ghastly 1 hour) to our island and decided to do some kayaking!

We kayak, kayak, kayak until super tired and hungry then went up to our dorms... I mean, chalet to freshen up for dinner. Did I mention we had to climp up 3, 453, 324, 234 steps up to our dorms-chalet every single time from the port? Super work out man.

After dinner (what they serve every meal except breakfast: chicken, beef, veggie, egg, 2 differently cooked fishes and rice), we were off for a night fishing trip!
Brought Taboo just in case there were no fishes. It was a smart move.

We weren't the only ones on the island of course.

Anyway, in the end, we didn't do any fishing at all... my Dad did attempt, along with the other semangat fisherman inhabitants. But really, it was pointless. There were just ZERO fish... what with the super noisy generator that was used to power the electricity on the boat.

Man, the boat more canggih than our dorms-chalet. Got aircond, you know! And VCD player and karaoke! You can eat and cook and there are even 2 airconditioned bedrooms inside!
Anyway, there were only Malay Karaoke VCDs so we skipped karaoke-ing but found Jaws III. A very bad copy but nevertheless, we needed somethign to kill our time. Half-way through we feared we might be blinded by the overly bad copy of the movie so it's off to Taboo.

Played Taboo while Papa Ng fished outside. Then, we got bored and some of us went to cook maggie mee or make milo. It was a difficult task because everything was sooo dirty and there were limited cutlery... not to mention the cockroaches and who-knows-what insects that were everywhere. Yuckity-yuck.

Sailed back to our island, climbed the ga-zillion steps and went off to sleep in our dorms... chalets at about 1am.

Day 2

Woke up around 9.30am. Had breakfast and we were off to the big boat (the same as the previous night) and were off to visit a few places.

We visited Kenyir Dam (the empangan) and some place where they kept... erm, fishes. Like a fish farm. I kind of forgot what sort of fishes. There were pictures but I was sooo lazy to edit. Bleh.

Here's some pics of us on the boat though:

And around mid-afternoon, we reached Lasir Waterfalls!


Beauty, eh?

We climbed up another 2, 234, 354, 578 steps up to the highest spot we could go of the waterfall.

And in we jumped into the freeeeeezing cold water! It was so cold that after a while... you just wouldn't feel it anymore.


Check this out:
Cool leeehh.

We hung out at the waterfall until about 5pm and it was another hour before we reached back to our island.

And once more, we went Kayaking! This time, only 5 of us went.

We all kayak-ed to a nearby island (adventtuuuurree) and it was SCARY AS EVER because it was super duper windy and there were pretty decent waves coming our way!

I was terrified that I was going to capsize (and I'm sure everyone else was) since if we did, we would've had to swim our butts back to the port. And mind you, it would be a lo-ong way even if we were half-way back from the island we went.

Scary, scary thought.

Great experience though.

After that, we went to bathe and went for dinner then we just chilled in (I'm not sure who's) dorm-chalet and gambled, played Taboo then exchanged ghost stories. It was fun while it lasted.

Then, around 2am, slumber party was over. We went back to our respective dorm-chalets to sleep.

Day 3



And off for ANOTHER ONE HOUR boat ride... yes, we did conclude that we spent a whole lot of our trip on the dang speedboat.

But before we went back to the Jetty, we stopped by Taman Herba:

Those who walk on these semi-sharp pebbles and cannot take the pain, you are not healthy! Me, Daren, Kenzie and (almost) Lena managed to finish the pathway of pebbles. Not bad, eh? We're healthy people!

They said the Tongkat Ali tea was VERY, VERY BITTER. You won't get me NEAR anything bitter. Die also won't drink.Kacip Fatimah was pretty tasteless. Both drinks are very, very healthy apparently.

And finally, our very last:

Got our bags, stuffed 'em into the cars and said goodbye to:
I'll miss you! Sobbbb. Such a pretty, pretty place.

So off we went on an estimated 6-7 hour drive home.

We stopped for lunch.
At some mamak somewhere in Terengganu.

Stopped for ice-cream.
Yummy yum yum. Civil food at last!

And after hours and hours and years, we reached Bukit Tinggi (the foot of Genting... I think) and had our dinner!
Having 2 fishes EVERY meal during our trip, we opted for NO fish for dinner. But settled for 1 in the end. Where can have no fish for dinner one!

And then we went our separate ways and headed straight for home...


Alrighty, I will be gone for the weekend to catch the
Phantom of the Opera in Singapore!

And to celebrate Mummy's Day there too. Haha.

Jean, Me and our Mummy's.



Blogger pikyie says..

Can i go watch Phantom of the Opera with you ? Lol ! What a nice trip you have theree . Too bad , i dont swim =/

Thursday, May 10, 2007  
Anonymous Melanie says.. forgot the capsize drill that yusri and asim taught us?!


Friday, May 11, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Pikyie: You don't swim??? Girl, that's one of the most essential things in life! And it'll be no fun if you don't know how to swim ;)

Melanie: REMEMMMMBEEERRRR! Hehehhe. Hiya, girl! I missed those days larrr. Back when I was light enough for Yusri to carry me on his shoulders and dump me into the sea +) Super funnnnn!

Friday, May 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

"And once more, we went Kayaking! This time, only 5 of us went."

not bad.the only girl that went kayaking.adventurous?haha=D

Saturday, May 12, 2007  
Anonymous jenn says..

ooh hello.
this is weird and funny.
but haha,we're apparently going
on a holiday together with 9232434 other aunties to Bandung.



Sunday, May 13, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous: Haha. Yeah, and I owned 'em alllllll! At least, I'd like to think so ;)

Jenn: Oh, you're going Bandung as well? My Mom just told me about it. Haha, I guess I'll see you there in November then :)

Monday, May 14, 2007  

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