Steamboat, Kevan and Brando's Birthday & Movie Review

Monday, May 7, 2007

After a lo-ong time, we finally managed to have a decent get together (all four of us; Jean, Ju, Son and I with our beaus') for seafood buffet steamboat! And we had the pleasure of Mae and Martin's company as well.

Dinner @ Yuen Steamboat, Sunway (4th May, 2007)

Couldn't get a decent picture of just Ju and Aaron because Ju was being all vain and said, "I looook gross todayyy! Don't take my piccc!" The poo. So naturally, I took MORE pics. So many that I was too lazy to edit.

FINALLY managed to drag Sonia Yong out! So difficult to get to hang out with her. Too busy for us already mar.
She went to tan herself for 10 million hours when she was in Phuket. Mad, that girl! Can consider herself a black already. Hahahahahahha. Can make black jokes of her now!

No larrr. Her tan is very well done. Although still not used to her Malay/Indian look (HAHAHAHAHA, JOKING LAR), her skin very evenly toned now.

Dunno why he keeps smiling like that. I bet he thinks he looks cute but we all know better.

She's the one who introduced us to this place. All of us now blaming her for bloating us up.


Top Pic (Son, Mae, Aaron, Ju): Vegetarian Pot.
Bottom Pic(Sheng, Jean, Me, Drew): Cannibal Pot.

Everyone was crowding around the place where they would soon serve the super awesome chicken wings. If you've been a loyal reader of my blog, you'd remember my blog post on my previous visit to Yuen's Steamboat.

And boy, people would do ANYTHING for those chicken wings. Too many ganas people that day so we could only get 2 rounds of chicken wings. 1st round, Jean managed to snag quite a lot. 2nd round (Marcus, Hoong Sheng and Drew went); Marcus came back with 4 chicken wings, Drew with 3 and Sheng with 2. Funny how Sheng's the biggest one there and should've been able to shove everyone off and he only got 2, eh? Yes, he's a very gentle creature.


And the very next night, Kevan celebrated his 19th birthday and Brando celebrated his 16th one!

Kevan and Brando's Birthday Party @ Tropicana (5th May, 2007)


Everyone is all big smiles because... Hoong Sheng "accidently" held my hand! LOL! It was absolutely hilarious. I had my hand on the table behind us (as we were posing for the cam) and quite suddenly, he put his hand over mine! And for a moment I was wondering if it could be Andrew's or Jean's (but how could Andrew reach my hand and why would JEAN wanna hold my hand?) and that's when I went, "Errrr, Sheng, you've got the wrong hand..."

And all of us burst out laughing but I managed to contain myself partially when the flash went off! Hahahaha.

Haven't seen Cock-Eye King in ages! Very good to see him again.



Wen Ken: Primary school mate to secondary school mate to college course mate!

Khing Wei wasn't completely ready for the picture but I couldn't get another one of both of them because Kevan was soooooo busy.


Oh, right. Did I mention the theme was Gold and White? Yeah, if you noticed, I think I followed the theme pretty well! I oughtta have won best dressed. Everyone was either gold OR white. Hmph!

So they had games in the party. And for the first one, our little Wai Leong got forced into playing! It was shooooooo funnnnnnaaaaayyyyyy!

So all the guys were to compete to see who'd win the title of the most macho man or whatever. The only part worth laughing about was when they asked all the contestants to shake their butts and see who could do the best butt-shaking action.

The contestants:
Dunno who the first 3 are but I see King up there (4th from the left) and Wai Leong of course (the circled one).

So the 2nd and 3rd dude from the left did a pretty awesome job actually. King was ultimately my favourite because he could really shake that arse better than a lot of girls!

Here's proof:

And how did our Wai Leong do, you ask? HERE:


Classic stuff.

Anyway, King won the challenge and he deserved it too!

And after that, we played another game where we were given newspapers (ONLY newspapers... no scissors, tape etc) and dress up our fellow group mate (my group consisted of Hoong Sheng, Andrew, Jean, Ti Cheng and Me) as creatively as we could. Ti Cheng was our very sporting group mate who was more than happy to be our specimen.

Jean and I wanted to give him boobs.

Andrew and Sheng wanted him a ****.

So we crossed and multiplied and got ourselves: A Drag Queen (a.k.a Bapuk).

I really don't know what the heck were the first two people supposed to be and I'm only guessing Kevan (the 3rd dude) is a Trojan Warrior because he kind of looks like one. As for the girl? Clueless on what she was and kind of disgusted that she had the newspaper over her mouth (she was practically eating it) the whole time! Super unhygienic.

So naturally, our Drag Queen didn't win because most of the cheers were given to one of the Birthday Boys (Brando, 2nd dude, no clue what he was). Biased, I tell you. Our group was the smallest bunch.

Anyway, hope the Birthday Boys had a great time after spending a great deal for their guests!

Next up!

Movie Review

Last night, Drew and I wanted to watch a movie but there wasn't any good ones out. But we just had nothing else better to do so we decided on The Hills Have Eyes 2. But then, the only decent seats that were available were 2nd row from the screen so we decided against it. We're very picky with our seats.

So we bought a movie called Tornado and sat inside for a while. After the 1st minute we were in there, we just HAD to leave because it was utter rubbish. The movie was dubbed! By dubbing, I mean, voice-overs. It was a foreign filmed with English voice-overs. RUBBISH! The quality was ridiculous so we left and searched for the cinema with The Hills Have Eyes 2.

And goodness, we bumped into 7 cinemas that were showing... Spiderman 3. Crazy. And they were all fully seated too.

Finally, we found the cinema and sat on the 2nd row and decided it was better than a crap movie from the 4th row. And really, for small cinemas, 2nd row isn't all too bad. You don't have to look up very much at all!

So anyway, we caught:

The Hills Have Eyes 2
Sitting that near to the screen and with all the sound effects, it really did traumatize me, that movie. And you're hearing this from someone who has watched plentiful gruesome movies (what with the Saw Trilogy and all). It's quite disturbing, this movie. Andrew as usual was puss in boots (very normal) but I was on the edge of my seat as well. FREAKING GRUESOME. Not much of a storyline though. But it's not too bad. Managed to scare me which means something. If you're someone with a weak stomach, I suggest you do NOT watch this movie. I swear, I almost puked at one part. URGLE. Trying hard not to think about it.
Brrrr. Drew and I never learn our lesson. I remember us saying that we'd definitely not watch the sequel to The Hills Have Eyes and there we were yesterday watching it. I'm pretty sure there'd be The Hills Have Eyes 3 and I promise I am NOT going to torment myself by watching it!
Ratings: Ermmm... ??? It exceeded MY expectations of a gruesome movie but it can't really be put under two thumbs up though.
Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.


Anonymous Kit says..

I cannot believe kevan and brando did not invite me... so sad... haha... remember me ?? hhahaha

Monday, May 07, 2007  
Blogger pikyie says..

The steamboat looks so niceee ! Its making me hungry ady ;p Both the videos are so funny i tell you . Especially the one that King shakes his butt . Lol , its good that he can shake .

Wednesday, May 09, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Kit: Maybe they lost your contact number? Erm.. which Kit are you?

Pikyie: The steamboat is good! And for a buffet it's really cheap; RM20 only!
And yes, he can indeed shake his butt. It gets a little scary after seeing too much. Haha.

Thursday, May 10, 2007  
Blogger s h i a l i says..

the one in atlanta...ahhaha

Monday, May 14, 2007  

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