My Singapore Trip - Day 2 & Day 3

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Photobucket is sooooo annoyingly laggy. Is it just ME or is everyone experiencing the same thing?

I mean, why does it take so bloody long for the forsaken site to load????!!!

And not just today, it's been going on since quite some time back!

Soooooo annnoooyyyinngggg.

I am usually quite patient while waiting for the site to load, but it's gotten too far out of hand!

Utter rubbish. Lousy free service.

Actually I was about to try and and and but they all do not require any accounts which means... where the heck do the pictures end up after I escape the page???? Sorry, I'm a noob at all this so I'm afraid to post up my pictures at all these random sites (google'd them). Plus, they take pretty long to upload my pictures as well! Tried a couple of sites to see if they can upload a mass amount of pics at a go.

For Photobucket, once I FINALLY enter my homepage, THEN it's fast. I mean, the whole uploading nonsense bit.

But to get to my darn homepage, I gotta refresh it a zillion, trillion times! So freaking irritating.


I'm going to go take a shower first.
Oh, my, Gosh.

Photobucket STILL has not load to my homepage.


Gotta use another host. Tired of this poo., let's do it.
My Trip to Singapore with Mummy Ng, Jean & Jean's Mummy (11th-13th May, 2007)

Day 2




The couple on the right looked super cool. Like gold plated dolls. I swear, Jean and I thought they weren't REAL until we came this close.

And we stopped for lunch at Food Republic in Wisma Atria!
Not bad, not bad.

And next:
Where we bought some over expensive gifts for our boys back home.

That's where we realized we had no more money and only enough... to makan dinner. Oh, and for Night Safari, of course.

So after splashing all our money on almost nothing, we were off to dinner.

Jean says this steamboat is really good! Almost like to one back home (Yuen's Steamboat) but without the awesome chicken wings.

I was personally thinking, "Steamboat ain't steamboat without those wings, man."

But to my surprise, this steamboat was actually pretty good!
Yeah, we count mushrooms as our veggie. Hehehehe, carnivores.
And I love, love, LOVE straw mushrooms. And erm, those OTHER mushrooms too!

Funny how I used to HATE mushrooms when I was little.

Gosh, I absolutely adore them now. YUM, YUM!

Yeah, that's piggy meat there.

I ain't no porky fan but HECK, those pork slices dipped in soup were DELISH man! Well, better than the beef anyway.

And here's the:

Put 'em all together and we've got:
That's the place. Right opposite Bugis Junction.

But lemme warn you, the place where we sat (the place had two floors, we were on the lower ground) has almost ZERO air ventilation. It is very much advisable to sit on the upper level.

So yeah, we had to stuff all that yummy grub into our mouth and make a mad dash outta there.

And soon enough, we met up with Jean's cousin and his friends and it was off to the Night Safari!
Ken is Jean's cousin. And I'm not too sure if I spelled both the "Sean's" correctly or not actually.

I THINK it's called the Bridge of Suspense. But anyway, there was nothing very suspenseful about that bridge. It was just... a bridge.

It's super duper whooper cool. Nothing like I've experienced ever before.

Makes you wonder how those animals stay in their respective places. And mind you, the place is FREAKING well maintained. Such a massive, large area and it doesn't smell and is super clean to the extent that there are ZERO leaves on the track. Okay, fine, maybe not zero. But very, extremely little.

Makes OUR zoo seem like a place for animals to store their dung. Honest.

After that, my Mom and Uncle Andy picked Jean and I up and we went home to shower and stuff. Yeah, we were pretty gross and all being out the whole day.

Then, we went to meet up with Jean's Mom and Jean's Aunt for a drink.
I kind of forgot that Uncle's name. So I just put "Uncle" haha!

After stuffing our face with food eventhough we weren't all too hungry, Jean and I got bored of listening to all the adult talk.

So we created our own fun!

The many faces of Jean:

The many faces of Nat:
Hahahaha! Bit too close for comfort, the 2nd pic.

When boredome takes overrr:
We sure did stick our tongue out... we just didn't look sexy.

And on the way home, I drew this on the backseat window before we entered the car.
Awww. See? I'm such a sweet, doting girlfriend.

Missed him alot during then :(

Day 3

Hope she like the chun ass gold watch I got for her. My mom's adores watches. She owns all sorts of funky, colourful watches! Possibly over 20 of 'em.

Anyway, its..
Yep, only had that 1 pathetic bag of shopping as opposed to the ga-zillion bags I had from shopping in Bangkok.

Before we went to the bus station, we met up with Jean's Aunt and her cousin, Ken for Assam Laksa breakfast!
The Assam Laksa was really interesting. Didn't need to use chopsticks. Just use a spoon to eat.
And it was good too. A little different from the Assam Laksa back home, but still pretty good.

Then for dessert, we had some ice blended thingy with fruits. Just like the ones from KTZ (Mango Loh... or however you spell it. My super favourite!) but...

For the 1st time, this is the only food that's actually better than in Malaysia! The ice was blended to perfection and had the fruit syrup and sweet milk poured EVENLY all over with freshly cut fruits on top.

We had strawberries, mango and red beans.



After the orgasmic (the word Brian always uses to define EXTREMELY awesome food) ice blended thingy-ma-jiggy, we were off for our...
Just to clarify, there were very little pics of the two Mummy Ng's only because they were both so darn camera shy.

Anyway, I took a couple of pics on the way home...
Not completed yet. Booo, copycat Malaysia.


And what we had for lunch:
It ain't good at all. But I've got this thing for transportation food so I finished up the whole thing.

And that's that!
So sparkling clean. If only Malaysia was this clean and less racial. I'd actually might like staying in my own country. Not that I hate it or anything...


By the way, it's Mummy Ng's birthday today!


Your Loving Daughter ;)

PS, You might need to refresh this page once or twice to see ALL the pictures. Yes, blame Photobucket for failing me today.


I finally managed to load my photobucket site after a zillion, ga-trillion attempts! So I've swapped all the pics to be hosted my photobucket which I think will now load properly. Sorry for the inconvenience before! (If there were any...)



Anonymous pin says..

Lol! *Clink*!

happy b`day to yer mum.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007  
Blogger Lauranne says..!

it doesn't have as much storage space as photobucket, but it's reliable enough :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Pin: Thanks! (On Mummy Ng's behalf)

Lauranne: Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely use it (signed up for it already actually!) when Photobucket decides to fail on me ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007  

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