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Friday, May 25, 2007


My sister (Lena... the oldest and by far most cranky person ever) is being a complete SCROOGE!!!

Just because she has a more canggih cam than me and can take prettier pictures she thinks she's the queen of the world.

Sometimes, she really gets on my nerves.

So, again, tonight, I can't blog what I intended to blog.

So here's the similar form of entertainment from my previous post especially for you bored people out there who share my pain.

It's really quite funny (if you know a guy called HENG JOON, you might want to take a closer look):

Hope you had a good laugh!

It's really more funny if you watched these vids with your buddies.

Watching it alone might make you feel like a weirdo laughing at a computer screen... or it won't tickle your tummy very much.

Gosh... I'm sooooo boreddd and I've still got 1 more week of holidays to enjoy!

Doubly sigh.

It's really everyone's fault but my own!

Yes, I blame:

#1 My girlfriends for having college and having been thrown far too many assignments and tests and not to mention their upcoming midterms...

#2 Andrew for just started his term two weeks in MY HOLIDAYS (and still having a remainder 2 weeks...) and been slapped right, left and center with 3 assignments (3 more on it's way) as well as the upcoming 6 mid-terms he has to take (and mind, he has only 3 subjects... Sedaya's lecturers).

#3 Brian for suddenly coming up with his brilliant spontaneous escapade and flew to the Land of Kangaroos or Funny-Accent-People-Place (no offense... in fact, they probably think WE have funny accent... which we kinda sorta do) and left me behind without a yumchar and eat lunch/breakfast/dinner kaki. I want those KRYSPY KREMESSSSSS!!!

#4 My other (nicer) sister, Candice (only cause she actually reads my blog... HEHE!) for not taking enough holidays back home so she could teman me do super duper thrift shopping (she's more thrifty than me... AND THAT SAYS ALOT!)

#5 For my stupid ADTP course that places the term holidays when NOBODY ELSE has THEIR holidays!!!


One more week to go.

And I'm not even looking forward to classes again... but at least I'd feel less like a bummer.

Maybe I oughtta gym or something...



Maybe. Got golf tomorrow afternoon so probably not then.

Maybe Sunday.

Gosh, I'm boring you, aren't I?


You may not think that way after you finish reading this post! In fact, you might even be a little traumatized, wreck a nerve, feel nauseas or come to some sort of realization (and possibly learn something new) when you're done.


You sure?

Don't say I didn't warn you! (I know laaa some of you will be able to take it... but I mean, I've blogged the mermaid thingy and some are grossed out so better put warning on this just incase)

Now, I will speak of...

Crystal Meth.

What is crystal meth, you ask?

Just so you won't lose interest after hearing all the bombastic scientific lingos (that you will most probably find through googling), I will write about crystal meth in my own words (mostly).

In fact, I shall put it in point-form so that it would seem easier to understand and definitely preferable to be read, no?

#1 It is a drug known as methampethamine (oh, come on... you need to have SOME scientific facts up your brain... suck it in) which is a type of stimulant drug that acts on your brain and nervous system.

#2 Like cocaine, it has stimulant properties but is much longer lasting.

#3 It can be easily smoked and can rapidly lead to high blood levels (which explains the hallucination and high feeling)

#4 It is also long-acting compared to crack so it is considered an extremely powerful and addictive stimulant.

#5 It is known as.... ICE.

Heard of it?

No, maybe, possibly, YES???

Here's to give you some visualization:
Crystal Meth.

The reason why I'm talking about this is because I'm trying to spread awareness (what a good samaritan I am) and also for the fact I've been wanting to blog about this after watching Oprah Winfrey.

In the US, smoking crystal meth is practiced as a normality. The numbers were truly horrifying but I watched the show eons ago and that's why I can't remember quite what the numbers were! But the use of this drug is definitely still spreading so at least I did my part on the whole awareness thing!

Mind, I did hear about SOME people that have actually smoked "Ice" before. Yes, here in Malaysia. Quite popular too!

However, I'm not going to tell my who my source may be and who those people are but let's hope they'd somehow in some way come into realization that they may end up (or have already ended up) looking like this:
Fact: 3 months after the use of crystal meth.
I'm sure you guys are smart enough to know which is the before and after.

3 months, YO! That's some scary shite.

And what about this:
Fact: 2.5 years after the use of crystal meth.

You think THAT'S bad? It gets worse:

I hope you all have seen and read enough information to tell you how bad this drug can be to your outlook. Let's not talk about how bad your insides would probably look like.

The thing is, it is reported (in the interview on Oprah) that if you try it just ONCE, there's no turning back. You are HOOKED immediately.

Please be reminded that it is a VERY POWERFUL ADDICTIVE STIMULANT so don't take this lightly! If you are stupidly offered "ice" or "glass" or "Tina" or "Christine" (google'd the street names), please DO NOT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO TRY AND SMOKE IT UP!!!! Even if that means you just want to "try just this once for experience".


Or forever look fugly.

And have bad breath.

And have ugly teeth.

And seem old and whittled.

And will be emotionally abused and feel empty on the inside.

And might go nuts and end up in a suicidal case.

And... well... looking THAT fugly is really bad enough!

I hope this gets through to you guys! :)

Do make the effort to advice your friends or family if there's any suggestion that they might be involved in drug abuse!

With that, I close this entry.

Have a good night!


Blogger Andrew says..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Blogger Andrew says..

Just to add, 'ice' is more famously known as 'syabu' in malaysia for those who don't know:), you might have came across it in the newspapers

In fact, syabu is quite famous compared to cocaine in malaysia, but not as famous as heroin and morphine though

Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Anonymous KiN says..

Say no to drugs please.

Thank you for smoking though.


Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Andrew: Oh! Syabu, eh? Will keep that in mind. Make sure my friends don't get conned ;) Yeah, I heard that ice is getting quite popular nowadays. SCARY!


Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Blogger Andrew says..

Smoking? The best thing that can happen is they ban smoking in all open areas.

Come on smokers, if you want to smoke and kill yourself, don't do it in the expense of others! Be considerate and go smoke in a confined room

Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Anonymous average jane says..

In addition with what you have said, methamphetamine is also found in common cough syrup. But I'm not too sure if it's a controlled item in Malaysia. There are reported cases where some people are addicted to cough syrup because of meth.
Besides, some individuals could even get addicted to the most common analgesic around us which is panadol.

Saturday, May 26, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Andrew: You go, boy! Good to know you're against it as well ;)

Average Jane: So I've heard, about the cough syrup thing! But to me, it still tastes disguting. And yes, I actually DO know some people who are addicted to panadol. Tsk tsk!

Sunday, May 27, 2007  
Anonymous absinthe fairy says..

O.O .I heard that
ecstasy+a reasonably big amount of alcohol=death .

Nearly happened to a friend's friend it seems.

It seems that ice also makes holes in your brain O.o . WTF. And someone told me that this ice junkie shit out his intestines and all after taking ice. Ew.

Thursday, July 26, 2007  

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