They're Made Out of Meat

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Philosophy has officially taken over me.

Well, it has but I still can't bring myself to have any interest in that subject.

Sometimes, I just want to scream to philosophers; IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

I fully understand the advantages of philosophy in that it stimulates critical thinking which is good in a lot of ways but some things are honestly better left unquestioned!

However, my Prof read out a script called, "They're Made Out of Meat", which is a conversation between two aliens speaking not so highly of us humans and I personally think it's really interesting and this conversation made me actually think a little (unlike most of the philosophy I've been reading about).

Do watch it!

They're Made Out of Meat


Meat can think.

Anyhowww, I would say I had a pretty good weekend spending quality time with friends but I didn't do anything too crazy so unfortunately, no pictures today!

Unless you want something to read about...

Then, um, you can give me a topic and I'm pretty sure I can blabber on about it for a good 300 words or so, haha.


Have a great day, all.


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