Sweet Dreams or Nightmares?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

In general, any normal person would pick having sweet dreams over nightmares off the bat.

Which ridiculous person would rather have nightmares?

My nightmares are pretty brutal and sometimes, they get too vivid. I'd wake up with a rising temperature and I become a little girl again, extremely terrified of being alone.

In my first few weeks in Canada, I was tormented by dozens of nightmares...

People around me dying...

ME dying...

Evil spirits...

Spirits in general...

Scary stuff.

Now that I've adjusted to being here (which is really great), I'm starting to have better dreams.

The dreams keep getting better and better... but really, I don't want it to!

I'd dream about home...

Having just a simple conversation with my girlfriends...

Golfing with my Dad...

Eating my Mom's or Tini's fab cooking...

Watching movies or shopping with my sisters...

Being in his arms...

And then I wake up.

And I'd feel like crying!

Which makes me think... are sweet dreams really that sweet after all?

I don't think it's very sweet at all to wake up knowing I can't do or have all those things.

It torments me to know I can't. Well, not for a very long time anyway.

So sometimes, I'd really rather have nightmares... because when I wake up, I know everything will always be better. And I know my life isn't as horrid as it is in the nightmare.

Anyway, that's only if I really had to choose.

Otherwise, a dreamless sleep works the best for me.


Anonymous Anonymous says..

hi nat.. can u tell me how u manage ur relationships with andrew in this long long distance? cause currently i'm facing the same too =(

Sunday, August 03, 2008  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Well, we just talk as often as we can on Skype and on the phone and a lot of compromising and sacrifices have to be made but if you really love and care about each other enough, as hard as it is, you'll get through it :)

Monday, August 04, 2008  

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