Cooking Pasta, Breakfast @ De Dutch, Barbecue Party & First Round of Golf! & Movie Review

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, jee-hee-bers.

I am soooooooo exhausted from writing my Philosophy paper.

But I'm done. I'm DONE.


With the draft that is.
(which I have to hand in tomorrow)

Of course, my paper would be returned to me in a week for me to hand in the revised version of it which is due along with my 2nd Midterms for Calc and Buec two weeks from now....


I've really been meaning to blog much earlier but every time I try to find time to do it, time just slips away from me.

I was just so busy last weekend celebrating my after Midterms as well as writing my Phil paper, and even baking a cake for Father's Day (shocking, I know! Even I'm surprised it turned out edible. By the way, I baked it for Uncle Doug since my Papa ain't here, he's the next best!) that I didn't even have time to Skype with my girlfriends, Andrew or reply e-mails to my family & friends!

Promise I'll catch up on that.

In fact, I am planning on planting my butt on the chair to do my Calc weekly assignment, leave my laptop wide open and wait hopefully for anyone to come online for me to catch up.

As for now..

Cooking Pasta @ Home (6th of June, 2008)

I'm going to try make it a point to have have weekly sessions with Jay and learn a new dish every week for me to prepare on my own.

As it is, I'm already making pretty awesome sandwiches to bring to school and baking that cake...

I think I'm really making progress.

In fact, I must admit, I might be developing a sense of... liking or some sort... towards cooking!

Anyway, back to the pasta...

Image Hosted by
The pasta sauce! Well, it's actually the toppings. The sauce hasn't been mixed in yet. But it has all my favourite ingredients including MUSHROOMS!! I love mushrooms so much it's not even funny.

Image Hosted by
The pasta. Mmmmm. Topped with Mozzarella cheese.

Image Hosted by
I know it looks very much like I am posing because... I am! Haha.

Image Hosted by
But I really did help out a lot!

Image Hosted by
Tomato-base penne pasta with cheese, sausages & mushrooms!

It was gooood eating!

I hardly think I'd be able to recreate it but I'll do my best when the hunger strikes.


The very next day, I felt like a good ol' American breakfast so we went for some pancakes!

Breakfast @ De Dutch (7th of June, 2008)

Okay, so De Dutch doesn't sound very American at all but... they had pretty decent pannekoeks!

Image Hosted by
I ordered Chocolate & Strawberry Pannekoek with Whipcream. My 3 favourite confectioneries.

Image Hosted by
Me, my Pannekoek & Jay's Sunny Side Up & Sausages Pannekoek.

It was actually practically lunch while eating out "breakfast" (it's not even early enough for it to be considered brunch), so I was worried I would still be stuffed while attending the barbecue party I was invited to that evening.

Mandy invited me to her friend-

Brian's Birthday Barbecue Party @ His Place (7th of June, 2008)

My first barbecue!

Image Hosted by
Mandy, Andrew, Reon & Me!

Image Hosted by
That's Brian on the far right, his fiancée on his right, Priscilla and further down are Vince & Jade.

Image Hosted by
Blowing the Birthday cake! Aw, he looks so happy!

Image Hosted by
LOL. That's one way to blow out a candle ;)

After stuffing out tummy's full with really good barbecued food, we retired upstairs for home games!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
That's Andrew being a goof, hehe.

Image Hosted by
Awesome concentration. I did pretty well in this game! Andrew on the other hand....

Heh. I just love picking on him just like how he seems to adore doing the same to me.


Right after my final Midterm (BUEC), Ahram dragged me for a round of golf!

And I'm actually really glad he did.

I had a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect!

Image Hosted by
That's me testing the degree of the wedges to fit my preference... golf talk.

I actually didn't expect to be golfing in Vancouver so I was without my golf clubs & golf outfit but for some miraculous coincidence, Ahram's Mom was using the same driver, same putter, similar irons and we shared the same size in clothing & shoes! So I'm almost head to toe not in my clothes except for the pink turtleneck I have on. And well, my undies, heh.

Image Hosted by
Ahram & his Godfather. It was just the three of us.

Image Hosted by
Me & Ahram.

For not having touched a golf stick for over 2 and the half months, I was pleasantly surprised to play only 7 over par in 13 holes!

Have to say that I'm pretty proud of meself!


Movie Review

Last Friday, I finally got to watch...

Harold & Kumar

Image Hosted by
I actually only watched the first Harold & Kumar (White Castle) about a week before watching the 2nd one. I found the first one so hilarious I just HAD to catch the 2nd movie. I personally think that the first one was better; but that's just me. I felt like the jokes on the 2nd one just didn't seem to really hit the spot. There were pretty good lines but nothing that made me laugh so hard 'til my tummy ache. The movie did introduce a BOTTOMLESS party which stuck in my mind not because there were a zillion women parading their forbidden zones but really it's because of the one type of person who should be BANNED from being bottomless: a very extremely hairy man at the pubes.
It... was... outright revolting!
I've no idea how that is supposed to be funny!
Nevertheless, apart from that disturbing image, the movie was overall entertaining. I mean, how could Harold & Kumar fail to entertain an audience, eh?


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.


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Whoa, you GOLF? How come you're so fair? Eeeyer not fair (pun intended) one! The pasta looks real yummy, and you look so preppy in that outfit hahaha :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008  

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