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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I can't say I'm a reptile person so I am still unsure as to why I actually went for the reptile exhibition.

Maybe it's because Andrew and I have watched every movie available at the time and instead, decided to spend the money originally meant to watch a movie to go for the...

Reptile Exhibition @ The Rainforest, 1utama (30th January, 2008)

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The Reptile Exhibition.

Let's just say Andrew and I got pretty conned of our RM8/=.

I mean, it's not too bad... but honestly! They may as well have stated "SNAKE EXHIBITION" as opposed to using "REPTILE" as though there were a lot of other reptiles!!

There were 10 times more snakes than the rest of the reptiles combined.

And one or two mammals out of nowhere; foxes & monkeys.

They actually set up a booth just right outside GSC (to promote the exhibition) and there was this little cute thing in a cage, a parrot, a really disgusting and super fat toad and some snakes.

Animals draw me in like how water does when you're in a desert, honest.

So naturally, I went to check it out. They were parading about how there are tons and tons of super cool reptiles to look at and also gave a preview of the "smallest monkey in the world".

Well, what we saw was the BABY of the smallest monkey in the world.

Image Hosted by
Awwwww, shooooo cute!!

And it's really, awful teensy!!

Image Hosted by
Spot the furball!

You know, they ought to specify that it's the smallest SPECIES of monkey in the world... some people might mistaken it as literally the SMALLEST MONKEY in the world.

Drew *cough* Drew.


Anyway, after dinner, we went to check out the exhibition and well, I did see SOME interesting stuff.

I took quite a lot of pictures of the snakes but I'll just put up the ones I find interesting.

Image Hosted by
The Reticulated Python.

Yes, I did my research. I can name mostly all of the reptiles I took picture of.

Mind, there were a billion types of pythons but I just snapped pics of those which looked huge.

Image Hosted by
Burmese Python.

Image Hosted by
Calico Reticulated Python.

I only just missed snapping a pic of this python yawning! It looked sooooo cool! It's fangs were HUGE and it sure can open up wide!

Image Hosted by
There wasn't a sign of what snake this actually was. It's due to the hopeless Malaysian signage. Inefficient and/or mostly never there.
Anyhow, I thought this snake has a rather cool head. Don't you?

Image Hosted by
Albino Cobra! Fierce!

Image Hosted by
Spot the Paraguey Adder!

Image Hosted by
Desert Horned Viper. Cool, eh?

Image Hosted by
The Blue Tongue Skink. One of the more interesting lizards I saw. I mean, I didn't have any other lizards besides the Iguana to compare it with after all.

Image Hosted by
A baby croc? Well, at least, I THINK it's a crocodile. They didn't state whether it was a croc or a gator so I'm just guessing based on what little facts I know about distinguishing crocodiles and alligators.

And here's a really interesting video of an animal I thought looked a lot like a raccoon but was actually a poor tailless fox:


I sound like a man in the video!! Hhahaha! ImageShack is spas. No clue what's up with the sound!


Anyway, that's one super sesat fox. And without a tail too! The poor thing.

And now... the highlight of my night!!

I have never once.. EVER... touched a snake in my entire life.

And I always wanted the experience and got really curious when I saw pictures of friends or strangers having snakes around their necks.

And finally now, I got my chance!!


At least now I can tell people I had a python around my neck before!! How cool is that?

Image Hosted by
Fearlessssss lehhhhh.

Honestly? Honest to honest honest?

I wasn't afraid at all. I guess I don't get too scared about these stuff. I pretty much trust trained animals.

Andrew on the other hand........

Not only did he not dare to stand too close (closest was probably about 5 metres away), he didn't dare touch my hand after I touched the snake!!!!

Talk about a scaredy-cat.

I mean, how odd is it that I'm completely unafraid of snakes and Andrew is extremely terrified?

Sometimes make me wonder who's the man in the relationship -.-

WELL! Boys will be boys.

I bet some of you boys out there are just as scared as Andrew is about snakes.

More of Me & the Mr. Python!

Image Hosted by

That was probably the only thing that I really enjoyed about the exhibition. And well, the fox was quite amusing as well. Might have gotten a slight headache afterwards though...

Anyway, just as we were leaving 1u, we stopped by to watch some Chinese Acrobatic Performance!

It was really fun to watch!!

Forgive me, but I'm a complete sucker for these shows. I get soooo easily entertained, haha.

Image Hosted by
The chick's got some crazy balance technique going on.

Image Hosted by
FYI, she's balancing some stuff on her head WHICH her two assistants threw up at her!

Image Hosted by
Honest, the bottom dude is freaking buff. He ought to try out for CHARMs.

I'd have to say, this day was certainly one of the more productive days I've had in 1u!

Oh, one more thing before I go...

Honestly, Malaysia has GOT to fix their signage problem.
Image Hosted by
Okay, promise I don't.

Jeez, ya' think I might get RM50 if I submit this to Star?


Anonymous Dean says..

Y'all don't be smokin now, and don't be sittin on nothin either, you hear?


Sunday, February 03, 2008  
Blogger Jason Ong says..

Hi! Miss Wishful, u r quite a daring gal to hold that phython.
Thumbs up! But beware, it won't be as easy if u r handling a cobra.

Sunday, February 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

hey i saw you in one u on that day u went for the exhibition. lol. (=

Monday, February 04, 2008  
Anonymous Lewis Jamilton says..

dont u just wanna chop those snakes and make a soup out of em? ha ha...

Monday, February 04, 2008  
Anonymous mello says..


oh and know what , i am so officially hooked on your blog . looks like you have a new fan on your hands [=


ps// i STILL love that header. don't change it ever , k.

Monday, February 04, 2008  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Dean: See, if you write it that way, it doesn't sound so bad!

Jason Ong: Haha. Thanks! Don't worry, I would never dare go near a cobra!

Sweewen Foon: Really? Haha. Hope you didn't get conned into going for the exhibition too!

Lewis Jamilton: OMG. No, not really.

Mello: Haha. Am tad bit lazy though! And normally those who win the RM50 are those who take pictures of disasters! I think that's horrible :( Anyway, thanks! I love my header too :) Haha. Okay, so long as you like it, I won't change it haha.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

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