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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chilling Out @ Somo, Mont Kiara (17th November, 2007)

It's been quite some time since I've hung out with my ex-highschool guyfriends and safe to say that I miss their company.

Especially that cock-eye fella. Never fail to make me laugh.

Image Hosted by
Sonzy & Me.

Image Hosted by
King a.k.a Cock-Eye King & Ju a.k.a Lalat.

Hahahah. Good times, good times.

Image Hosted by
Me & Drew.

Image Hosted by
Clockwise: Me, Ju, King, Kev & Son.

Was lazy so didn't snap much pictures that night.


Another Chilling Session @ Lunabar, Pacific Regency Hotel, KL (19th November, 2007)

Manage to do lots of catching up that night.

We played Truth or Dare too and boy, we had a great laugh!

Won't talk about the "Truths" because whatever that was said in the circle, stays in the circle.

But the dares were fun! All very, very sporting... except MR. YAP!!!

King did his good ol' butt-shaking shakira dance in front of everyone. Still not satisfied because not long enough!! Seriously though, THAT BOY CAN SHAKE HIS THANG!

Jean had to do five seductive poses in front of everyone (and must try to grab attention from the table of Ang Mohs opposite us). Hahah! It was quite funny. Show you one picture later.

Ben had to walk up the steps to the platform beside the water fountain, point to the upper-level of Lunabar (where there were other patrons having drinks) and shout as loud as he can, "I LOVE YOU WERN EIK!!" (that's his girlfriend). LOL!! We all not shy one.

I had to model walk up where Ben did his dare and then make some canggih pose and model walk back. That one I quite shy. But who cares anyway! No one's gonna remember me also!

The best was the dare that Ju and Son did. Double combo dare. We dared them to get a drink from the bartender. Serious. They didn't just get drinks, they went ahead to get numbers of other guys too!! Hahahaha. The both of them very the happening.

And that left Andrew (Yap, that is) who claimed that, "Last person doesn't need to do a dare."

We were using King's handphone as the spinner so lucky Andrew who got to be the last one to do his dare.

Anywayyyy, picturessss!!

Image Hosted by
Son, Andrew, Ju, King, Ben & Jean.

I was the camerawoman.

Image Hosted by
King, Son, Me & Ben.

Image Hosted by
Jean, Ju & King.

Image Hosted by
Me & Ben.

Image Hosted by
King & Jean.

Image Hosted by
Partyqueen & Misswishful.

Image Hosted by
Snapshot of one of the seductive poses Jean had to do. Ju was her prop, lol!

Image Hosted by
The Boys: Ben, Andrew & King.

Image Hosted by
The King & I.

Yeah, I know I very the lame.

I like.

Image Hosted by
Jeanie & Me.

Now using the canggih effects from my cam.

Image Hosted by
Ju & Me.

Image Hosted by
The Four of Us.

And finally:
Image Hosted by
Group Picture!

'Twas indeed a good night :)


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