Melbourne - Part X (Day 9 & 10)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes, finally... finally I can finish on my Melbourne Holiday update.

Haha. I know, I know. I went to Melbourne, like, 10 billion years ago but...


I like to update slowmo.


The following are my events on my 2nd last day in Melbourne (the 9th day).

Phö Brunch @ Cow & Chicken and Hanging Out @ Daren's (25th August, 2007)

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Cow & Chicken.

It's a different Cow & Chicken from the previous one which was on Richmond.

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Phö a.k.a Vietnamese Noodles.

OMG. I miss Phö so, so much.

It's so arsed good, I tell yah. Seriously. I'm having a major drool session.

Image Hosted by
Spring Rolls.

BEST EVER SPRING ROLLS I'VE EVER HAD!!! Honest. I love these spring rolls.

My knack of crunchy things limits my dire need of spring rolls. I only like crunchy crispy spring rolls. And these were purrrrfeeecttt!!

Hence, my favourite food will never include starchy stuff like starchy, sticky rice (excluding sushi and glutinous rice) or potatoes (crunchy french fries are excluded, of course) and all the, well, other starchy starchy stuff!

Can't name it off the bat right now.


After brunch, we went over to Melbourne Central and bought some...

Image Hosted by
Krispy Kremesss!!!

Then we went over to Daren's house to chomp it all down!

Image Hosted by
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Image Hosted by
Daren, Joh & the Doughnuts.

Image Hosted by
Me & the Doughnut.

Gosh, these doughnuts are... the epitome of FAT.

It's so filled with so much sugar that it gave me a crazy sugar rush with just ONE BITE.

I know everyone's inlooovveee with Krispy Kremes but... I think it's too sweet for me.

Gasp! I hope it's not a sin for me to say that!!! I mean, I do still love chocolates and I'm a real sweet tooth but honest to goodness, Krispy Kremes are just.. complete health hazards and too dang sweet for your own good!

Well, for my own good anyway.. I think I've mentioned it more than once but I do come from a diabetic family which is a definite no-no to eat Krispy Kremes.

So after the Doughnuts, Daren cooked up some yummy seafood!

Gosh... salty yummy Phö, sweet fattening doughnuts and now high in cholesterol seafood!!

Can't be good, eh?

Image Hosted by

Oh, the scallops were soooooo good. Nothing you can ever... EVER get in Malaysia. Yummmm.

Image Hosted by

Ohhhhh. This was.... crazy stuff. Never had such good oysters. Well, I don't eat that much oysters in the first place since we can't get much good ones here so... yeah, this was gooooood.

You know, it's really unhealthy to blog about food on an empty stomach.

I'm dying here.... BUT! Must... finish.... blog.... dying....

After having our tummy's full from all sorts of food, we played Buzz!!

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Buzz Controller.

Buzz is super fun! Think I explained it before. It's a game that can test your general knowledge! Good brain work out!

I think I took an evening nap and then got read in Daren's place and off we were to...

Dinner @ Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant (25th August, 2007)

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Candice & Me.

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L-R: Gyson, Me, Jamie, Mei & Daren.

Image Hosted by
L-R: Joh, Chucky, Raph, Steve, Me, Candice & Jin.

What we came for:

Image Hosted by
Chef; Peking the Duck.

He's just slicing the duck but... well, fine. I guess "Peking" is a place and not the type of method of serving the duck. And they pronounce it as "Picking".

Picking Duck.

Image Hosted by
The Picking Duck.

How to eat:

1. Take the roasted duck slices and lay it upon the.... erm... mini roti canai look-a-like thingy which I dunno what it's called.
2. Pour the sweet brown sauce and add as much of the green veggie thingy as you like.
3. Roll it up and eat!!

The Picking Duck wasn't too bad. Something different.

Apparently this restaurant doesn't serve the best Peking Duck but the one that does, has to be booked 1 week in advance so we couldn't go for that one.

Image Hosted by
Me & Joh.

Image Hosted by
Candice & Jin.

Image Hosted by
Raph & Steve.

The glorious food:
(Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

Image Hosted by
You know what? I don't even know what this is. Chicken, perhaps? Probably the best dish... and it wasn't memorable.

To be honest, the ones that were actually memorable were the horrible dishes.

Image Hosted by
Sweet & Sour Pork..... or maybe Chicken: As gross as how it looks like in the picture. Which is gross.

Image Hosted by
Kai Lan: When you think you can't go wrong with veggie... think again.

Image Hosted by
Sizzling Beef: Real bad.

Image Hosted by
Wannabe Shark Fin Soup: It was so bad we thought it was spoiled so we asked them to swap for a fresh one. Soup number 2 tasted equally spoiled.

Image Hosted by
Fried Rice gone wrong. Very wrong.

The food doesn't look too bad, right?

Yeah, when it came, we didn't expect it to be crap either.

I have noooo idea how that restaurant can still bring in customers! Well, I suppose white people with zero taste buds would loooove those dishes.

No offense though. It just simple means that they are easier to please! Which... can be a good thing.

Image Hosted by
Gyson, Joh & Daren.

Image Hosted by
Group picture!

All having the fako smiles on even after a disastrous meal.

Image Hosted by
More like WORST Duck in Town!!

After dinner, we were off to...

Karaoke Night @ Kbox (25th August, 2007)

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The Ladies: Me, Candice, Mei & Elvina.

Image Hosted by
Elvina, Joh, Me & Candice.

What Joh's shirt says:
Image Hosted by
Hint: Tilt your head to the left.


Image Hosted by
Clockwise: Joh & Me, Candice & Ben, Chucky & Daren, Candice & Guo Jin.

Image Hosted by
Singin' our hearts out!

Chucky on the other hand...
Image Hosted by
Decided to snooze for a bit. LOL.

And that was my last night in Melbourne!


The following day, before I left for the Airport, I followed Candice to Church.

And it was great! I love her Church. The crowd was great, the worship band was awesome and the Pastor was intriguing.

My ex-schoolmates attended the Church as well including Joeeeeee.

I miss that fella :(

Image Hosted by
Joe & I.

Until December 4th, Joe ;)

And after Church, it was off to the Airport to fly my way home!

Naturally, the airport food was my highlight of my flight.

Image Hosted by
Chicken & Mash Potatoes in Gravy, Bread & Butter, Salad & Some Chocy Snacks.


And that's that!

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So long, Melbourne!



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