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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy 100th Post, Blog.

I ought to be writing about some good stuff for my 100th post, right?

Something happy... something celebratory... at least, something half decent.



Well, today was just one of those days.

You know, those days you wished were over as fast as possible.

Normally, days like these start off waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

On contrary!

I woke up like any other day. Rolled a bit until I realized I was gonna be late if I didn't get my butt up and moving. Took a quick shower, slipped into the clothes I prepared the night before, drank up my iced Milo, got my college things and off I went for a normal day of class.

Everything was all good and normal.

Then, it all began in the start of my first class.

Here's the sequence of unfortunate events on this very day:

#1 My lecturer, who actually cancelled class next week, decides to replace it back again! I mean, who likes to have their spirits brought up only to be dragged back down again, right?

#2 For some odd reason, I was starving in class AND having a tummy ache. A tummy ache on an empty stomach.... not a good sign!

#3 Did I mention I had to sit for a Sociology test? Nobody likes tests.

#4 Class ended 15 minutes later than usual. Nevermind that I'm dying of gastric!

#5 After Sociology class, I had Com class and for some other funny reason, the computer that I used to do my work kept rejecting all my work! (Everyone else's one was just fine, FYI) So I moved to another computer... and another sort of error decides to taunt me. I figured something was fishy with my luck today by then.

#6 So once I finally got settled with a decent computer, I did what I normally do in Com class. Checked my e-mail, go on Facebook, surf the net...
Anyway, I checked my e-mail for a reply from my lecturer/adviser regarding the dropping of my Com subject. I asked if I could dropped the subject (ironic, I know. Seeing as I'm currently in the class and all) since I found out from SFU (Simon Frasier University) that it's not transferrable which means not only did I waste RM1.2k for taking a completely useless subject (it's just introduction of computing... we learn this when we're babies!!), I'm also wasting my time!
Her reply: No. I can't drop it.
GARGH!! Apparently, it's too late to drop the subject. Sighhhhhh. My hopes on being on the Dean's List this sem is completely washed up. I'd never get an 85% for Com! The practical may be easy peasy but the theory (quizzes, tests and exams) are killer!!! All the computer gibberish... who needs to know? Apart from IT students, of course. That's what they're for right? If we knew all that mambo jumbo, that would just obliterate their purpose!

#7 To make matters worse... Com Pop Quiz!!! Great. Just great. And I had to finish the quiz asap because, not only was I starving my arse off, I reallly... reaaaaallllyyyyy needed to pee. I drank waay to much bubble tea (in between Sociology class and Com class) to try filling my tummy. I ended up just filling my bladder. I don't know why I held it... I guess I thought I'd finish the quiz in no time. More like 45 minutes!!!

#8 Went back home and was shivering head to toe from hunger. Came home only to find MY MOM'S MAHJONG KAKIS!! Ugh, where can a girl get some peace and quiet here?? My current house is so echo-y that the banging of tiles sound very much like an earthquake. Honestly!! I'm surprised I managed to get a short nap... what with Hero barking every few seconds at the sound of the banging tiles which his barks were half drowned... by the sound of the banging tiles.

#9 Then, I woke up a little bit late for my dental appointment which was at 4.30pm and which was in CHERAS which meant I had to leave by latest 4pm to make it in time which I woke up at 4pm. So I drove like a mad person and managed to reach at 4.40pm only to find that.... my dentist left.
And 5 minutes before too!!!! I was seriously pissed!! Why the heck didn't the nurses tell him to wait for me?? I know he would, he's my Pap's friend. He wouldn't mind waiting a couple of minutes!! Then, I found out that the nurses didn't even TELL him I was coming. They just slot me in as the last appointment and because I was a teensy bit late (hey, in my defense, it was pouring!!), they thought I wasn't coming.
Actually, I could've called them... so it's partially my fault too. But all those previous times I was late (hey, Cheras is super far and traffic is extremely unpredictable okayyy), they called me!! So what's so different now? Ugh. FRUSTRATIONNNN!!

And finally.. the one to top it all off...

#9 When I was walking Hero (after wasting 1 hour of my life going to Cheras and back) I tried avoiding this massive dog that I spotted further down the street. Hero usually goes a little psychotically hyper and decides he's strong enough to fight any dog (regardless of their size... probably hasn't figured out he is a pretty darn small dog) so I was afraid he'd get beaten up so I dragged him through this little lane to avoid the big dog.
Nevermind that the little lane was filled with green fungus or whatever the green/black/brown stuff that covers the cement when surrounded by a billion potted plants; those stuff was slippery as heck.
Naturally, Hero being the overly hyper dog that he is, drags me through the slippery lane as fast as he can and...
Yep, I fell almost flat on my face.
I have never fallen to the ground in years and years (haven't done any rough sports for superbly long) so I was in a state of shock the minute I crashed. Then, well... disgust kinda took over shortly. I got up and still being half dragged by Hero hoping to the heavens that no one saw me humiliate myself and was all covered in gooey black/green stuff.
Furthermore, my headphones of my player fell out of my ear and I had to use my gooey hands to chuck it into my pocket. So now, my headphones, shorts and later I found out my handphone, was covered with black/green goo! Ga-rosss!!
This time, I dragged Hero back home because I was positively reeling with frustration! And needed badly to wash the grossness off me.
Went to the bathroom to wash up and found out my knees were bleeding!!! I didn't realize I had it maybe because the pain was numbing. I was in pretty bad shape.

And oh yeah, the pain definitely came.


What a terrific 100th post.

You know, I went to Google a four leaf clover... you know, paste it on my blog hoping to get some good luck for the rest of the night (it's only 9.12pm right now... there's still time for more disasters to happen, mind!) and I came across a picture that I liked.

The caption for the picture: Spot the four leaf clover!

So I looked and looked and was pretty sure it was somewhere in the picture.

Just my luck.

I couldn't friggin' find it!!!

So I'm guessing I got conned.

Yet again, I wasted 2 minutes of my life.

Spot the Four Leaf Clover!



Balderdash. Playing games with me. Phoo-ey.

I know my day was not a complete and total disaster (touch wood!) and it could definitely get worse (knock wood!) but it sure was one heckuva frustrating day!!!

I guess it was because I expected it to be a good day. I just never expected so much unfortunate events to occur. I mean, after 12.30pm, I'd be free of classes until Monday, all my tests would be over and I needn't study for anything... no assignments or projects due.... a stress free weekend!

But nooooooooooo!


I guess there's nothing I can do now but look forward to a better day tomorrow since I'm pretty sure and seriously hope it can't get worse (smack wood!!).

Good day, all.
No, seriously. Hope you had one.


Anonymous entwined says..

i didn't have as bad a day as you did, but i fought with my boyfriend after MONTHS of peace and harmony. so it's a bad day for me too. :(

hope nothing untoward happened after the four leaf clover picture search :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007  
Blogger Jon Ming says..


I can imagine that fall. The last time I fell, I remember myself laughing at how stupid I was to trip over a tiny root coming out of nowhere on the roadside. Blah.

Hope you're alright though. Everything less nice is a blessing in disguise.

All the best for tomorrow! (which is today when you're reading this, so hope you had a blast today!)

Thursday, November 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

i cannot spot the 4 leaves clover~

Saturday, November 17, 2007  
Blogger karlais says..

tomorrows another day, hope your luck turns around then.
nice blog. love the pictures.

Sunday, November 18, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Entwined: That would be a really bad day if that happened to me as well :( Hope everything is all right now.

Jon Ming: Thanks alot :) It was an uplifting message. Although, I'm so laggy and slow that I'm only reading this... 5 days later! My blog is dyinggg!!

Anonymous: Neither could I :( It's a con.

Karlais: Thanks :) It did. I had a much better week, haha.

Monday, November 19, 2007  

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