Andrew's Surprise Party

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Better finish up all my downdates so I can start blogging recent things at a more recent time.

Actually, I just came back from the ga-zillionth birthday celebration I've attended in the past few weeks.

Honestly, August/September is so popular with birthdays!

I will be blogging up every birthday party I've went to in sequence in given time.

For now, here's the one that I actually had a hand in organizing. Lydia was my co-partner.

Andrew's SURPRISE Birthday @ His Place (31st August, 2007)

Here's a short video of the surprise:

Doesn't his Mom look so incredibly adorably happy? Haha. I think it's sooo cute!

First, let's have all the pictures taken with the guests and their messages to Drew:

P8310006.jpg picture by nataliang
This and the few following pictures are of Drew's gross un-styled hair. Haha. That's how off-guard we managed to catch him! And omg, THAT SHIRT!!

P8310007.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310010.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310011.jpg picture by nataliang
LOL. Got turtle and pig. So cute.

P8310013.jpg picture by nataliang
This fella encouraging Andrew all. Tsk!

P8310014.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310059.jpg picture by nataliang
Now all cleaned up and looking handsome already.

P8310057.jpg picture by nataliang

The other "woman":
P8310049.jpg picture by nataliang
Jon's face... CLASSIC.

P8310033.jpg picture by nataliang
I honestly think he does..

The guests:

P8310005.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310017.jpg picture by nataliang

P9010090.jpg picture by nataliang

P9010089.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310031.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310071.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310067.jpg picture by nataliang

The food:

P8310020.jpg picture by nataliang
The nasi lemak was mine. Spaghetti carbonara was Jean's. Nuggets were brought by Son. Teriyaki Chicken was Lydia's.
Ju came later on with a pork dish that was very yummy.

It also saved Bram's (one of Andrew's poker buds) life. That poor boy is allergic to........ CHICKEN. Yeah, I mean, how can you be allergic to chicken??!!

I would rather die lor. Honest. Son would definitely kill herself being allergic to chicken. What with her KFC fetish and all.

Bram could only eat the nasi lemak with egg (thank goodness he can at least eat egg lor) until Ju came with the life-saving pork dish.

The ones that COULD eat chicken:

P8310025.jpg picture by nataliang
Terry is Elisabeth's boyfriend and Elisabeth is Philip's brother and Jeanie is Philip's girlfriend and Elisabeth, Philip and Mr. Kwan are Andrew's sister, brother and father. Heh.

P8310027.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310028.jpg picture by nataliang

P8310079.jpg picture by nataliang
3-4 plates full. This was one of her later plates.

There were a couple of a couple of boys who were dressed ever so similarly and even hung out the most with each other throughout the night.

But which can truly prove how GAY they really are?

P8310038.jpg picture by nataliang
The Red Hot Chili Boys.

P8310065.jpg picture by nataliang
The Simon Cowells.

To me though, the ones that really got my attention and seemed the most genuinely gay are:
P8310053.jpg picture by nataliang
The Grossaholics.

It's a pity my boyfriend is part of TWO of those couples.


Oh, Lydia and I got him Chocolate Indulgence (Secret Recipe) for his birthday cake!
P8310040.jpg picture by nataliang
"You're finally legal to play poker!"

In the casino that is! But Genting's casino is super lame and doesn't have any poker tables. Plus, that casino is bullocks anyway. Even if they HAD a poker table, their dealers would probably be a grumpy lot and completely ruin the mood of the table.

P8310044.jpg picture by nataliang
We made it the morning itself! And BOY, was it hard. Not the process of making it. That was simple cause we're girls and we're supposed to be artistic and stuff.

But it was MERDEKA! Every darn shop was closed. We had to make do with what we had. Thank goodness we had a stash of stuff and put it all together to create the banner up there.

Not bad, eh? A bit girly for Drew but... WE REALLY DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE!

Plus, I bet he secretly loves the whole fact that it's girly. I swear, sometimes he's more feminine than me.

Actually intended to make a more poker-ish themed banner but plan failed due to lack of preparation. Completely forgotten that shops were all going to be closed, sigh.

P8310076-1.jpg picture by nataliang
So happy that it all worked out and that Andrew was surprised as ever :)

Last but not least:
P8310030.jpg picture by nataliang
Happy 21st!

God bless you always, Drew :)


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