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Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 whole weeks.

Yes, that's how long I didn't have internet access from my home.

I thought STREAMYX was BAD!

But for crying out loud, MAXIS IS JUST AS BAD OR POSSIBLY WORSE!!!

How inefficient these companies are. UGH. How dare they call themselves proffesional corporations when they can't even serve a customer with at least some DECENT services.

I mean, YOU try having zero internet access for 2 whole weeks. See how UN-cranky you'll become.

I mean, it wasn't easy to do research for my assignments, be updated with college work through the blackboard online and to keep in contact with friends I don't always see!

Sob, I could only use Sunway's com lab to surf the net when I'm in college! That's how pathetically deprived I am!!

And well, occasionally at Drew's place too. VERY occasionally. I don't like parasiting off people's stuff.

ANYWAY, ANYWAY. It's all over. I have my line back... FINALLY... and can indulge myself in all these wonderful, wonderful creations of the cyber zone.



(It may seem pretty bimbotic to read these blogs but heck it! It entertains me... I make it up for watching NatGeo and Discovery. And YES, believe it or not, I am a nature geek)


And soon to be opening...


It's a complete frenzy, that thing. I'm sorry for being backward and outdated as usual... I will go sign up soon, okay?


Quick update #1: Why I decided to change my blog layout.

I thought that since I didn't have internet access, it'd be the perfect time to change my layout!

Yes, I have been wanting to change it for a very long time.

And at this point of time, the header is NOT completed. The current header is just a temp.

Anyway, I decided to change to a new layout because I get so incredibly bored of my layouts too quickly.

But this time, I'm smarter.

I'm keeping my blog simple as simple can be.

Just black and white.

How simple can it possibly get?

I can't stand it when things are complicated, out-of-order, messy and unorganized. Everything has to be neat and tidy for me so I worked really... REALLY SO DARN FREAKING ASS HARD TO CHANGE ALL MY PREVIOUS 75 OTHER POSTS FROM PINK FONTS TO BLACK FONTS!!!!!!

Okay, so I haven't changed them all yet. Only the ones you're seeing on the mainpage.

BUT BOY, TIS' MADLY TEDIOUS!!!! Blogspot's editing is seriously retarded. I had to change VIA HTML for some posts and that seriously murdered me.

The minute my line got fixed (2 hours ago), my butt has been planted here to sort out my blog.

I have not stood up to even pee. I'm gross. I am also deprived of blogging so bear with me.

ANYWAY... now, what was my point again? I lost my point.

Okay, whatever. I just changed my blog layout, all right?

And basically, my header is not done. Martin is in the process. Don't rush him. Yes, I am telling myself that not you.

Sorry, I think I've gone slightly mental after not blogging for 2 weeks...

I think I'd better start on the next update.


Quick update #2: lunalola is ALIVE.

And has been for a week.


For those who already heard it from Son, well, good for you. Hope you're having those nice, pretty clothes on you right now.

For those who haven't heard...

lunalola-natnmecopy.jpg picture by nataliang

I'm pretty sure all the good stuff is gone but Jean's got a lot more to offer so keep on checking up on her blog to make sure you get the pretty ones before they all get snagged away.


Quick update #3: Sonia's gone bazookers it's not even funny.

Haha. Nah, I'm kidding.

She hasn't gone bazookers.

But she's definitely surprised us by wanting to start a CAMPAIGN!!

Kudos to you, my lil' Son the Bon Bon.

For those of you who haven't heard of it... well, you have now heard of it.

Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you what the campaign is suppose to be for.

It's a campaign against RAPE.

Son's in the process of enlightening herself about the proper objectives, the criterias in running the campaign, the neccesities of it and what it involves.

She will hold a meeting to have a talk about it this weekend. Please do come and support or at least hear it out.

Time and venue will be stated soon. Visit her blog to be properly updated (you know how unefficient I am):

And bless that girl for wanting to make a difference. I'd never think of coming up with something this big.

Okay, that's about it for today.

I've got so many darn updates that it'll just have to wait until next time or I won't have a social life anymore.

Thanks for those readers who still kept coming back :)


Love you guys <3


Anonymous Anonymous says..

ur eye make up really look nice.
mind to teach?..
like wat products are u using n how u apply?

Monday, September 24, 2007  

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