Lena's Surprise Birthday Party & Welcome Back Dinner

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let's take a break from my Melbourne updates and get into the current!

Two days ago was my sister's (Lena) birthday!

The countdown to her birthday was, according to her, lacking of love (she just returned from a weekend birthday trip from Singapore with her boyfriend so Yu Meng was at home unpacking and resting) and all her friends didn't organize everything.

So I guess her "lack of love" meant just being with her family. Hmph. Oh, well.

But little did she know...

Lena's Surprise Birthday Party @ Vintry (27th August, 2007)

This party was organized by Yu Meng and Mabel, if I'm not mistaken.

But boy, was it successful!

Check this out:

Haha. Lena's so funny.

P8270014.jpg picture by nataliang
Hope she's happy that she's getting lots of LOVEEEE now.

That girl!

P8270015.jpg picture by nataliang
Do I look more like Mommy?

P8270016.jpg picture by nataliang
Or am I Papa's girl?

P8270038.jpg picture by nataliang
The only picture I had of all four of us. The other better pic is in Lena's cam and it's always with her! So what with her busy, busy schedule.. can't get a hold of it yet.

Well, I do hope she enjoyed herself! I'm glad she's surprised. She doesn't get surprised that easily. That explains the super Emo Lena in the video above. Haha.


Welcome Back Dinner @ Tony Roma's, Cineleisure Damansara (28th August, 2007)

Originally, Andrew was supposed to take me out for Tony Roma's BEFORE I went over to Melbourne. But we were both so extremely busy (me with dance rehearsals and him with his finals) so we didn't get the chance.

So now that I'm back, I get to be spent Tony Roma's dinner!


P8280078.jpg picture by nataliang
We got a table that was smack in the middle of the restaurant so our service was FANTASTIC.

Way better than the service I had on my previous visit! And mind, the service then wasn't too bad either!

P8280082.jpg picture by nataliang

The waiter actually introduced each sauce to us and ended up with this:
P8280081.jpg picture by nataliang
Haha. So cute!

I like all the sauces except the Blue Ridge Smokies. That sauce has the after-taste of burnt food. Well, that's what I think anyway!

Anyway, we ordered two dishes and shared:

P8280085.jpg picture by nataliang
This was pretty good. And it was HUGE. We could only finish one half of the sandwich so we packed the other half home.

And I LOVE the fries! They are SO incredibly addictive and tasty. It tastes so unprocessed (unlike McD's fries or even TGIF's fries). As though they sliced it straight off a whole potato and baked it themselves! I bet they did actually.

P8280089.jpg picture by nataliang
Who would go Tony's and NOT have the ribs?

P8280090.jpg picture by nataliang
Yes, we were really pampered. I was almost forced into wearing one too; had I not resisted quite vigorously.

The bill came up to RM100/= (well, and 50cents) but Andrew said it was money well-spent.

It was indeed a satisfactory dinner.


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