Melbourne - Part VI (Day 4 & 5)

Friday, August 31, 2007

I felt like Italian so Candice brought us to a very fancy Italian restaurant!

Dinner @ Villa Romana (20th August, 2007)

P8200123.jpg picture by nataliang
Candice's Beau.

P8200124.jpg picture by nataliang
My Best Dude Friend.

The dishes we had:
P8200128.jpg picture by nataliang
This was really, really, really good. I mean, LOOK at it!

My tummy's growling already.

P8200129.jpg picture by nataliang
This veggie is seriously one of the best veggie dish I've ever had. I could finish the whole plate on my own. REALLY TASTY!

P8200130.jpg picture by nataliang
Good as well. They were ALL good! This was a plus because it had mussels!! MMM!!!

After dinner, Candice and Guo Jin went home and so did Joe.

Then, I met up with Daren, Joh, Raph and Mei and we headed off to a bar called Gin Palace.

Chilling @ Gin Palace (20th August, 2007)

P8200131.jpg picture by nataliang

P8200132.jpg picture by nataliang

P8200133.jpg picture by nataliang
Nick's Joh ex-roomie during his college years. Plus, he's a DJ too!

P8200135.jpg picture by nataliang
Everyone else had wine and beer but since I'm a goodie-goodie, I settled with a mocktail.

Loads of other people I didn't know later joined us and by the time 1am crept by, I was off for home.


The next day, for lunch (we don't eat breakfast... we're never awake for it), we had Pho (pronounced as "FUR" and also known as Vietnamese Noodles). And we had Pho for a whole lot of times soon afterwards thanks to Joh and his insane craving for that dish.

Later, we just chilled at Daren's place playing Buzz or SingStar.

For dinner...

Daren's Birthday Dinner @ Crystal Jade (21st August, 2007)

Those who attended the dinner:
P8210141.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210142.jpg picture by nataliang

That's 7 of us altogether.

You'll see the significance once you know how many dishes we had to eat.

Let's start with the appetizer:
P8210139.jpg picture by nataliang
One heck of a yummy soup.

You know what? I think I'd better just state this in advance. Every dish we had was top notch chinese delicacy. There was only ONE unsatisfactory dish; so when it comes, I'll give a heads up.

P8210140.jpg picture by nataliang
Favouritest seafood dish everrr.

Mussels are a close second, of course.

P8210144.jpg picture by nataliang
What's a meal without some greens?

P8210147.jpg picture by nataliang
Sorry for the bad blur. Best shot I could take before everyone started digging their paws into it.

P8210149.jpg picture by nataliang
You know, I'm pretty sure Daren ordered every possible meat there is to be eaten. HONESTLY.

P8210148.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210151.jpg picture by nataliang
You'd always GOT to have chicken.

After 5 meat dishes (we're freaking carnivores) and only 1 veggie dish and 1 soup...

There's still more MEAT to come!

P8210153.jpg picture by nataliang
Essential for the brains!

I bet you think that's it... what MORE can we order?

Whyyy, how about some:
P8210152.jpg picture by nataliang

This... is the worst dish ever. Apart from the fact I lost my appetite just looking at it (don't you think it looks just so cruel?), it tastes just as bad and scary as it looks!

Hmmm, actually, I'm in no position to grade how cruel eating pigeon is... I mean, I did just have SEVEN other meat dishes!

And boy!

9 dishes for 7 people!


But, it was REALLY good.
(Minus the foul fowl)

Anyway, after dinner, we were off to...

Daren's Birthday Surprise @ Golden Monkey (21st August, 2007)


And boy, was he surprised!

A billion people turned up and the bar wasn't exactly the biggest ever.

Anyway, pictures:

P8210154.jpg picture by nataliang
Sorry, I wasn't introduced to the girl on the far right so I didn't state her name.

P8210161.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210162.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210160.jpg picture by nataliang

P8210156.jpg picture by nataliang
Craazzzyyy!! And no, they aren't mini Siu Loong Pau (that's what you call it right?).

It's just A WHOLE LOT OF IT!

But it's not terribly good. Still prefer the one in Dragon i.

Anyway, Daren gave a speech! And this is pretty much all I remember:

"Thanks guys, I didn't realize I had this much friends! Okay, everybody, go sign up for a free account at!"

Haha. His new poker website.

By the way, if you want to be updated in the Asian Poker News or would like some tips and tricks at playing your poker hands, go visit!

And last but not least,
P8210168.jpg picture by nataliang
Hope it was a good surprise!



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