Dinner @ Yuen Steamboat

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That's right.

We heart the place so, so, SO much that we're back for the 2, 243, 534, 672 time!

I mean, how can you fight a buffet seafood steamboat with free flow of psycholicious chicken wings and unlimited ICECREAM (which isn't too bad either!) and you only have to pay RM20++??


And I've blogged about this place 2 times before (3rd time running) so those of you who really haven't tried that place and have read about me blogging it so many times....

Oh, WELL!!

You're SO missing out on one of the Wonders of Malaysia (referring to the chicken wings).

Yep. For ONCE, I am actually complimenting something about this country.

Well, the only good thing Malaysia have is good food and cheap... erm, people.

Okay, okay, I know there are other good things. But there's just nothing coming into my mind right now.

Plus, the cons definitely overthrow the pros of living in this...... country.

Took me a lot not to come up with insults accompanying that word.

Moving along...

Dinner @ Yuen Steamboat (3rd August, 2007)

P8030002.jpg picture by nataliang
Ernest picked Jean and Me up!

Those who came:

P8030006.jpg picture by nataliang

P8030015.jpg picture by nataliang

P8030021.jpg picture by nataliang
I know I look retarded. It's the only decent picture of me I could find. Ju kept taking bad angles of me! Tsk!

P8030013.jpg picture by nataliang
I swear he was posing for me.

Haha! That's the way maarrr. Don't shy shy all.

P8030017.jpg picture by nataliang

And later on, Sonia and Marcus joined us as well.

But they didn't eat though! Son says she's trying to lose 3 more pounds.

I've no idea how skinny she wants to get. Crazy one, she.

P8030041.jpg picture by nataliang
Oh, and she's got bangs now! Haha. She was actually going for the short-to-long bangs and attempted to cut it herself.... when it all went quite wrong and she had to make an emergency call to Peekaboo to fix up her hair.

Anyway, they missed out on:

P8030026.jpg picture by nataliang
Mmmm. Limitless.

If I were to be very honest, I'm not a steamboat fan. But mix the Tom Yam and Chin Tong Soup together and have it with oodles of my super favourite Chanterelle Mushrooms... YUMMMMSS!!

And let's not EVER forget:
P8030030.jpg picture by nataliang
I mean, how deliciously delicious do they look?!

And after we had our tummies full...

Camwhore session!

P8030047.jpg picture by nataliang
Le Bloggers.

P8030055.jpg picture by nataliang
Son bought a softie from those handicapped people. So charitable!

P8030051.jpg picture by nataliang
Haha. Trying to immitate the "sweat face". Should be two fingers, though, right?

Check out Ju's hamster fingers. Hehe. Super like to kacau her. I mean, can you denyyy?

P8030060.jpg picture by nataliang
As quoted from Perez: Yummy, yummy, screw, screw!

Haha. That just came to my mind when I look at this pic.

P8030058.jpg picture by nataliang

Let's hope it'll stay that way!

I mean what with...

Jean's going off to Melbourne early next year.

Son's going to the States then too.

And me, off to Canada in May.

Ju hasn't got plans to go anywhere just yet and might be local-ing.

We'd be in 4 different countries by mid next year!

We grow up so quickly!
(Adults favourite quote! Well, I am ALMOST adult... more or less 6 months to go)

Anyway, let's not get all emo, huh?

Back to... erm, whatever I'm supposed to be back to.

P8030071.jpg picture by nataliang
Now all show teeth already. Contented and happy!
One thing that keeps me happy using my current cam, no make-up required to take a not-so-digusting picture of myself! Using my previous cam or my Sister's cam, goodness to gracious! Look like monster without make-up!!

Gosh, I just realized that I blog far too often about eating.

Everywhere I take picture (at home or away) always got food.

Sigh! I'm sorry if I'm boring you, readers!

I can't help it... the only thing I've been doing is eating and.... watching movies. Okay, sports now and then but other than that!!!

That's why I'm such a fatty bom bom now. Oh, no point convincing me. I swear, I've put on a few and no one can deny it! Sighhh. Time to pull a Sonia ;)

LOL. If you know what I mean!

Anyway, I can't be happening (like my other girlfriend who goes to the party scene ever so often) because Mr. Boyfriend would slit my throat if I go. To him, clubbing is some sort of infidelity on my part.

So how you tell me?

Wait until 16th of August lor!

When I go Aussie... I'm gonna PARTY all the way!!!
(Hehe. Don't tell him!)


I hope I can get Adobe running over there though...

Okay, okay.

I have to go now! I'm going to go check my results online....




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