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Monday, July 23, 2007


I have officially screwed up in my Finance paper today.

I'd be happy with a C (70%).

VERY, VERY grateful if I can get a C.


Sob. Stupid theory part. SO confusing.

I threw away a 9 marker question (out of 100 marks) just because I mixed up "KEY Features of a Bond" and "Features of a Bond."
(I wrote just the features of a bond and NOT the KEY features)

It's time to draw the sweat face:


Or the crying face:



Hey, 9 marks is hella lot of marks considering the other possible mistakes I might've made in other questions, you know!

I was aiming for a B (80%) at first, but I'd have to get at least a 34/40.

But since the paper had 4 questions which were all worth 25 marks each, I had to get an 85/100 which is currently now near impossible what with the loss of the 9 marks and the fact I was talking complete rubbish for 2 of the theory questions.


Let's talk about happier times, shall we?

Dance & Band Performance @ AUP Ball, Eastin Hotel (20th July, 2007)

At Ju's place just after getting ready.

Gosh, is it me or do I look muchos younger in that pic?

Cute, hor?

LOL. Hahahaha.

Just kidding lar. Not so thick skin. But I do feel I look a little different there.

Like a little girl who slapped on a lot of make-up.

Anyway, we all got ready at Ju's place where Son did all our Puff Up Flowerhorn hairstyle. Haha.

Then, Andrew and Marco Polo drove us to Eastin and we waited in the VIP room until it was our turn to perform.

It was our Dance Performance first.

But before that, we took some pics first of course!

All stripes this time!

By the way, all our outfits are sponsored by Jean's closet. Haha! She's got SO many striped shirts!

Photographer/Drummer Boy. Wah, his hair so cool. Cover one eye one.

And then, it's off for our performance!

We actually just did a repeated performance because everything was so last minute.

So we danced to Pink Panther, Maneater and Candyman again!

Mind, we had only 1 practice.

Here are a few pics of us taken by Brian!

No points for guessing who's the giant.
(Or the midget... HEHE)

Jean and Ju!

Me and Son!

Jean and Ju again.

All of us!


And after our dance performance, it's off to change to my Band Performance outfit!

Once I've changed, I made all of them (me bandmates: Bri, Ah Mah, Pin and Gene) take a lot, a lot, a LOT of pics together!!

Andrew was the photographer of the day.

Ah Mah. Me. Brian. Pin. Gene.
I still don't get why we're called Crazy Lady. I honestly hope the joke's not on me... seeing as how I'm the only girl in the band and all.

Pose more cool bit. Except for Pin lar. Dunno why he's smiling so serenely for also and somemore got this hand on his waist like an Aunty. I mentioned pretty clearly to pose, "Cool abit!".

And here we've started to ask Drew to just keep snapping so we'll start doing poses! Look at Gene! Haha.

Pin, as usual.... er.

Me and Ah Mah still posing "cool" and if you noticed, Brian has been smiling ALL THE WAY.

All smiles.

Dunno what to pose already.

I thought I said, "Look up!" so I dunno where Pin and Bri are looking at. Gene and Ah Mah doing some stunt.

Gene blocks Pin.

Gene blocks Bri.

Gene blocks Me.

Gene always wants the limelight in front of the cam (as you've seen) but he stones and does not move when we are on stage!

Lousy boy.

Anyway, told you it was a LOT of pictures. Haha.

We didn't get the pic where Gene blocked Ah Mah though, haha. That'd be pretty funny.

The photographer. Not bad for a noobie.

So for our Band Performance, we played:

1. Boston - Augustana
2. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
3. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
4. Starlight - Muse

Man, all the girls were all over Ah Mah. Think all of them fell in love with his singing and... ahem... "yengness".

But no doubt about it, that boy can sing. Got that husky voice that girls would drool over.

For Boston, there weren't that much response from the crowd. But once we played Stolen, a couple came up to dance and later more people came up to dance and by the time Starlight was on, there was a ROW of girls dancing in front of Ah Mah!

Hahahahah. So funnay.

So after my Band Performance, Jean, Ju and Son who waited and supported me performance (spanks, girls! Love you all loads), as well as I, went over to the Curve Mcdonald's to chill for a bit.





Man, Sam's shoes must've been really smelly! Haha. Ju's face is the funniest!!

It's like, she REALLY thinks it stinks really bad!


Famous Four Fingered Marco Polo.

And now, a photo montage of Ju and Son:



Seriously, don't.

NO! Not, really!! Haha. They are the "chilli padi" of our group. They may look teensy and all but DON'T BE FOOLED!!

See what I mean?

But wait! Son can be very lovable too:
Haha. Ju looks super funny as usual. I instructed this pose actually!

Then, Jean and I went and imitated them!

Last but not least:

(Wish me luck for my Accounting II paperrrrrrr!!)


Blogger Brian. says..

Eh my hair just fell that way la when we took that picture. Aiyo damn poyo. Like Taiwanese singer wannabe or something.

Hahaha I need a haircut.

Monday, July 23, 2007  
Blogger ; pikyiee - * says..

Andrew look so funny ! When are you gonna upload the videoo ? Good luck for you paper ya ! (:

Monday, July 23, 2007  
Anonymous mah says..

hahaha. why arent there any pictures of us on stage?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007  
Anonymous wanli says..

i wonder how did sonia did that flowerhorn hair huh? =)

Thursday, July 26, 2007  
Anonymous aki says..

does dat marcus really have 4 fingers only?

Thursday, July 26, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Brian: Haha. Don't worry, I know you not poyo one. And yes! After the Fat-Man Challenge it over, I assume you will be off with a new haircut!

Pikyie: He does, doesn't he? He'd probably murder me if he knows I posted it up, haha! The vid's in Son's blog! You can check it out there. And thanks!

Mah: Because... Brian was on stage with us???

Wanli: Lots and lots of hairspray and quite a bit of skill haha ;)

Friday, July 27, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Aki: And yep, Marcus has only 4 fingers on one hand! Haha. His other is still extremely capable of smacking someone in the head though.

Friday, July 27, 2007  

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