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Monday, July 30, 2007

I have finally decided to set up a...


And don't bother to write any insults, mean remarks, disrespectful words, offensive or impolite gestures or any sort of snide comments in my ChatterBox because it will go unacknowledged.

However, sweet & pleasant, tasteful & encouraging comments are more than welcomed!


Oh, and I think I mentioned on my previous post that I'd blog that night itself.



It was the night before my Endurance Golf Competition and my Dad insisted I slept extremely early so I'd be well rested.

I don't think it helped very much that I came back pretty late either actually...

And then, I thought I'd blog on Saturday instead but heck!

I was so completely knackered that for once, when I went out with Andrew for one of Andrew's college mates birthday party after golf, I was half-dead and not quite responding to the people around me.

I did, however, managed to plaster a smile on my face the whole way. So that people won't think I'm a mean and unfriendly person of course!

It was really the best I could manage.

The minute I stepped back home... I konked out and slept for a full 12 hours!

And on Sunday?

Well, I was completely glued to my HP book and it feels good to say that...


And it's awesomely awesome.

You know, Sonzy actually told me someone died in the book beforehand (yes, she gave me a spoiler; boy, was I mad!), but...

It didn't happen! She bluffed me!

I still haven't confronted her just yet.

Anyway, I absolutely adore that book! It's really the best one yet because everything just comes into place! Right from the beginning until the end!

I'm probably gonna read it again since I'm lacking of books to read nowadays.



My Home-Cooked Dinner @ My Place (26th July, 2007)

Andrew, Ju and Sam came over on Thursday to eat my very own attempted Teriyaki Chicken Don!


I was thinking since Andrew loves Sakae Sushi's Teriyaki Chicken Don so much, I'd try to cook for him and save himself Rm10.90!

I think my attempt was pretty all right, if I do say so myself!

Well, I've learnt from the best (Mummy Ng and Tini) after all, so I can't go very wrong, can I?

I just remembered why it doesn't look completely right.

I forgot to add Japanese Seaweed flakes!

Oh, well.

Am just glad no one had tummy aches after eating.

I also cooked veggie on the side:img341/4482/teriyakichicken13et7.jpg
With mushrooms.

Veggie is the easiest thing to cook... EVER!!

Well, apart from rice, maggie mee and all the microwave food.

My guests:


They all look so pei and sad.

As though they're torturing themselves for eating my food :(

So I asked them to pose happy, happy bit!

Wah! So enthusiastic!

Ju looks happy enough! Haha, cute. Looks like a chipmunk!

There you go. Muchos better!

See? Now at least I feel more appreciated ;)

After dinner, it was time for Drew and I to go for our movie marathon!

Yep, we bought back-to-back movie tickets!

First, we watched Vacancy.

To scare ourselves silly.

Then, we watched The Simpsons!

To make up for all the scary stuff we endured. Haha.

Good combo, no?


Movie Review


The movie is as promising as the trailer, I'd say. I sort of have a thrill for this sort of movies.
Andrew HAD it too. Until he reacted quite differently after watching this movie.
At first, he was all, "I like THRILLER movies not HORROR. THRILLER movies I confirm can take. I actually ENJOY it."
I swear, that's what he said.
AFTER watching Vacancy, however, he was all quiet and moody. I thought he was angry at me or something. Wondering what I did so I asked him. And this was his reply, "No laaa. Not angry at you. I just HATE that movie!!! Where got movie until like that one!!?"
Yep, indeed he was disturbed. Poor boy has a weak heart.
But I certainly liked the movie! It's fast-going and sort of has a story line. Interesting sort, really! Keeps you at the edge of your seat.
Watching this in the cinema is definitely a must! What will all the music suspense going on.


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

And next up, we went to watch The Simpsons!

On our way to the THX Cinema, we took a few snapshots with the family we were gonna see on the big screen!

Naughty, naughty! Sigh, I fear my boyfriend is indeed homosexual.

In this case, homersexual!


I KNOW, I KNOW! Don't need anyone reminding me I'm being madly lame.


My turn with Homer!
Drew's hands are so shaky!

And so...

The Simpsons
Gosh. Well, it definitely lived up to it's standard, for sure! Loved every bit of the movie since I've been a Simpsons fan eversince I was a teensy tot and had Mega TV then. Yeah, the one before Astro.
That's how long I've known The Simpsons! Pretty long, if you asked me!
Anyway, it's a cartoon movie not to be missed! Unless you don't enjoy this sort of humour.
I'm sure everyone has at least seen The Simpsons once in their life so they'd roughly tell.
Oooh, and the fellow cinema-goers at GSC 1 utama were REALLY enthusiastic. They laughed at just about EVERYTHING.
It actually adds feel to the movie but it's really not that great to have a particularly high-pitched GUY, laughing at every darn thing, sitting RIGHT BEHIND you.
But all's well that ends well. Loved it!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.

PS, Photobucket is stupidly down so my images on my other posts cannot be seen! BLAME PHOTOBUCKET!! At least for this post I'm using ImageShack, thankfully.


Anonymous Anonymous says..

did u use japanese rice to make your teriyaki don?
it looks yummy =)

pls post the answers to the riddle!

Monday, July 30, 2007  
Anonymous jamil says..

exactly the same problem when i watched the simpsons the other day...1 stupid fella go n laugh at every single darn thing..even when everybody arent laughing,then he goes like hahahahahaha...n i was like what the fuck? hahaha... stupiot..luckily he didnt sit beside me...

Monday, July 30, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous: Yes, I did :) Posted already!

Jamil: Haha. Yeah, there are loads of people who are very inconsiderate!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007  

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