Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows & SMKDJ's Sports Day!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Before I start on SMKDJ's Sports Day...


And I haven't got the book!!!


All thanks to my oh-so-very fussy self, I did not pre-book the book when I had the chance and now.. I'm forced to live in confinement so NO ONE WILL TELL ME THE ENDING BEFORE I READ IT!

I HATE spoilers. So annoying.

Last year, before I read the 6th book, everyone was telling me that Dumbledore kapoot-ed and Snape was the half-blood prince.


If anyone has the book and read it already or would soon read it and dares to leave a comment about the book, I WILL DELETE IT!!!
In fact, to be safe, I won't be reading my comments until I get my book!

Which is not until next week... until my Finals is over, that is.

Okay, I'll probably peek at my comments but if I see so much as an OWL in my comment, DELETEDDDD!!!!!

I take this very seriously, okay! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

I read the 1st book 3 times, 2nd book 4 times, 3rd book twice, 4th book 4 times, 5th book twice and 6th book twice.

Eversince I was 13!! VERY huge fan!!!

Anyway... I originally wanted this cover:
Most of my books are of this version. I like!!!

This version has nice fonts and every chapter got pictures!

So I would prefer having this cover. I thought that maybe they'd sell it in Aussie and was asking Joe or my Sis to ship it back to me.


BOO HOO!!! Only ugly covers :(

So I have to settle for the normal, average covers that they sell in MPH, Popular, Borders and Kinokurniya.

Which... I am not even sure when I can get it yet!!! I hope it doesn't sell out so soon!


Okay, okay.

Let's move on to what I was supposed to blog about in the first place.


SMKDJ's Sports Day @ Kelana Jaya Stadium (19th July, 2007)

Ju and I decided to drop by on a nice Thursday morning at Kelana Jaya Stadium to watch a bit of house cheerleading and give a little support to our houses.

We were both captains of our houses 2 years ago, of course.

So we reached the Stadium at 11-ish and was looking for an entrance.

We stopped outside what looked like a locked entrance and saw an unknown teacher almost sort of standing guard.

"Excuse me?" Ju called the unknown teacher.

The teacher came up and said, "Yes?"

"Can we come in?" Ju asked. We genuinely thought the gate was locked (but it wasn't as we later found out when she let kids in and out infront of our faces).

"Who ah you?" Teacher asked. She's Chinese and incapable of saying the letter R. Not uncommon.

Ju said, "Ex-students."

"Solly, ex-students are not allowed."


Ex-students are NOT allowed??


Oooookay, now THIS is getting out of hand. FIRST, I had so much problem getting my SPM Cert and NOW, THIS???

Why in the bloody world aren't ex-students allowed anyway? What pathetic reason did they come up with to disallow wonderful, supporting, INNOCENT ex-students who were wearing SMKDJ Shirts and LONG sweatpants to be unallowed to enter the premises of a PUBLIC AREA????

What complete DOUCHEBAGS.


I am NOT from SMKDJ.

What a stupid school!!

And the best part...

Ju claimed, "But my sister is inside. I want to see her."

Now the teacher gets annoying (Chinese ladies are very capable of making annoying faces... SO ANNOYING MAN THIS ONE) and said, "Solly. Cannot. You can ask her to come out."

Ju said, "But I want to see her run."



Honestly, if you were there, you'd totally understand how annoying she was.

"Parents also not allowed as well?" Ju asked.

"Palents allowed. Blothers and sisters not allowed," Annoying Teacher said with an annoying smug on her face.

What the...

What an incredibly dumb rule!!

Two innocent girls who would sit quietly and do no havoc just to watch some cheerleading are not allowed?

So I asked, "We just want to see the cheerleading and we'd be off."

"No lah!" Annoying Teacher gets annoyed and started making annoyed-looking gestures. "I said cannot oledi lah! Haiyoh."

So we left equally annoyed as her if not more and wishing Mr. Chia had not left DJ school because I just know he'd be able to let us in in a breeze.

He's, like, the only decent teacher in DJ school and now... he's gone.

All hope for DJ school is gone.

Booooo sama DJ.

So Ju and I thought we'd completely wasted our time coming here (plus my petrol money) and thought we'd try to see if there were any other entrances we could sneak in through and if we really couldn't find any, well... heck it!

So I drove one round and we noted that the other side of the stadium (which has another entrance) are all guarded by security guards so no chance of getting in.

And then, as I drove pass one side of the stadium, we saw entrances that have been blocked off.

Ju and I thought we could try to see if we could break in any one of those faulty-looking blocked entrances.

So I parked the car and Ju tried the doors along the blocked entrances but to no avail.

And then... we came across this grilled door that opens like how a garage door opens.

You know those shops in 1 utama or the Curve? They open from bottom to top? Like garage doors?

Yeah, very similar except this thing was more of a fence sort than a solid sort. And the thing that held it down were rusted chains, chained to a pillar... and only on one side!

Then, Ju came up with this idea:

She would lift the chains and I would lift the metal fence garage-door-look-a-like and when it's high enough, we could slide underneath!

Brilliant plan because it worked!!!

We freaking did some major stuntwoman job man.

And goodness to gracious, it was funny as EVER!!!

Laughed our arses off.

It's like; we tried so hard to get out of school back in those years and now? We're trying to hard to get in.


Gosh. It's just so much funnier if you were there to see it happen.

Let me remind you, to see Ju do athletic things...

LOL. Soooo funnay.

We had one and only one witness though.

A PBSM girl patrolling the corridors.

She helped us. Haha!

What a nice girl.


The stuntwomen. Haha. Omg. It's so funny.

I know you guys probably don't get it but... Well, I would've taken a picture for your benefit if we weren't laughing and trying our fastest to blend in with the crowd as quickly as we could before we got caught.

Thank goodness we were wearing SMKDJ shirts and long pants and looked like complete dorks.

Er, no offense to the current DJ students, of course. You ARE forced to dress that way in school after all and have absolutely no freedom of choice.

We were sitting at the Maju stand. Unggul and Berjaya Stands were too conspicuous.

Anyway, after sweating like a pig while waiting due to the delay which happens in every event in Malaysia, the first team to perform were:

Very blue.

Mind, the pictures aren't very clear because I was miles away.

Not bad, not bad.

Berjaya's routine was clean and neat. I thought it was all right. Not bad. Not great or anything, but definitely clean.

DJ school judges graded them: No position.

PFFTT! They SO deserved better than that. I'd say the worst is 3rd. Judges are ridiculous. Whoever the judges were.

I mean, they were really quite all right!

Well, next up was:
6 dudes. Wow, this year they brought up the limit from 5 guys to 6. Interesting.


What do I think? Well, I can't quite remember their routine actually. I think one of their stunts fell. They didn't have a perfect routine. But they were all right. Not too shabby.

DJ school judges graded them: No position.

Well, it's expected. Only Kesatria and... I think Hebat dropped a stunt.

And then we have:
My ex-team!

During the years I was still in school, Unggul was at their high. We rocked EVERYTHING!!

There was a year that Unggul managed to snag the Cheerleading trophy, the Marching trophy and the OVERALL trophy!

Mighty fun days.

"I love Unggul."


DJ school judges graded them: Champs.

If they didn't win, the sky would fall. And I'd probably find out who the judges are and dig their eyeballs out for being blind.

Unggul was great! I was very proud of them.

Their captain was a petite girl I used to coach, Chui May.

She did an awesome job!

Next team to perform:
The boys aren't really wearing green, are they? It's like... teal.

Don't worry. The first elevator was meant to do that.

And MAN, that dude was the MAIN FLYER. Haha. He's pretty good, you know.

DJ school judges graded them: Runner-up.

I guessed so. I can't quite remember their routine but it was... okay, I guess! Haha. Can't comment since my memory on their routine is pretty hazy.

And finally:
As many boys as there are girls.

This is probably the best formation that they did.

You'll see their ending pyramid later.

An absolutely question mark.

DJ school judges graded them: 2nd runner-up.

Tsk. I'm sorry for all the Maju Cheerleaders but seriously, it wasn't a very good routine.

Let's just say that the minute Maju finished performing, Ju and I were like, "They're so gonna get last."

So it was quite surprising to learn that they got 3rd. Honestly.

Oh, well. As long as Unggul won... who cares! Haha. I'm so mean.

Now, it's time for...

Which Team Has The Best Basket Toss?

LOL. That dude doing the toe-touch sure jumped really high. Anyway, the toss was pretty decent. But the flyer's toe-touch looked quite... like it's a cross between a pike and a toe-touch.

Not bad, eh? But the flyer on the left side bent her knees though.

They've got height but her hands are everywhere! Keep it tight girl! And in fists.

It's a little low. And another cross between a pike and toe-touch.

Hebat's first basket toss. I have NO clue what the flyer was attempting. She looked possibly as surprised as we were.


So the winner is OBVIOUSLY: Rumah Hebat's BOY-toss. Haha! He's an awesome flyer!

And now...

Which Team Has The Best Ending Pyramid?

And they got 3rd. I promise you, this is their ending pyramid. What's cut out from the picture is just four people holding up play cards M, A, J and U.

Not bad. Except the left flyer isn't doing an "L" like her other flyer.

Told you the dude is the main flyer. They've got him on an EXTENSION!

Simple but neat. And that dude is doing a split, y'all!


And the best ending pyramid goes to: UNGGUL!

And that's that for Misswishful's Awards.

Last but not least, the Dynamitez performed!

After seeing the all the house team's performances, when Ju and I saw the Dynamitez, we practically stoned and had goosebumps!

Jeezer weezer.

They sure scared us! They're superbly sharp and loud and.... VERY SCARY!!!

And of course, absolutely fantabulous and very deserving of their title.

The Dynamitez.

Mad! Oh, I had to cut one out because that flyer didn't manage to go on her scale. No hard feelings!

Can you spot the odd one out? Hor, hor. Caught on cam, hun! Or maybe she was meant to do it that way? Possible.

Check this out:
I think Dina's the one with the perfect toe-touch. Haha! Good job, girl.


They're scary lil' things, they are.

Anyway, I have more updates to follow but I need to study so until I have my next study-break!


Blogger [ y i m i n g ] says..

Sorry, I'm kind of a silent reader, but I'd like to point out that Popular, Times, Harris and MPH are NOT selling the Harry Potter book due to certain reasons.

And you probably met my maths teacher at Sports Day. *shudders*

Okay. Bye. -goes back to lurking-

Saturday, July 21, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Yi Ming: Yeah, I read some sort of that news in the Newspaper. Hopefully, Kinokurniya won't let me down. Or I'd just borrow the book off someone first!
Haha. Your math teacher is ANNOYING!

Saturday, July 21, 2007  
Blogger [ y i m i n g ] says..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Saturday, July 21, 2007  
Blogger [ y i m i n g ] says..

If she was wearing a Hebat T-shirt and is short and erm..stumpy, then it's definitely her.

Saturday, July 21, 2007  
Blogger ; pikyiee - * says..

OMG PN. HEAH !!! Hahhaaaa. She teaches Kemahiran Hidup & Maths. LOL ! Anyway , YAY for Unggul.

Sunday, July 22, 2007  
Blogger Kelvin says..

ur unggul didnt own when u were form 5..
maju did =)

Sunday, July 22, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Yi Ming: Oh, no. She wasn't that short. She's quite skinny and normal in size.

Pikyie: No, no! Not sweaty Pn. Heah. She IS the one that sweats alot, right? Haha. This one is new. Never seen her before. And YAY indeed for Unggul ;)

Kelvin: I didn't particularly say Form 5. I said, "There was a year..."
We owned all the trophies when I was in Form 3, I think! Maju sucks. Hebat won overall in Form 5 LA! Haha.

Monday, July 23, 2007  
Anonymous Ethan says..

Yay I love Unggul. :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007  

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