Joe is Back & SPM Cert Incident

Friday, July 6, 2007


He's been back since a week back but he's been sooooo busy and well, so have I so I haven't got to see him until just yesterday!

I had to pick him up for dinner (a very rare thing for me to do) because that fella has NOT YET GOTTEN HIMSELF A DRIVING LICENCE!!!

I mean, HELLLOOOO???

It's been 2 years since he has been eligible to get a licence and yet he has not gotten it.

No time, he says.

And I'm already on my way out of a 'P' by end of July!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

ANYWAY, we didn't know where to eat so I suggested Manhattan's because I absolutely adore that place and Joe has not tried it before. Can't believe he hasn't tried it!!!

There's a branch at Centrepoint, Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid, Cineleisure, Klang Valley etc!

It's like saying you haven't tried McDonalds before!


Me bestie!

I remember torturing this poor boy a lot in highschool.

I did SO many semi-evil things to him... and he ends up apologizing to me somehow! It was really fun.

Gosh, I miss those days.

I was so evil.

I remember how he keeps annoying me with his repetitive exclamation, "MY MONKEY'S NAME IS BOB!"

So irritating. So in return, I'd forced him to pick up my pen when it drops EVERYTIME. Because he's annoying and I am too lazy to pick it up. Hehhehee.

Plus, I'd make him sing songs for me... such as "I'm a Slave for You" and songs that tell me how great I am and how he hails my greatness.

BWAHAHAH!! Goodness, how'd he put up with me?


I am his Master.

No, really. He literally says, "Yes, Master," when I ask him to do something for me.

And the best part? I didn't have to force him to! HAHAHAHHA!!!

Wow, I'm so powderful man.

Nah, Joe's just way too nice. Poor boy. I always bully him. Feel quite bad. Actually... not really.

I think quite a lot of my notes all got his handwriting. HEHE.

Eh, when I'm in the mood, I write for him also one, okay! (Just that he does it more often lar of course...)

He's a monkey. MY monkey. Ngeks.

My first picture doesn't look convincing enough. I look more like I'm in a "constipated mode" then an "I wanna kill you mode".

What we had:
Oooohh! Ahhhh!!

Yummeh. The gravy for the prawns is freaking gosu man. MMMM!!!

Ate this a ga-zillion-billion-million-trillion times and I still love it.

Gosh, no make-up and I look like a small girl with dark circles and bags! Aiyerrrr. But cannot laaa, I'm soooo lazy to put on make-up sometimes. It's the removing part and the fact that I can't rub my eyes (bad, bad habit of mine) when I have eyeliner on.

You know, I always have problem going into clubs one.

My face looks like a little kid's face man! So annoying. Always kena stopped and ask for IC all.

So I am only eligible for Maison.

Unless I'm out with Lena who is a freaking hardcore clubber and knows the whole darn clubbing world and therefore this will allow me to go in eventhough I'm underaged.

Anyway, after dinner, I dropped Joe off to meet some of his other friends.

And among those other friends, is Lydia, which is Andrew's sister...


If Joe EVER goes out with Lydia.. as in, goes out goes out, IT WILL BE SO WEIRD!

Omgosh. Weirddddd.

It's like, your boyfriend's sister/ex-bestie going out with your bestie.


It was sort of weird also larr when I got together with Andrew at first.

But it'll be even more awkward if anything of that sort happens again.



Just the other day, I finally decided to pick up my SPM Cert.

During my lo-ong break between classes, I dropped by my ex-High School, Damansara Jaya.

Everything still looked the same. I really missed the place. 5 years of memories there, you know!

But all my favourite teachers are gone already so I didn't bother visiting anyone that day.

I remembered during my 1st few years of High School, the disciplinary stuff wasn't as strict. I don't recall hating any discipline teachers because they were all... well, not very strict.

It was mostly because the current headmistress then was freaking lazy lar. Barely see her lift a finger to do anything. Which is good lor!! I mean, she only comes for... really, really, really important events.

And as lazy as she was, came Form 3, she got promoted!!!

So someone else took over her job as being headmistress for DJ.

This time, it was a Chinese headmistress. I'm not going state her name for... well, for my own good!

Sudddeeennlllyy, someone go find her and blab to her what I am about to dish about her then I will be sooooo dead.

But I just HAVE to say this because........ I dunno. I just suddenly thought of it so I'm going to say it.

When I was in Form 4, I visited her office because I wanted to transfer class. I had a retarded class teacher (I'm not gonna even start on THIS one because.. I would have a never ending post) so I just cannot tahan and needed to transfer.

So we were both sitting down in her office (we sat at the lounge area.. coffee table and sofas) and discussed. Suddenly, someone came in an interrupted us.

As she talked to that person, while waiting for them to finish, my eyes accidently fell upon her legs.

She was wearing a 3-quarts black skirt so I can see her calves.

And I was like...


In my head lar, of course. Not out loud.

I promise you, I have never seen such hairy legs on a woman before.

It was really traumatizing.

And as she came back to be to continue our discussion, I had to restrain bursting out laughing so I ended up with this goofy smile plastered on my face throughout the whole time we talked.

In the end, I didn't get to transfer class which was really pissing off but I managed to survive with my class teacher anyhow.


Back to THAT...

I breezed into school and reminisce the old memories and bumped into Pn. Mary-Ann. Well, I think that's her name. Who cares anyway. Piss me off only.


You'll understand why soon.

So when I walking up the stairs, she looked at me like as though I'm some kinda of alien species and asked me, "Why are you here for?"

"Er, to collect my SPM Cert."

Then, she continued staring at me and I could see her eyes narrowing at me like as though I'm a dodgy girl going to rob the school or suddenly run wildly and start shooting at students. "Oooooookay. You come."

Errr, okay. I will come then. Gee.

So I followed her into the office and then she went and tell me, "You know, I don't think you can collect your SPM Cert."

Wahh, seriously. First she ask me to "come" and then now she say I cannot collect. Like, what the..

"Oh, really? Why?" I asked innocently.

She looked at me up and down accusingly and said, "Wearing like that? I don't think so."



Somemore she said it as though it was SO obvious and I am damn stupid not to have realized it.

I promise you; I was wearing just shorts (jeans, from WH and is not very short. Like normal shorts people wear lor!) and a long, LOOSE, floral print spaghetti top.

Plus, I went to college in that outfit!!!

What the heck they expect me to wear? TUDUNG AR????!!

Blooody. I was freaking pissed lor! I'm just going to collect the cert which will take less than 10 seconds. Want me to wear prom dress is it????

Anyway, when I stood there looking at her without answering and was wearing an absolutely fake smile while trying not to look annoyed, she told me, "You wait here first. I will talk to the Datin."

Which I assumed was the new headmistress.

Whatever man.
I just went to the counter and asked the person behind the counter for my cert and I signed my name, picked up my cert and was ready to run for it when suddenly...

One unknown woman in yellow tudung came out.

Pn. Annoying Face came out.
(Name is not written for my life purpose sake. She might have children who know people here who read my blog!)

And Pn. Pontianak came out.
(THIS one you ex-DJians who take Bio dunno I laugh)

Unknown woman in yellow tudung was obviously the Datin/Headmistress.

ALL of them looked at me accusingly as though I am in some super obscene lingerie or something!!!

Datin comes up to me first and said, "Girl, who are you? Were you a student of this school?"

.....Gee, if not why the HECK would I be holding the SPM Cert which was currently in my hands right now. "Er, yep."

"Do you know you are not allowed to wear like that to school?" said Yellow Tudung. And the way she said "like that"... WAAAHH!! Seriously, man.

Then, Kenzie (did I mention Kenzie was with me? Oops, no I don't think so. Well, he was) spoke up. "What's wrong with what she's wearing?"

Now Pn. Annoying Face decided to speak up too. "She cannot wear (looks accusingly at my back) clothes that bare the back and hot shorts."


For gosh sake's man! It was a HIGH-RISE spaghetti top, OKAY!! And HOT SHORTS????

I will DRAW for you what I wore so you'd have better visualization:
I know my drawing is bit off but I am not very artistic so that's the best I can do.

Note the loose, long top over my jeans shorts.

I mean, I wore that to college! And nobody went all fashion police on me there!

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah.

I really wanted to kick Pn. Annoying Face. Her face is so annoying. Grrr!!

"So what is she supposed to wear? You want her to wear a dress to school or something?" Kenzie who thinks all of this was utter nonsense... well, he did grow up in an International School.

"No lah. But this is very unappropriate," Yellow Tudung said.

I just looked at her and smiled politely (gosh, I am so nice man. If it's Son they confirm GG already) and asked, "So then, how?" while absent-mindedly waving my SPM Cert a little. "I can't collect it now? I have to come back another time?" I added with slight irritation and a little disbelief that I am in such a dumb situation.

Yellow Tudung looks at the cert in my hand and sighed. "Well, since you've already taken it and signed your name then nevermindlah. But please tell all your friends not to dress... like that to school, okay?"


Like I'm some kind of HO or something. Freaking backward man their thinking.


Then, Pn. Annoying Face added, "You can wear shorts if you want to. You know, those BERMUDA SHORTS?"

Bermuda shorts.



Do I look like the type of person who wears BERMUDA shorts ar?


And all these while, Pn. Pontianak was staring at me as though I am the mistress of her husband or something. Rub garlic all over her face only she know.

I was really steamed up lor. But at least I got my cert. Man, the only person who was not hostile toward me was Bala.

Bala is a really nice security dude. Last time when I used to ponteng with some friends, he always chased us but he purposely runs slowly so he won't be able to catch us.

Dunno whether he's lazy or nice lar.

Either way, at least he was friendly to me eventhough I was dressed up as an apparent Play Boy magazine model.

This whole situation just reminded me of how we couldn't wear earrings which were longer than 1cm or couldn't wear coloured socks or shiny, glittery rubberbands especially if it's not black, blue or white...

I bet SMKDJ has a whole load of confiscated coloured socks, rubberbands and earrings.

Half of which is probably mine, Jean's, Ju's or Son's.

In my last year of Form 5, I gave up and just wore plain rubberbands and plain white socks and had to cut my nails ever so often and refrain myself from painting them.

MAN! How did we survive.

I am SO glad I'm out of school. Government school is so retarded. The only good thing they did was change all the BM syllables to English... which is still annoying to me because it didn't happen in my year. So dumb!

All right. Enough of my rant.

I got my SPM Cert and that's all there is to it.

I don't want anything to do with my ex-school anymore unless it involves my ex-schoolmates which was probably the only thing that kept me going to that darn school.

Over and out!


Blogger adeline says..

hey i am just wondering is that datin from DU?
i cant even remember what's her name thou.but if its her,NO WONDER she acts this way.
i think now both DU AND DJ have the shitEST headmistress ever,or maybe DU might beat DJ in that.
those MC cunts,always give u the look as if u were naked when some of their own kind are more exposed than us.
oh well,just my opinion.=)

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous ann says..

when will jean has her blog (that selling clothes all that thingy wan)ready ? can't wait for it!=) will u plan to hav one too ?

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Blogger Brian. says..

That's one freaking crazy ass long post, Nat. Got time to type all that no time to learn songs la!

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

haha. didn't say it but your class teacher was cecelia right?
had her as my moral teacher last year.
well...i don't quite like her too but i think nothing in DJ beats siva.
for wearing 'seluar lundai'??
it's a really retarded situation you had to go through there.
I wonder how the students that's still stucked in there survive?
oh yeah.1 more thing.
how old's kenzie?
was kinda surprising to see him there at sunway yesterday for orientation.

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Blogger Andrew says..


Their reaction is probably understandable since their essentially trapped in that building and haven't seen so much skin in a long time LOL, locked up in their own world
You know what im saying, it's like staying in a room for 1 week and then coming out to see the sun

You should have told that Bio teacher y u not wearing tudung?

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Blogger Andrew says..

the hairy leg part is disgusting, reminds me of one time i went out with this so called 'chic', suddenly saw her stretching and saw her armpits, WAH KNS nearly died there

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Blogger Brian. says..

Hairy legs are good for irritating people. :p

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

well.. i heard you are a bit of a slut so expected what?

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous kin says..

And all these while, Pn. Pontianak was staring at me as though I am the mistress of her husband or something. Rub garlic all over her face only she know.


Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

lol @ anonymous? hehehe

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

you pretty much got what you deserve. wearing shorts is a no.

college lor nothing. freedom edi. wan to smoke aso can. school different. uniform skirt aso cannot short.

Friday, July 06, 2007  
Anonymous the original anonymous says..

that rules for shorts are set only for students so i disagree if you think that visitors can't wear shorts.

So what happens if one day a student's mum visits the school in her aunty shorts?
don't tell me hamizan dracula is going to tell her off?
i doubt it.

-the first anonymous in the list-

i just agree with everything u said about the school discipline because i was once a student there and it think the discipline level is LAME.what about mineral water bottles?

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Anonymous passerby says..

i tink the du datin is called datin norizan -.-" ive experienced when i went bek to my high skool to collect my spm cert that was utterly shit when the teacher make such a big fuzz as if im wearing a tube -.-" crap i was wearin shorts and a tee and they expect me to wear LONG PANTS . tsk tsk.lame la them haihhh

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Adeline: I have no clue if the Datin was from DU. Hahahha! I don't know her name hence, "Yellow Tudung". And I LIKE your opinion ;)

Ann: Yes, Ann! It will be up soon! I will post it up on my blog when it's done. And I won't have one; I'll just help her out :)

Brian: Hhehehe. Eh, I learned my songs okayyy.

Anonymous: Halle Berry Monkey (her nickname) is a freaking CANNOT-MAKE-IT person (she doesn't allow her two daughters to have long hair and she NEVER shows affection towards them. SO COLD!!). But as a teacher, not bad laaa. I got A1 for Moral hehe. By the way, you might be happy to know that eventhough Siva transferred to a BU school, he apparently got hit by a motorcyclist which was a dude he expelled from DJ. That's what I heard anyway!
And Kenzie is actually 21 this year. He did A Levels before in HELP.

Andrew: Yeah, weih. That would smack some sense into 'em! Sigh. But I'm too nice. Don't wanna cause trouble ;) And LOL to the armpit discovery. DANG!

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Anonymous (after Brian's comment): Hahhaa. I'm a slut? Okie pokie. If that's what you say ;)

Anonymous (after Anonymous' comment): Dude. I don't understand what talking you man! I mean, it's so bad that... I'm not sure if you're trying to talk bad about me or not! LOL.

Anonymous (the nice one): OH, YEAH! Totally forgotten about those mineral water bottle. RIDICULOUS! School rules are dumb.

Passerby: Man, a Tee also cannot? Omg. They are so, so, so lame.

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Anonymous tia says..

datin norizan is from DU and a freaking racist.

stupid woman banned CF

thank heaven it's my last year (:

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

yeah quite true.
She's unreasonable but well at least she helped me with an A for moral.
Eh serious ar?I heard that from a friend of mine about Siva too but i thought it's just some rumours.
I mean, they always tell us about siva and where he will transfer to but never jadi so i thought it was another rumour.
Actually he can remain in DJ if he wants now that i'm out because i'm not involve in DJ anymore.
agree right?water bottles not allowed.
colour bands not allowed.
maybe someone got killed by water bottle or colour bands before.what in the world man.

Saturday, July 07, 2007  
Blogger ; pikyiee - * says..

hey (: LOL . bout the dude that make Siva got into accident is actually not true . cause the dude is my friend & some teacher assumed it was him so the rumours spread la . its definitely not him cause i asked him bout it too .

the dude that got expelled is cause he got accused for something he didnt do . not just him , but anothr friend of mine too . pity him man .

anyway , i'm still in DJ , imagine how i suffer in that school with those discipline teachers . if you are still in DJ , you probably can die !

& yeaa the Datin used to be in DU school wan but she wasnt the headmistress there . just a Datin there .

the way you release your anger , i can see you are really not happy bout the discipline in DJ now . it was so different back den .

Sunday, July 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous says..

hello! :) It is understandable that you wore like this and you'll get scold. Cuz last time Lydia, you know, the 5 cengal's Lydia Kwan? Don't knwo izit your boyfriend's sister, came to the school and wore short pants. Then she was halau back to house to change the long shorts. I bet the rest of the school have the same system as us...or maybe not lo! :P

Sunday, July 08, 2007  
Blogger Andrew says..

I think the reason why mineral bottles were disallowed was because students would dispose it carelessly. Probably understandable judging from the attitude of "typical" pun intended

Sunday, July 08, 2007  

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