Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Celebration @ Delicious, Bangsar Village 2 (17th June, 2007)

Because I chosed where to eat for Mother's Day, it was Lena's turn to choose where to eat for Father's Day.

And she decided on Delicious!

Mummy couldn't join the celebration because she's currently in Jakarta visiting her family (yes, I am half Indo) and Candice is, as we know, in Aussieland so it was just Lena, Me, Yu Meng and Papa.



I'm always the only one in the family who actually orders a drink. Every Ng always opts for warm/cold water.


I'm so unhealthy. Yes, I know I ought to cut down. It doesn't help that I am from a family with a history of diabetics.


Well, Lena did order some red wine for Papa! So for once, someone else is drinking something other than water.

Anyway, I just can't help but complain how HORRID the service was.

It took SOOOO long before our food arrived. I almost lost my appetite. If it weren't for the super tasty frosty lemon tea (which was not so frosty by the time my order came), I would've lost it.

What we had:
The steak was really THICK and their "medium rare" is well-done at the top and rare as ever at the bottom. So lousy. Tsk, Malaysian Chefs.
No offense so the Malaysian Chefs who are REALLY good lar. Just generally, more are lousy.

Anyway, definitely had better. It's really not all too good. The best steaks are still at Jake's.

My sandwich was much better than my Dad's steak although we both had sirloin. I suppose it's because my steak patty was thinner. I swapped half of my sandwich with half of my Dad's steak. He wasn't very happy with his serving, you see.

I think Lena's order was the best. Well, this is what she usually eats here. I'm really not a salad person and have never, EVER ordered salad in my life before. But this salad thingy was really tasty! And the chicken was very tender.

Another unsatisfactory order. The bottom of the fish... was NOT COOKED. Yucks, so terrible.

But all in all, least the ambience of the place is nice. Just not such a good experience. They claimed that it was some computer technical problem which caused the slow arrival of the food.

Oh, well.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Lena picked the place, Yu Meng took the bill...

And I made my Dad a card!

I actually bumped into an article in the Star Newspaper about "Dads and Daughters" and stuck it all together and highlighted the things that my Dad has done for me.

I practically highlighted everything since he's done so, so much for me! And he really loves it! I know that for a fact because he sent me an SMS which was more like an essay. Honestly, possibly reached at least 10 SMS lor. No kidding.

Well, he really has been and is a model Father. I'm really proud to have him as my Paps.

He supports me in all the things that I do...

He takes the time to listen to me when I voice my opinions and respects them...

He gets involved in the things that I'm involved in like cheerleading, athletics and all sorts of sports by attending the events and recording them down for me...

He taught me to be responsible for the things that I do, to seize opportunities, moral values and adores giving me tremendously long lectures about the things I ask him about (gets a little tiring but I gain a lot of knowledge from it)...

He may be a little strict and I do complain about it constantly but I'm glad at least I did not end up being a coke (no, not coca-cola) addict, I don't smoke, drink and I'm not your average clubber...
Not saying that clubbing is bad lar. But well, having late nights are really bad for complexion and clubbing may eventually (mostly, actually) lead to drinking which will cause damage to your liver and not to mention the inhaling of second-hand smoke in clubs which will cause lung cancer and let's not forget the possibility of notorious influence from peers who are notoriously notorious and what about the higher risk of getting mugged, raped, murder etc... But you know, I'm just saying.

Well, you get the picture. I could really go on and on but I won't.

I've got a morning class tomorrow and need to tuck in soon!

How was YOUR Father's Day? :)


Anonymous KiN says..

I forgot about Father's day.


I'm gonna burn in hell.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007  
Blogger Lauranne says..

mine was depressing and boring. i miss daddy oh oh.
chicken salad looks really good i reckon, mmm.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Kin: Oh, no. Hahahha. That's bad!

Lauranne: You papa wasn't around eh? Sorry about that.
And the chicken salad IS good!

Friday, June 22, 2007  

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