Yu Meng's Birthday & Wei Leong is Back!

Monday, June 25, 2007


I know I mentioned that I would blog on Sunday but HECK!


What with Cheer 2007 and all.

Which brings to...


Major, major ownage! Bwahhahahaha. DJ rocks!

The girls were by far the best. AND BETTER YET, TITANS DIDN'T EVEN GET TOP 3!!!

Buttttttt, no time to blog about cheer yet. I haven't edited all the pics and what-not so next update, yeah?

I need to rush this update because the test which I thought was supposed to be today (and thought I'd be freeee) is really NOT today but TOMORROW.

But I promised an update (plus I edit the pics already) so here it is!


Yu Meng's Birthday Dinner @ Delicious (Again) (23rd June, 2007)

I've noticed so many people's blog got camwhore pics of themselves before they go out one.

I also can what! (I think it's the new camera. Normally I'm darn lazy lor!).

Curled up me hair in 5 minutes man! My hair so little already :( So it takes so quickly to do it. Which is a good thing and bad thing. Moslty bad I think.

And check out my new earrings! Heheheh. I bought for RM10 only for 3 pieces! (Very long never shop already man. Not really counted also because I was watching a movie in Cineleisure and saw it in a tiny stall on the way out). I got 'em in another design in gold and a leopard design. Would've taken a pic of 'em if I wasn't so lazy. But they're really value lor! Nowadays decent, funky earrings are not easy to come by, you know!

Moving on!

Me and Kenzie went to buy a HUMONGOUS birthday card for Yumes.

Freaking RM23++.


For a card man!!! Actually I sorta expected it because I attempted to buy a huge card like that before but didn't because I was being cheapo. HEHE!

But this time, generous Kenzie paid so Yumes got his HUMONGOUS Birthday Card! And signed by 16 other people!

Oh, did I mention it was a surprise party?

Well, Yumes wasn't very surprised actually. Think he suspected it already.


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I was wearing heels (once in a lifetime situation here!!!) so I was oodles taller than Joh. Haha.

Michael's head is really super shiny! My fingers were itching to just touch it. NOT IN A PERVY WAY OF COURSE! Don't be gross, Bri.

Fourth from the left is James Baum!! Malaysian celeb, yo. Don't play.

Oh, come on.


No recollection?

It's a song by the way. Bet you've heard it on hitz a dozen times.

The ratio of guys to girls is always 95612304 guys to 4 girls. Dunno why also.

I'm not in the picture because I had to be the camera girl.

From La Manila. Very laku man, this cake. Everyone ate it all up. It's oreo cheese!

Thanks for sort of pretending to be surprised! Haha.

After dinner, while everyone headed off to Velvet to party, Kenzie (who had to pick up a friend) dropped me to Wei Leong's house for his welcome back thing.



Welcome Back Thing (and Wei Leong's Bro's Birthday) @ Wei Leong's Place (23rd June, 2007)


My evil twin.

My dumbo twin. HAHA.

Eh, you wanna see David Beckham with black hair, dark skin, skinny and doesn't look a cinch like David Beckham?:
Wah, so cool man his hairstyle. What do YOU think?

Oh and get ready to throw up:

Cheng is clearly bi-sexual.

Human pile-up.

Foong Yen is so retarded, check this out:

And that about sums it up!

Stay tuned for the Cheer 2007's update to follow!


Anonymous rae says..

ok so i emailed u bout the dentist enquires already but im not sure whther i've sent it to the right address or not. if not u can just tell me the dental clinic's add and tel no here la, so not to trouble u anymore.

Monday, June 25, 2007  
Blogger *YenN* says..

Hey you were at CHEER 2007 too!!!
Too bad we didn't bump into you la...
and Yes Dynamitez were GREAT!!!
and I shouted till i have no voice today.. LoL*


Monday, June 25, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Rae: Alrighty. I'll go check it now!

Yenn: Hahah, yes I was! I lost my voice as well on Monday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007  

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