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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I've neglected my poor bloggy for bit too long.

So busy these days!

Apart from the bombardment of tests, midterms, assignments and soon-to-be-final-exams, I've been filling up my days with classes, roughly 9am-3pm and then tennis (mon-thurs... 3 days of tennis 1 day of golf) from 4pm-6pm and then dinner with friends or Drewy and occasional yumchar sessions which brings me home tired and exhausted until I just can't or won't blog.

And then there's Friday, which is my Happy Happy Joy Joy day whilst Saturday is my Golf day and Sunday is my Rest day!

But I normally blog on Sundays lor because it also happens to be my Lazy day which means I'm mostly infront of a screen (whether TV or comp).

But for the coming week, my free days won't be so free anymore because of the one billion (short for assignment... hehe!) I've gotta hand up (okay, fine.. ass'TWO ass only. Aw, come on! It's FINANCE and ACC 2 you know!!! ETC!!!) as well as Formulas, charts, terms, references, calculationsmidterms and tests and the following week... FINALS!!!

Short sem is freaking gila man.

Killer crash course.



I will start on my downdate.

Omg, I'm so lame.


Come on, everybody.

LAUGH with me.






Am I wasting your time?





This is going nowhere.


Dinner and CASINO! @ Goh-Tong Jaya and Genting (30th June, 2007)


Everyone, meet:

Patrick is MINE and Cutie Pie was given from me to Andrew.

Cutie Pie is gila soft man. It's a bunny by the way. A little disfigured.... but still very cute!

I asked Andrew to bring Cutie Pie so I can hug her on the way up. And I brought Patrick just in case he forgot. But he didn't. But yeah. Is this relevant?

Awwww! I made them hug each other :)

I made them do other things too.


NO LAH. Chih! I am so innocent. Tsk.

And here is a "yeng" picture of Andrew that he forced me to post up:

No lar, just kidding. He didn't force me. He just asked me excessively if I was going to post it up and did say it aloud 4-5 times to post it up.


Cutie Pie is SOOOO soft :) So cuddly. I should've bought another one in PINK for myself! Darnit. Anyone going to Singapore anytime soon?

So we went to McD's for the meeting point.

McD's is like... the meeting point for our group for EVERYTHING.

Any trips outstation like Redang, Langkawi, Penang etc or going up Genting or going clubbing or going for dinner at faraway places etc etc etc.

Anyway, Jensen and Jason joined our car for the trip.

Altogether there was 6 cars going up. And each car there were at least 4 people.

You do the math.

Side profile all. Don't play.

"The Thinker".

This picture was taken by me. I didn't actually see what he was doing when I took it because of the angle I had to place the camera.

I took like 10 pictures of him and with every picture I took, Jay got more and more creative with his posing.

Oh, and I took a really pretty picture of the sky...

Well, it LOOKED very pretty when I took it! I don't know if it looks pretty to you but it did to me.

The clouds were very, very nice!

The looked a whole lot like cotton candy!

After 45 minutes or so, we reached Gohtong Jaya.

So, while waiting for the rest to reach (some of us were earlier), we snapped away!

Well, at least, I did.


Jensen has a secret crush on Jean. HEHE!

That's why he looks like he's about to burst out in laughter. He could not control his elated sense of happiness!

Jensen darn jealous already.


Oh, Sheng is leaving to Aussie in 2 weeks!!! Poor Jean.

At that time, Jean and I will move from being just twins to Siamese twins. Hahaha.

Drew told Sheng he'll take good care of Jean.

He so naughty one. Friend's girlfriend and girlfriend's friend also dare to snake.


And in to the restaurant we go! Now that everyone's here.

I forgot the name of the restaurant actually. But it's along the Gohtong Jaya row lah!

This Wai Leong a.k.a Brad Pitt is such a lau-pek cam man. Jean's face is half covered!


Ting Sen took this. Well, at least nobody's face is covered!


This two lovebirds are super funny and cute.

Hahaha. And they always... ALWAYS pose for me even when I'm trying to take a candid shot.

Hahha. This is the ga-zillionth time they posed for me! Next time, I will make sure I post up EVERY picture they pose for me when I'm taking a candid shot!

I honestly didn't even know they were posing until I look back through the pictures!

Anyway... the food:

The "X" is because I don't eat tofu (yucks) and I don't like eating veggie that is not green. I know the 1st pic of the veggie is green... just not nearly green enough. I'M WEIRD I KNOWWW!!!

And the soup is good lar.. but not as good as Mom's Place. It's Lotus soup by the way.

I dunno what they are called so sue me.

Ting Sen ordered everything.

Anyway, everything was good... but the fish was very yummy! I liked the fish alot. (Note: Shu Yee in the fish picture).

And after dinner, we had dessert! Well, SOME of us had..

I bet some of you are half gagging or taking an emergency bucket and barfing in it, right?


Well, then you should know that they are eating durian ice cream.
I'm seriously not kidding.

Yeah, that's right.. that's what your emergency bucket's for.

It's quite tasty though! Just the whole breath part is a little discomforting lar. If you are a bachelor or still in your honeymoon period of your relationship... STAY CLEAR OF DURIANS, ONIONS AND GARLIC!!!

More pics:


Hhhehehe. We like taking pictures.


He kept moving! So his face all blur blur. Anyway, Ting Sen spent us dinner that night!


So many of us wearing white.

Actually, quite alot were wearing black as well. But well, didn't get a picture of them.

Poor Ah Pek. Always kena bully to take the pictures. So I put his name in the pic lor! Don't have his face, at least got his name, good enough right?

Notice that we are all in either white, dark blue, black or brown?

We are so not colourful people.

Today only!

Soon after, we went up to Genting!

Again, some of them took some time to park and all... so I snapped pics of the early ones!



So ngam! Hahaha.

Hhehhee. Serious one.

He insists he'd make us a better looking couple....


That boy has a WAY too inflated ego.

Anyway, we went to the Casino and I couldn't take any pictures anymore. Well, I was afraid they would confiscate my cam so I had better not take the chance.

Oh, and YES! I managed to enter. Bwahahhahah! Eventhough I'm underaged.

Me and Jean both!

To be honest, they actually stopped us... but we have our ways ;)

I didn't gamble though! But it was interesting to see what an inside of a Casino was like(apart from watching Ocean's 13's imbalanced Casinos of course).

It's quite scary actually. People who are gambling are seriously ganas (fierce, people, fierce). And most of them look sadly like they are in debt.

No offense lor.

Anyway, I'm not a gambler so that's why I feel intimidated being around all these high rollers.

I mean, I do gamble for the fun.. but never seriously. And never in large sums.


That's it for my Genting trip.

It was fun while it lasted :)

Cool experience in the Casino. My next Casino trip will be in Melbourne. Maybe there I will have the guts to use a little money! Haha.


Movie Review

Omg. This movie is so freaking cool. And I know everyone probably already watched it and those who haven't probably would've heard from everyone else that it's a super killer movie. Well, I'm here to confirm it!
It's really, really good! And I thought it was funny too! It's all due to Shia Labeouf (Sam Witwicky). I thought he was hilarious! Cracked me up.
Gosh, this movie is SO awesome. I absolutely love it. Watching it again with my Dad this Friday. So chun man!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.


Anonymous Anonymous says.. do you put the emoticons to your post?arent those like xanga's emoticon?lol.

Thursday, July 05, 2007  
Anonymous JaMeeL says..

u're damn rite abt transformers... its uber cool...n d chick...daymmmmm... hehe.....

Thursday, July 05, 2007  

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