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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sonia, sonia, sonia. It's all her fault, you know?
She called me up this morning and was first telling me about her dream:

"Nat! I dreamt that I was together with Joey G! It was weird but yeah."
"Huh? Joey G??"
"Hahahah. Yeah, and YOU were together with FAZIL."
"EHHHHHHH?! Now THAT'S weird!"
Laughs together hysterically.
"Oh, oh! You know Girls Outloud?"
"Yeah, Xia Xue's show or something."
"Yeah, yeah! Got this episode, got this guy, daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnn cute! Look like Utt but BETTER!" (She probably used f***king instead of damn but yeah)
"Wah! Really ar? Ohhh. Coooool! Must go check it out." I was lying on my couch, reading A Spot of Bother, just ate nasi lemak... she really want me to move from my couch meh?
"Yeah, yeah! Now! Go check it out yeah?" She was very excited. I can NOW understand.
"Okay, I will! Seeeee yaaaaahhh!"

And about probably 30 minutes later, I decided to go check it out. I needed to pee too (probably the main reason I got up) so might as well go to my upstairs toilet and then watch it! Hahaha. Okay, bit too much info.
Anyway! Switched on my comp, clicked on Mozilla, went to YouTube, downloaded 3 parts of the episodes, watched the 1st part and closed the rest.
It was more than enough! For goodness, gracious sake! Son was ABSOLUTELY, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT, BRILLIANTLY RIGHT!
That dude is gorgeous! Sorry for being a sucker for good-looking dudes (especially Pan-Asian's) but SERIOUSLY, he's really ADORABLE! And he DOES look like Utt except better and TALLER! And his name is Tyron.
Watch this and you'll get what I mean:

So when I say it's all Son's fault, I really meant it! Now she's got me all google-eyed on yet ANOTHER dude.

But no, no. Dommmmmmmm, you still have a special place in my mind (I don't say heart, you see; because the person who holds THAT special place is you-know-who. And you-know-who will be you-know-what if I become overly obssesed with my... er... obsessions)
Shite, I probably should get rid of this stalker attitude. Not healthy, not healthy.

Anyway, Son tried googling Tyron and she said she couldn't find a picture of him.
However, with my amazing power to copyright everything, I got his picture (a bad copy but nonetheless):

Tell me he doesn't look like Utt:
Heck, they look like the same person but at a different angle. Agreed? I couldn't find a better picture of Utt (or a bigger one for that matter) so this will do.
The only MAJOR differences between the two are:

#1 Tyron is ten times taller than Utt which is very, very important. It's the reason why I'M not so obsessed with Utt myself (Jean on the other hand...). Height is a BIG factor.

#2 Utt is gay.



If you're up to date on the news, you'd have read about the South Korean Student who killed 32 students at Virginia Tech University. Very, very famous topic apparently.
For those who are very lazy to read the papers or know some-what but not really about the news, here's a short and hopefully detailed write-up of it! My version (based on Star News Asia):

No one really knows the exact reason WHY South Korean Student, Cho Seung-Hui, shot all 32 students (2 first and 30 later). All I know is he's a depressed, sadistic boy from the beginning. He actually went to a... erm, I forgot what hall it was and locked it from the inside and started shooting randomly. And later shot himself.
Here's the sad part. One of the victims was a 34 year-old Indonesian. Apparently, his family and his extended family all put their money together to fund him to go to the U.S. to study and just as he was about to graduate; he gets shot! It was reaaaaaaalllyy sad to see the family mourning for him.
As well as the other 31 victims. They all died for nothing! Pray nothing like this happens in Malaysia. Or at least, not anywhere where my family and friends and people I care about are. Oh, and me, of course.

Anyway, for those who want a super detailed write-up of the article OR a (quite teensy) PICTURE of the South Korean Student, you can clickety-click.

And WHAT am I doing online when I should be studying? Somebody kick me.


Anonymous lin says..

........ utt is gay?? omg. Tell me which article you've read about him being gay :(

Thursday, April 19, 2007  
Blogger pikyie says..

Bout the shooting part , i really didnt noe bout it till you mention it here in your blog . It must be damn scaryy !

Friday, April 20, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Lin: Sorry to have been the one to burst your bubble. But my sister and some friends bumped into him and his "boyfriend" before. I could be wrong!

Pikyie: Yeah, it is. When I watched Star News Asia and they interviewed one of the survivors; he looked traumatized as ever! Quite disturbing.

Saturday, April 21, 2007  
Blogger Brian. says..

There was this one guy who feigned dead. Cho walked past his "dead" body and popped 2 more bullets in him, one in his thigh and one in his arse.

Must've been scary as hell.

Sunday, April 22, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Omg, omg! Are you serious? DANGGGGGGGGGG!

Monday, April 23, 2007  

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