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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Okay, I got this in an e-mail a lo-ong time ago and bumped into it and decided I'd do it. Since I'm so, so bored waiting for Drew to come and get me.

So, I'm supposed to list down 20 people or something:
1. Andrew
2. Hui Jean
3. Ju Nn
4. Sonia
5. Hoong Sheng
6. Aaron Tey
7. Marcus - Si Busuk
8. Brian
9. Pin Yu
10. Joel Lee
11. Kok Shiong
12. Jamie
13. Ting Sen
14. Wen Dih
15. Shermaine
16. Faisal
17. Heng Joon
18. Shannon
19. Yoong Han
20. Stephanie Lim

How did you meet 13? (Ting Sen)
Secondary school. When I was in Form 2 or 3. He was very cute and athletic... THEN. Hahaha!

What would have happened if you hadn't met 6? (Aaron Tey)
Hahahahah! Ju Nn wouldn't have settled down! Or she might have; with the wrong dude! Thank goodness for Aaron. Maybe he should buy her a gift (Hint, hint! Let's hope he's reading this, eh, Ju?)

What do you honestly think of 10? (Joel Lee)
He's my best guy friend! We were destined to be classmates our whole secondary lives!

Would 8 date 3? (Brian, Ju Nn)

Were you ever into 4? (Sonia)
Yeah. I totally thought of making out with her.

Would you date 5? (Hoong Sheng)
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I completely doubt it. I've known him as Hui Jean's boyfriend ever since forever!

Would 2 & 11 make a good couple? (Hui Jean, Kok Shiong)
ROFL!!! Gosh, this tag thing is really killing me. Making me imagine lotsa scenarios indeed. Anyway, NO! I don't think so. What with Kok Shiong being the #1 Con-Artist and Jean being the most gullible person I've ever met!

Would you go out with 14? (Wen Dih)
If I was gay, why not eh?

Describe 7 in 7 words. (Marcus)
Sonia calls him busuk cause he's smelly?

Do you think 15 is hot? (Shermaine)

Would 1 & 17 make a good couple? (Andrew, Heng Joon)
As a matter of fact, they both have huge gay potential! But in terms of actually BEING a couple, I don't think Andrew would be able to put up with Heng Joon's straight-forwardness and I doubt Joon would be able to put up with Drew's beatind-around-the-bush-syndrome. Plus, Heng Joon is super punctual and Andrew is completely the opposite. Joon already hates waiting for me to get ready; what more waiting for Drew? They so cannot make it.

Tell us something about 14. (Wen Dih)
I know she's a freaking smart-ass girl but quite rebellious! Just got herself a tatoo!

Do you know any of 3's family? (Ju Nn)
Do I KNOW? Heck, her family's MY family. I know her Dad, her Mom, her Grandma, her 3 sisters, her Great-Grandma, her Uncle and Aunty (they're always around), her 2 other cousins, her KUNGFU master, her maid and even her ex-maid, Anna!

On a scale of 1-10, how cute is 16? (Faisal)
Oh, very, very cute. And cuddly, I bet! I'd give a 9/10! (Cute: Adorable but ugly? Heheheheheheheh. No larrr).

What language does 19 speak? (Yoong Han)
English, Chinese and very bad Malay. Hahahahaha!

Who is 12 going out with? (Jamie)
Kok Shiong!

When was the last time you spoke to 13? (Ting Sen)
I'm kind of talking to him right now on MSN.

Would 18 & 14 make a good couple? (Shannon, Wen Dih)
Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Still, I can't judge. Don't know them both well enough to be able to judge that.

Would you ever date 2? (Hui Jean)
Yes. Jean and I would have a great life together.

How'd you meet 20? (Stephanie Lim)
In Secondary school. She's the PERFECT cheerleader. You've got your definition of bimbo here. But don't be fooled; she's got brains too (at least, that's what she claims!).

Where does 17 live? (Heng Joon)
Taman Megah. Opposite Yuk Chai school.

How long have you known 1? (Andrew)
Gee, ever since I was Standard 2. He was a horrid brother. Lydia was choking on a sweet and her cousin, Esther, told me she had a brother that was in Standard 5 and told me to call him to call her Mom. So I asked for an Andrew Kwan and that was the first time I met him. It was not love at first sight. See his primary school picture and you'll understand. Haha.

Is 12 older than you? (Jamie)
I believe so!

Have you ever gone out with 7? (Marcus)
With Son, yes.

Have you kissed 5? (Hoong Sheng)
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! Jean certainly has!

Do you find 1 attractive? (Andrew)
Well, that's what got the ball rolling, right?

What is 3's best feature? (Ju Nn)
Her curves.

What do you like about 9? (Pin Yu)
He has a great deal of patience.

Is 3 a good friend? (Ju Nn)
All my friends are GREAT friends that's why I have them as friends. And yes, to that question.

Out of 8, 17, 4, 16, 2 who would you sleep with? (Brian, Heng Joon, Sonia, Faisal, Hui Jean)
Eh. Well, I've slept with Jean and Son before. Jean's peaceful as ever (I think it's me she won't want to sleep with because I'm a comforter hogger). Sleeping with Son can be quite an adventure, really. What with the world war of comforters and the sleep talking (we both do it so...) and the kicking and punching etc.
As for the rest? Er.

Oookay. So I guess that's what you do when you're bored, eh.

Now it's time for my:
Movie Review

So anyway, on Friday the 13th, I watched Hannibal Rising. Perfect show for the perfect date.

Hannibal Rising
This movie is the prequel of all the other Hannibal's. Amazingly, for a person who loves horror movies, I've never watched the other Hannibals! And I heard the Silence of the Lambs is really good! I'll probably want to get the DVD. Anyway, moving back to THIS movie, it's basically about how Hannibal got to become a cannibal. What are the odds that his name is Hannibal, eh? So, the story line is definitely there. His whole family dies in the war and his only, begotten sister (very, very adorable), was eaten up by the Nazi's so he basically out to get revenge. Overall, the movie wasn't as great as I anticipated, but it was still enjoyable. I mean, if you're into cannibalism and all. Not as gory as Saw though. Can't fight Saw!


Brilliant! A Must-See!
Exceed Expectations. Two Thums Up!
Satisfactory. Enjoyable.
Mediocre. Very Average.
Bored to Tears. Almost Slept.
Fuctionally Retarded. Left Cinema.


Blogger Brian. says..

You didn't exactly answer the question, Nat. ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007  
Blogger Miss Wishful says..

Hahahahaha. Let's keep it that way ;) Tag you to do it!

Monday, April 16, 2007  

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